Jenny in Uncle Mike's Office

Jenny was back in London with her Uncle Mike, just Mike to her now as they were enjoying a relationship which although long-distance was turning out to be fruitful for both parties. They had made love the first evening, then the following morning Mike had to go to his Office in the centre, kissed Jenny and left for the station.

"See you about 6" he said, and left leaving his brief-case in the hall. Jenny had been hoping for one of his spankings, and felt let down so selected a porn channel on her laptop, propped it up on the coffee table, settled down on the sofa, slipped her panties aside with her hand and touched her pussy gently with her fingers. The film she watched had 2 girls doing a 69 one brunette and a blonde, Jenny's fingers probed deeper, she lay back and gasped, turned up the volume then started to moan with pleasure!

" Jenny, what are you doing?" asked Mike who had returned for his case, " It's my job to pleasure you!!" Jenny jumped up, embarrased and shy " Oh Mike Darling don't be angry...PLEASE!!.. I ought to be spanked don't you think?"

" Get dressed Girl, come with me to my office I am late enough already!" Jenny shot upstairs, dried herself off, dressed in a short cotton dress in light blue, buttons all down the front, white panties and bra, white 4" heels. She left the bottom 3 buttons open, showing a lovely length of thigh, they left for the station, Jenny said " Mike you know I finger myself, are you really angry?" " No " replied Mike, " I am going to use this incident for my own gratification and to take your training that bit further".

Leaving the train, they went to the 1st floor office (2nd floor in America!) and met Celia, Mike's assistant. Mike introduced his Neice to Celia, then said " I will be needing the things that are used on you Celia, Jenny has stepped out of line!" Celia said " OOOH lovely I'll fetch them ...can I watch sir?"

" Yes " said Mike," take her through to my Office, open those double windows that look onto the street below please, now I need to put that meeting off for an hour".Mike went into his office to Jenny and Celia, Celia had laid a 2" wide leather strap, 24" long, and a 36" rattan crook-handled cane on the desk. Jenny was nibbling at her lower lip and had her legs across even though she was standing, she could squeeze her pussy like that.

Mike instructed Jenny to walk to the desk, lean forwards across it then place the palms of her hands in the centre. " Celia, pick up that strap please and stand to jenny's left side, then undo your blouse buttons for me!" Celia positioned herself, Mike stood behind her and slipped his hand inside her blouse, felt Celia inside her bra, Celia let out a little moan! " Now smack Jenny's bottom with that strap, at least 3 a minute !" Celia gave Jenny some really hard smacks, she was no stranger to the smart of that strap she got it almost every month, she was particularly harsh with Jenny as she had been shagging Mike not her!! Celia gave her 20 real hard whacks SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!....... Jenny cried out " OOOOOHH THAT STINGS!" Mike said " Wait till I start on you Girl!!!" Celia gave her another dozen, then Mike directed Jenny to the open window. It was a double window, opening out and 3'0" high at its base.

" Jenny, bend forward, put your hands on the window sill and lean forward so that you can look onto the shoppers below! Celia, undo the other lower buttons on her dress, lift the 2 front corners up and tie them at the back of her waist, then fetch me the cane please!" Celia tied Jenny, fetched Mike the whippy cane, " Shall I pull her panties down sir?" " Yes please, OOOH look at the red marks you have laid well done Celia!!"

" Right Jenny, the cane now for masturbating, are you ready?" " Yes Mike, but those shoppers can see me!!" " Best not cry yet then, they won't know what you are getting!" With that he gave his lovely young neice a firm cane stroke right across the base of her bottom by her pussy...." OOOOOOOHHHHH!" went Jenny, " How many more?" " 50" said Mike "and as you played with yourself, permit me to ask Celia this.....Celia, would you care to come over and rub my cock while I cane this naughty girl?"

Celia walked over, stood behind Mike felt his cock by reaching roun, whispered " Really thrash her Sir!!" Mike caned Jenny carefully, 20 more strokes on her lower bottom, Jenny started to cry gently, " Oh Mike I love this but people are starting to look up at me!" " Good ! " replied Mike and laid on 15 strokes across the top of her thighs, 10 across the centre of her bottom then 6 right where the bottom meets the legs, Jenny was lifting a leg up after every stroke, crying out "OOOOOOOHHH!!!!!.....!" A lady in the street looked up and asked if she was OK , Jenny called out.." It's OK thanks I'm being CANED for bad behaviour!!"

" That's all for now Jenny," said Mike, " Would you like a spanking at home tonight before I fuck you?" " Oh yes please Mike, I see Celia has got you really hard, Celia you fancy your Boss I can tell,would you like to help me bring him off?" " OHHH YES !" said Celia " You watch!!" She undid Mike's trousers pulled them and his shorts off, started kissing Mike's bum-hole after pilling his cheeks apar, Jenny knelt down in front of him and took his throbbing cock in her didn't take long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago
wow love the story , just what naughty girls get at my house :)
2 years ago
Oh Gods i LOVE this!
3 years ago
very good naughty girl misbehaving
3 years ago
Great story! Bad girls need a spanking. It teaches us a lesson and makes us hot too.
3 years ago
Great job you wrote, Mike! Your best so far, IMHO.
Jenny´s very fruitful for inspiration, isn´t she?
3 years ago
Well sweetheart, you had me squirming in my chair. First rate.