Erin on the beach

Mike had promised to take Erin out before her intendid trip to the desert, he called for her at her parent's house in a borrowed old Willys Jeep from WW11, it was in olive green with a white American star on each side.
Erin greeted Mike, she was wearing a thin white cotton blouse tied under her breasts, light blue tight shorts and a straw hat! Her feet were in leather soled slip on sandals, into the Jeep she jumped.
Mike drove off and told Erin of a small deserted lake he had found a few days earlier and asked if that was OK.
" Oh Yes !" said Erin, " That sounds lovely! By the way , my bottom has just recovered from that caning you gave me! I think I should be fairly safe on the beach!" Mike replied, " I have a little surprise for you in that department!"
" OOOH I can't wait " smiled Erin.
After an hour, they arrived at the little lake, about 3 miles long and 2 miles across, they stopped by some sand dunes with tall grass growing out of the top, parked the Jeep took the hamper, laid 2 towels on the sand and opened a bottle of cool white wine, pulled 2 plastic cups out and had a drink.
Mike ran his hand across Erin's breasts, eased the knot on the blouse open, she wore no bra. He moved his lips down and put his mouth round her left breast and sucked, without touching her nipple, Erin gasped...then he slowly used his teeth to trap her nipple very gently.. "OH OH OH!! " she went!
They were lying side by side, Mike slid his hand down to the fastenings on her shorts, he undid the button and moved the zip down, slowly slid the shorts off her pretty legs, Erin asked " Are you going to fuck me here?"
" Yes my pretty, Undo my shorts!" Erin reached down and undressed Mike, took his cock in her hand.." OOOH that's nice and hard!" Mike pulled her pants sideways and putting his left leg under Erin's hip so his waist was over the inside of her right leg, lifted her left leg over his own waist and slipped his cock into her... " FUCK THAT'S LOVELY !" said Erin and started to move back and forth.
"Reach down and pass me one of your leather sandals, please Darling " Erin took her sandal off then asked Mike " What shall i do with it, but I think I know!!" "Kiss it all over then hand it to me " he said, and thrust a bit harder into Erin, she was gasping so he kept pumping rapidly, he was loving it and Erin called out " OH FUCK I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!"
Mike put his mouth on her right breast, teased the nipple with his tongue then smacked her on the bottom with the sandal!
" OOOH YOU DEVIL !" moaned Erin, " You have made me cum!"
Mike pulled out then lay her down on her front with her face near his steaming cock... he pulled her panties completely off then said.." Now put that in your lovely mouth while I spank you with your sandal, do you want my cum?"
" Oh yes please I am still quivering inside!" Erin said and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, Mike groaned with pleasure and, sitting up, spanked Erin's
bottom hard. " URRRRGH!" she cried!
Mike spanked her hard, 20 times, Erin was moaning softly, then she went down all the way onto Mike's cock " Fuck that's great !" he said and gave her another 20 spanks WHACK WHACK WHACK.......... Erin's bottom was now really red and tears were running down her face, she looked up, said " Are you ready to cum?"
" Yes " said Mike, she put her mouth round his cock again after sayin " Hit me 10 more times, REALLY HARD!" Mike whacked her, SMACK SMACK SMACK... then let go into her mouth!
Erin sucked and swallowed, got up, kissed Mike and thanked him, had another glass of wine said.." There is a cocktail called Sex On The Beach isn't there!"
"You cheeky monkey !" replied Mike
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3 years ago
i am glad she is in Montana
3 years ago
Great farewell present for Erin. Congrats, Mike!
3 years ago
Promised you something extra special Love Mike
3 years ago
Hey Mike. Thank you for fucking me, the cum cocktail and especially for smacking my bare bottom all those times with my own leather sandal!!! Love, Erin.