Erin the pupil and Mike the Form-master

Erin, a lovely young girl full of life and excitement, well over 18 and in her final year at school or college whatever you call it over there! Erin was due to see her Tutor, Mike, a bit older than Erin but in a way a little adventurous in his private life, slim, smart looking ...he liked a challenge!

Anyway, Erin met Mike and informed him they could not meet that daytime to improve her spelling and syntax, she had NetBall to do! Mike asked her which days were free, and none were!

Erin said, " Could you see me in the evening? I'm not far away!" " OK" said Mike " Come to my house tonight, this is your last chance Girl!!"

Erin arrived at Mike's house, wearing her sports outfit.....very short green pleated gymslip, white 'T' shirt and a pair of pump trainers!

Mike sat her down, laid sheets of papaer in front of Erin, " Now , just write these words down!"

Mike read some words out, Erin was having difficulty!!! " Oh Mike!" she said " Please let's stop I just can't do it, punish me if you want to!"

" Right you naughty Girl, COME HERE!!, Bend over my knee!!" Erin d****d herself over Mike's knee, he lifted her skirt then spanked her, quite hard and methodically, " OOOOOOOOOHHH !" went Erin, " THAT'S NICE!!!"

Mike spanked Erin for a whole 10 minutes, then slipped his left hand onto her left breast and his right fingers into her fanny...." THAT'S FUCKING LOVELY !!!" shouted Erin, and orgasmed!!!

82% (9/2)
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3 years ago
I love the way you think and write
3 years ago
Sometimes, it only takes a few spanks to get me off. Mike, that was lovely. Erin.
3 years ago
my gosh is that all that happened
3 years ago
That went fast, Mike!
Just a handful of spanks sent her off;-)P

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