Mother and Daughter experience

Lyn phoned her boyfriend Mike at work, he was mending a piano. They had been playing around with Corporal Punishment for a while, and Lyn's friend Jilly had said that she would be interested in getting involved some-time!Lyn told Mike on the phone that she had seen a sort of wooden paddle on a video, and described it over the phone. On his lunch-break Mike found a 3/8" thick piece of ash wood, cut it on the bandsaw drilled 18 medium holes in it, chamfered the edges and the holes so there were no sharp edges than sanded it smooth, he had made a paddle 3" wide 9" long with a narrower handle at one end he put it in a bag to take to Lyn's.
Mike got home lyn was slightly "happy" after 2 glasses of wine, Mike gave her the bag and sat down, helped himself to a drink, Lyn opened the bag, remarked how nice the paddle looked stroked it and licked her lips, " I want to use this on you Darling!" she said, " OK" said Mike " what about inviting Jilly from across the road?" Lyn went to pick up the phone but as she did her daughter Jo came in the front door, said " Hello all , what's that on the table?" " It's a spanking paddle Jo, and it was just about to be used on Mike by me and Jilly! Have a drink!"
Jo is 25 a tall blonde with a lovely figure, her mother 43 with lovely breasts!Jo said " I have been trying to get my boyfriend interestd in spanking, but he doesn't seem interested, I'd love to know what it's like!"
Mike by then had had 3 glasses of wine, Jo 2 and no-one knows how many lyn had had, mike opened another 2 bottles," If you want to find out Girl I will show you, OK with you Lyn?" Mike sat Jo down next to him, then said, " Jo, I think you need to go over my knee!" Jo giggled, and asked Lyn if Mike had spanked her. " Every week and I love it!" said Lyn, " Try it!"
Mike pulled Jo across his knee she was wearing jeans and a T shirt, Mike held her hands behind her with his left hand and delivered the first smack to Jo's bottom, she bit her bottom lip and moaned "OOOOOHH!" Mike smacked her again, quickly 12 times on the lower part of her bottom, Jo wriggled and pushed her bum higher in the air! " OH that's great!" she said, mike spent another 5 minutes spanking Jo she wailed with delight " OH you've made me all wet!"
Mike sat her up , kissed both Lyn and Jo then they all had another glass of wine, Jo reached forward and picked up the new paddle, rubbed it than said" Mummy how were you and Jilly going to use this on Mike?" " Well Darling Jilly or me would hold his hands on our shoulders while we kneel in front of him, the other would whack his bottom as he is bent over, later we would take his jeans down and carry on, that's how we talked about caning him anyway! I would want to swop over if I was caning him so I could play with his cock while I was kneeling". Jo said " Mum I'm here now why don't WE just do it, I've just been spanked I would love to use this on Mike, wouldn't you like that Mike?" Mike replied " bl**dy hell yes Jo, what do you think Lyn?" Lyn by now would do anything..." Get into the middle of the room Mike and bend over!" She said," use the paddle Jo!" and knelt in front of Mike, took his hands and held them together with her sash belt, " Thrash him Jo Darling!" Jo took aim with the paddle, licking her lips then gently biting her lower lip, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!.....She smacked Mike's arse 12 times. " Mum this is great!" yelled Jo, " can we take his jeans down?" Lyn said " OK " reached up undid his belt and top button, pulled his zip down and slid the jeans to below his knees, she hooked a thumb into each side of his underwear and pulled those down too. " Start smacking again Jo!" Lyn called, put Mike's bound hands behind her, then slipped his cock into her mouth! Jo slapped away with the paddle, mike's bottom by now was bright red, " Take that for the spanking!" laughed Jo! ...and gave Mike another 50 smacks! Mike said, " Lyn do you feel like swapping over so you can use your new paddle? OWWW Jo !" Lyn took his cock out of her mouth, called Lyn. " Come here darling I'll show you what to do!" Lyn gave her a demonstration of how to suck Mike's cock, Jo knelt down felt his balls in her hand then took his cock all the way in! Lyn smacked Mike's bum really hard 50 times, like she did with the cane, Mike was gasping then said " Jo that is fucking lovely!" Jo took his cock out and asked "Better than Mum?" and put it in again, Lyn gave him another 20 then Mike shouted " Jo, I'm about to CUM!" Jo stayedin position and Mike came in her mouth, Jo got up, kissed Lyn and they shared his cum! They all sat down again, the doorbell went and Jilly came in " OOHH have I missed anything?" she asked " I don't know," Lyn said " By the way , how is your bottom?!"
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4 years ago
great story and an even greater feeling to be spanked and sucked at the same time
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
Can´t wait till Jilly gets all jelly by Mike! ;-)P
4 years ago
very good