Tanya being really naughty!!

Mike and Jenny had left Tanya alone in the flat (apartment to you Americans!) and went down town, Jenny's phone went and she was called in to work. " Shit I'm sorry mike, I have to go in, sort Tanya out for me a fucking Dom has let me down, she was going to whip her for me today and as you know I'm not into giving it!"
" OK" said Mike " Can I do what I want with her?" " Yes sweetheart, really fucking punish her then fuck the arse off her!!!" Jenny felt Mike's balls then went off.
Mike went back to the flat, Tanya was up dressed in a thin gown, Mike said " Tanya I have been told by Jenny to thrash you, how do you feel about that Girl?"
Mike pulled her over to near the couch, knelt her down on the floor pushed her face onto the seat of the couch, he pulled the gown's belt out and tied Tanya's hands behind her back, walked to the corner and came back with a riding crop!Mike removed his shoes and trousers, knelt behind Tanya and slipped his cock in!! " OOOOOHH !" went Tanya, next minute Mike thrashed the side of her upper legs while he fucked her! " OH MY GOD JENNY PROMISED ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND THIS IS GREAT!!!!!"
Mike pulled out, put a condom on, reached for the tube of KY jelly, put it on his cock and Tanya's pussy! Mike put his cock back in Tanya but up yhe back passage! Tanya went " OH THATS FUCKING LOVELY!!" Mike kept pounding her arse then Jenny came back early!!
"What the Hell are you two up to??!!" Jenny grabbed the whip and while Mike was fucking Tanya so hard she slashed the whip across his firm bum-cheehs, he came amost immediately then said " Give us a kiss Darling!!!"
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4 years ago
good but to fast to get hard
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
You are a horny devil Tusker.
4 years ago
why cant i meet some one tanya and jenny ?
4 years ago
A double surprise in such short sexy story.
Riding, before using the crop properly!
You know it´s against the rules tusker!
I´m curious what Jenny has in mind to punish you!
You´re lucky as both girls seem experienced in
handling the crop during a long ride! ;-)P