John and Lyn the teacher and guest

Lyn Swift had called John to explain that after the end of term Mark had departed to his Uncle and Aunt's house so the games they played at her house were over, John invited her round to his house where he had a punishment room built in the back garden. Lyn knew john dished out punishments to ladies and girls,and asked if john could "sort her out" that afternoon, was told to visit but to wear something sexy , not the stuff she wore in the classroom !
Lyn turned up with a bottle of wine, wearing a long raincoat made of yellow PVC, went in then removed the coat to reveal a white buttoned blouse, tartan mini-kilt and high heels in red. " Will this do?" she asked. John took her to the sofa and sat her on his knee " Lovely Lyn!" he said and opened the wine, there were 2 glasses on the coffee table. They drank for a while, then Lyn said " OH I need a good hard thrashing, Mark was never firm enough with me, would you cane me severely?" John opened her top buttons, put one hand on her breasts , Lyn moaned.
" Yes of course I will, I will tie you down and cane you VERY HARD lyn !" OH GOOD " said lyn then the phone rang, it was Celia one of John's regulars. " Well I'm sure I can Celia, just let me ask Lyn see if she will help!" " Lyn,,, Celia wants to be beaten by a Couple, could you help me?" Lyn thought then said " OK !" John said " OK Celia, come round in about one hour it will take me that long to cane Lyn !" Lyn gasped " one hour ! How many strokes !!?" John said " 3 a minute for one hour is 180, you said you wanted a severe caning, now out to the punishment room with you now, it is open ready!"
Lyn saw the room, it had a school desk in it, a long wooden dashboard ruler, a cupboard and a punishment stool made of wood about 4' long with a sloping bit at one end for the thighs, a round mirror was at the head end. There was an adjustable tall floor mirror near the foot end. " Take your pants off, lie on the top, legs on the sloping bit please!" Lyn did as she was told, John tied her waist with soft thick rope to the frame, and the bottom of her thighs to the sloping bit. " Put your hand on your pussy Lyn, and get ready !" John fetched a thick cane from the cupboard, gave Lyn 3 gentle strokes over her skirt. " Doesn't Hurt!" Lyn said, John lifted her skirt, stood back and beat Lyn 12 times extremely hard across the centre of her bottom! " OOOOOH THATS REALLY HURTING !!! " screamed Lyn. John built up a rythm, covering the top 4" of Lyn's thighs to the centre of her buttocks, HARD. " OOOOOH OOOOOH That Hurts John, but don't stop!!" John continued for another 1/2 hour, Lyn was crying and had an orgasm," OH FUCKING HELL I'M COMING !!!!!" Celia came in the door, John gave her the cane and said " Celia, stand by Lyn's head give her 12 going up and down her bottom, don't hit the middle bit!!" Celia thrashed Lyn, who screamed " You wait Celia my turn soon!!!!!" John undid Lyn then said, Ok girls into the lounge with you!" To be continued
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very interesting