Mark and the Lady Teacher, Part Trois

Lyn and Mark were lying in her bed, Mark rubbed her back and bottom "Your bottom does not feel too marked love it's quite smooth!!" Lyn said " You will have to thrash it again!" She turned to face him, he lifted himself put her right leg under his waist, her left leg over his right then slipped his cock into her! It was the first time they had made love!!..."OH MY GOD THATS FANTASTIC!!!! " screamed Lyn!!!!! Ten minutes later, exhausted Lyn said " Darling, would you thrash me some more , I want to give my Husband a shock?" " Give me my phone, it has a 5 minute long video function, before you thrash me you have to spank me and film it for my cheating husband, OK?" " Fine" said Mark, " Pass me thar wooden hairbrush! Now OVER MY KNEE!!!!!!" Lyn gave him the phone he switched it to video. Lyn said " My face first then after 2 minutes tell me!" Mark switched to video, lowered it down to Lyns face which was lying in the bed, her body over Mark's knee. " Hello Husband with your little friend, look what's happening to me!!!" Mark spanked Lyn really hard with the back of the brush, Lyn screamed but shouted out " HARDER HARDER SIR GIVE ME A REALLY GOOD THRASHING!!!!!!!!" " Two minutes is up! I've been filming your bottom getting it and a bit of you yelling out!" " Good, now let me show the bastard something!!" Lyn slid off Mark's knee, took his cock in her hand then said " Now film this!" She put his cock in her mouth and sucked like an Angel, Mark filmed it, when he came he warned Lyn but she let it spurt into her hair!!!! Lyn said " Give me the phone!" Called her husband and said " I've got a brilliant video message for you!" and pressed SEND
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3 years ago
Love it!
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Mark and Lyn got quite far quite fast. If her husband liked the small video, he´ll soon buy her a proper camera. Anyway, Mark and Lyn can do as they like, if hubby wouldn´t want the video to go public. So more about them might pop up, I guess.
4 years ago
Man that is HOT