Mark and the Lady Teacher

Mark was a senior student of 18 at his boarding school, he had always admired Mrs Swift the Physics teacher whose husband lived on the campus with her, one week all the male teachers were away for a conference and Mrs Swift stood in as Mark's Housemaster, to look after 30 live-in boys. One evening, Mrs Swift found mark outside behind some bushes, drinking 2 bottles of beer! She called him into the study and told him off, then went to find out what the punishment should be...she phoned the headmaster and was told 6 strokes of the cane but to leave it until the male teachers returned in 6 days. Concerned, she returned to the study. " Mark, the Head said you will get 6 cane strokes in six days time, is that OK?" Mark thought, then said " Well it's not very nice to have that hanging over you for a week, couldn't you do it?" Mrs Swift frowned , then said " OK I will but you must come to my house, I don't want the other students to know about it. Be at my house in one hour, I will take the cane there, make sure you are not late!" She picked up the 3'6" whippy rattan and left. Mark went to Mrs Swift's house, she let him in. " Right, because I am a woman, I am weaker than most men, I think I should double the number of strokes to twelve, do you agree?" Mark looked at her carefully, Mrs Swift was about 40 years old, a fine firm figure with shoulder length dark brown hair, dressed in a green knee-length dress, fantastic legs and medium heels. Mark adored her. " Whatever you want" he said, " Right Mark, BEND OVER!!" Mark put his hands on his knees, Mrs Swift raised the cane and with a WHACK hit Marks bottom," Did that hurt? " She asked " Only a bit Miss" " OK try these! " WHACK... SWISH...WHACK... The rest of the 12 were given by Mrs Swift. When it was over she sat Mark down, and saw he had a huge erection!!! "Did you enjoy that?" she asked! " Only because it was you doing it, I have fancied you since I was 16!" said Mark. Mrs Swift said, " What happens from now must not leave this room, is that OK?" "OK" said Mark. " Look" said Mrs Swift, " My husband has had this fantasy and wants me to act it out for him, but I have never had any practice at it until now, my first experience. He wants me to dress like a night-club girl, strip him bend him over a chair and cane or whip him! You say you enjoyed what I did to you, could I practise on YOU?" " Getr me a beer and we have a deal!" said Mark, " You cheeky fellow !" said Mrs Swift " By the way my name is Lyn" Lyn fetched 2 beers and said " When shall we start?" Mark replied " You go and change, I want you in really high heels, stockings, suspenders a micro mini and thin top, I will then do what you say....and finally, you will have to finish me off sexually as this hard-on has not gone down!" " OK" said Lyn, " see you in 10 minutes!" Mark sat and drank his beer, Lyn came back in....What a sight! 4" heels, black fishnet stockins a 12" short skirt, frilly red top, she looked fantastic! Mark told her so. Lyn sat next to Mark and put her arm round him " Are you ready for your punishment?" " Yes Miss" " Good, take down your trousers and lie across the arm of the settee!" Mark pulled his trousers down, lay across the arm as instructed, Lyn pulled his underpants down to his knees."Now my husband has not said how many strokes he should get, but as this is a sex thing and not punishment like earlier, shall I give you 50?" " OK " said Mark, " but if I come you must stop!" " Right!" said Lyn, she whacked Mark immediately 10 times, bringing red weals across his bottom." How is that?" "Very nice Miss!" Lyn gave Mark another 40, " How do you feel now Mark, is that enough?" " Not yet, I have had another beer that you gave me, so deserve another 12, also, you should get some for giving me the beer!!" Lyn gave Mark another 12 strokes to his sore bottom, Mark got up then told Lyn to lie across the arm. Mark caned her hard right where the bottom meets the thighs, 30 times, Lyn was crying. Mark lifted her made her kneel in front of him while he sat on the sofa, Lyn took his cock in her mouth and sucked until he came " You have a very lucky husband Lyn!" said Mark " I'm luckier, I've got yoy!" she said as she swallowed!!
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4 years ago
Very promising start for Mark and Lyn. Who teaches whom here?
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmm nice
4 years ago
very good & naughty