Mike and Jennifer Jones, the next day (Part Two)

.....Mike walked over to Jenny and fondled her bottom, then pulled her skirt down as Julie would be arriving soon. Jenny stood up kissed Mike and stroked his cock through his trousers, Mike said "That's nice, you've given me an idea!" A knock on the door, Jenny let Julie in she was wearing high heels, a tartan mini-skirt and a cropped white top, went well with her blonde hair. " Hi Julie, how does your bottom feel this morning?" asked Mike. " A bit sore, but I had a lovely warm feeling inside all night which has only just worn off!" Julie replied, "I heard Jenny being smacked over the phone, how are you Jenny?" "OK thanks and I hope Mike is going to give YOU a few more!" Jenny said.Mike said " Jenny had a spanking yesterday and you didn't as it was your first time, don't you feel we should rectify that ?" Julie said " I've never been spanked, and don't know what it feels like , but I did enjoy the caning!" " Do you want to find out what it feels like ?" asked Mike, did not wait for an answer but took Julie to the edge of the bed, sat down and pulled her across his knee! 12 smacks later Julie went " OOOOH THAT STINGS " but did not try to get up, Mike gave her another 10 minutes on her skirt then lifted her up, he had held her breast in his left hand while this was going on, and they stuck out through her top. Mike said " right my turn now, he took his trousers and pants off, sat with his back to the headboard in the middle of the bed, get Jenny on his left Julie on his right. " Julie pass me that thick wide leather belt from my trousers down there please " He told them to lie on their fronts with their heads near his hips,then told them the rules! " I am going to smack your bottoms with this belt, pull your skirts up, when one of you puts my cock in your mouth the OTHER Girl will get a smack, the further in you take it the harder!" " Jenny has wanted to have you punished Julie this is a way she can do it !" Julie said " I've never sucked a cock before!" Mike said watch Jenny, if you don't suck it you will have a very sore bottom" Jenny, started, took mikes cock right in 4 times, Julie got 4 strokes of the belt! Julie took over and took his cock, put it in her mouth and moved up and down on it " HMMMM " she said, Jenny got the whacks. This went on for 5 minutes then mike told them he wanted to cum , the said " Put your lips together as though you are kissing but put the very end in your mouths" The girls did and Mike came in both sets of lips together. " That was great girls he said!"
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4 years ago
good but so short
4 years ago
Mike invented an interesting game for one guy, two gals and a belt ... where all participants might get off, while the belt will have be satisfied by seeing such nice asses blush from its strokes ;)P