Mike and Jennifer Jones

Mike met Jenny in New York, Mike had not been there before, they had made love before, so there were no problems about rooms. Mike's firm had given him " Carte Blanche " about expenses, so knowing he was meeting and staying with Jenny he booked the secluded Penthouse, reasonably soundproofed! Jenny met him in the Lobby, she was wearing a short pleated dark blue skirt, a white cotton long sleeved buttoned blouse and 4" black high heels as Mike had asked, she looked absolutely GORGEOUS and had a raincoat over her arm, (probably not to spoil the effect) ! Mike was called down and greeted her, Jenny was delighted to meet him again and gave him a huge hug and kiss. They went upstairs to the suite, Mike settled Jenny on the sofa and told her he didn't have a cane, they would have to go out and buy one because that what was they agreed for the next two days, Mike explained that in England he got Rattan Canes mail order from a sympathetic Company, none of your Garden Centre rubbish! Jenny said " OK then" so they went off to find a sex shop, ignoring tne crappy looking ones they entered a classy one, a lovely girl of about 22/23 was in charge. " How can I help? My name is Julie, what can I do for you?" "We need a good cane so that I can whip this naughty girl's bottom," said Mike . Julie told him she was only looking after the shop for her b*****r, and only for one day at that! " Have a look around and give me a shout when you are ready!" Jenny found a cane, it was a bit thick at 1/2 wide, 36 " long with crook handle. Medium brown in colour, Jenny said " It looks a bit severe Darling!" Mike called Julie over... " My Girlfriend thinks this may be too harsh," Julie, who was used to working in a shoe shop, said " Why not try it out?" mike said " You can't just cane a Girl, she needs warming up first with a spanking or mild whipping! " Oh Sorry " said Julie, let me get you a chair...which she produced!! Mike put Jenny across his knee, raised her very short skirt and spanked her, SMACK SMACK SMACK ...............Mike stopped before Jenny cried, made her stand by the counter and lean forward with her elbows on the counter, I find that very arousing said Julie, " Do you ?" asked Mike. " I liked seeing Jenny spanked, and would like to know what corporal punishment is like!" "Giving or receiving?" Mike asked, Jenny by then was getting pissed off, " Can you two sort this out and get on with my caning, so we can get back to the sodding Hotel!" "Right" said Mike" Do you want to experience both,"? Julie sucked her lower lip and said "Yes" in a low voice. " Good you can thrash Jennt here!!" Julie put the "CLOSED " sign on the door, Mike showed her how to hold the cane and where to hit. Jenny was gasping within 10 minutes her bottom and thighs were really red, Mike helped Julie deliver the strokes, " Oh My God that's Lovely screamed Jennie! 6 more, Julie, HARD! Jenny was crying, Mike pulled her up then said, "Julie, your turn NOW!"" Have YOU come yet?" Mike asked Jenny " Oh Yes!!!!" she said....Julie stand where Jenny was, bend over..... Jenny you know what to do! Jenny knelt in front of Mike undid his trousers and took his lovely cock in her mouth, Mike then started to cane Julie who after 2 minutes was loving it!" Oh God cane me harder!" she cried, Jenny took Mike's cock out of her mouth and said " Thrash her really HARD sweatheart, I need to get my own back I won't be able to sit down for days!!Just take this Girl or YOU will get more tonight!!!
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4 years ago
There will be a Part Two, Jenny I will make you come and asolutely GASP for my attention!!!
4 years ago
Mike marks Jenny enough to make her come from caning.
In part two, he wants to make her scream while coming, but there´s more coming up ...
At least, that´s my prediction ;)
4 years ago
Oh sweetheart, You had me masturbating like a whore.
4 years ago
very good there has to be a pt 2