Mrs Mary Treahy

Mary and I met on a ship, travelling from Portsmouth to Wellington New Zealand, she joined the ship at Sydney Australia. We were attracted at once and even though I had a couple of girlfriends on the go ( I had been on board for 3 weeks) we shared a bit of banter in mixed company. One evening she came out on deck and I was talking to one of the other girls she interupted and stepped in almost, I spent the rest of the evening with her and saw her briefly the next day and played with her 2 sons.That evening she gid not have her dinner at the set time and met me for a drink, we ended up outside the stern bar with Mary sitting on my knee both having a glass of wine, nice conversation then I said " I would love to put you over my knee"! She said, "But I am on your knee" with a knowing look, So I said "No Across my knee so I can spank your bottom !" Oh dear she said let's go somewhere private! We went to yhe top deck of the ship to a secluded bench and I put her across my knee and spanked her bottom. We met up in Wellington where she was living with her in-laws, she called me she had bought a car which I drove round the bays with her, we stopped and got in the back seat, after a lot of kissing I put her over my knee, took her shoes, tights and panties off! She was struggling, then I spanked her! She was shouting and grabbing my leg ( the next day she phoned me at work and said "that was wonderful, by the way I am black and blue!" A week later we were at her new house, I undressed an sat on the couch she undressed and knelt to my right and handed me a 3 foot long ruler, Mary was on the floor me on the couch, I told her " Every time you put my cock in your mouth you will be smacked with the ruler the further you go down the harder it will be !" The next hour was most enjoyable, Mary swallowed loads and we slept all night in each others arms, I still think of her, she was 35 and I was 24 what an education!
81% (10/2)
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4 years ago
thats hot do you still spank her lovely bottom??