Celia's alfresco moment

Hi there this is Mike again, young Celia and I had been to another Pub, after lying around in the front seat of a new Volkswagen on Ham Common where she took my pants down and sucked my cock while I smacked her bottom with my belt (strange she would never let me put her across my knee and spank her, on reflection that was probably what her father did). We went out on the grass and I told her I was going to give her a good whipping! I took a length of wood from a bush, pulled all the little shoots off it, lay her on her front and started to smack her bottom. She was wearing a short pleated tartan skirt. After 4 smacks Celia said "That's pathetic"! I became angry fetched a much thicker bit from the bush and lay down next to her, my cock in her hand, i pulled her panties off but left her skirt on. I told her to move her skirt up very slowly then started to whip her, she was gasping in 5 minutes then the wooden whip started to hit the bare bottom she was exposing with her own hand, she came as we lay there it was a wonderfull experience for us both! These 2 stories are true!
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9 months ago
I love your accounts, please take a look at mine we're had some similar experiences.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Gentleman Mike gave Celia what she wanted.
Celia came - to the satisfaction of both.

So far - so good. But still curious:
Did Celia teach Mike more?
She knows where she wants to feel sore! ;)P

In short: look forward to more.