An Evening with Celia

Celia was an occasional girlfriend who I cared for a lot, we went out in my car to an English pub, had a couple of drinks and then left in the car to Ham Common near Richmond Park in Surrey, England. We parked up in the bushes, on the front seats she lifted her skirt, took off her pants, undid my trousers and took the belt from them ! She passed me the belt, leant over me and took my cock in her mouth, then I started to smack her bottom with the belt, The harder I smacked the further down Celia went down on my cock! We enjoyed this loads of times and that evening ended up on the back seat with her on top my cock inside her with hand spanks until she came with a moaning cry, I loved dealing with her and do miss her!
11% (1/8)
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Posted by tusker
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4 years ago
Good hot story - four stars from for me.
A pity, no part two to look forward to ;(P