young cuckold

Young Cuckold
We drove home pretty much in silence, each lost in our own thoughts. I would have imagined I be in a state of sexual arousal after seeing another man kissing and fondling my wife. This is what I wanted, this is what I dreamed of and masturbated to, time and time again. Getting to watch a younger man holding my sweet Catholic wife close on the dance floor, his manhood pressed hard up against the thin shear material of her summer dress,his hands smoothly and sensually fondling her soft willing flesh as they swayed to the music.

I wasn't sexual aroused at all. I'm not sure what I felt. Mary gave no hint as to how she was feeling after being stroked and fondled by a stranger on a dance floor. I could see she was more than a little d***k.

When the sitter left, we wasted no time in removing our clothes. Mary took two shots from the bottle of Southern Comfort and led me to the bedroom. I was hard, harder than I had been in a long, long time. Mary finished her third whiskey and climbed into the bed. She knelt waiting for me to get settled in my usual spot on the bottom and climbed above me.

She mounted me. She was open wider than I had ever remembered. If my balls had been up tight, her cunt would have easily engulfed them. The head of my tiny cock got in just slightly into her and she slid her wet clit up against my pubic bone.

I came immediately as usual. My ejaculate squirting into the enterence of my wife's gaping cunt. Mary started groaning and spitting out. "Fuck meeeee, jesus, fuck meeeee, oh shit I'm cumming off, don't you move, don't you fucking move, uh oh jesus, oh fuck, fuck me hard, fuck mmmmeeee ."

She rolled off and lay legs spread gasping. I lightly stroked her hair and face, told her how beautiful she was and how much I had enjoyed watching her flirt with her young man and how hard and hot she had made me. As her breathing quieted and the room grew silent, I asked her if she was still thinking of following through with our fantasy to fuck Patrick.
Her answer was to get back up and start to hump my pubic bone. I could feel our combined ejaculte,hot,wet, slipping down over my balls and into the crack of my ass. The hot felt good on my asshole.

"Yes, yes, I want to, oh fuck meeeee yes, she hissed, I want to fuck him, yes I will fuck. I will fuck, I will fuck. Oh my god, sweet loving jesus, I'm going to cum again. Don't fucking move, fuck, don't move." Mary pumped grunted out her second orgasm.

She rolled off me and fell into a d***ken sl**p, snoring before her head hit the pillow. My mind was racing. I hoped she wasn't just talking through the booze. In my mind I began to work the details of the encounter out in my mind. I was absolutely sure I wanted to watch this supremely endowed young bull fill Mary's big sloppy cunt. I wanted to watch while this muscled alpha male mounted my wife and fucked her long and hard.

I realized that if we moved the bed, just a little, I could watch in secret from the bedroom closet. I slept fitfully that night, my wife beside me lightly snoring in her d***ken stupor.

In the morning, Mary had returned to her sweet motherly Catholic ways, never spoke a single word about our slutty behavior the night before.

I went ahead and made plans with the boy. We agreed on a price for his services, I would pay him half now and the remainder upon Mary's satisfaction. I told him I would be out of town for the weekend and he could have his way with my wife on Saturday night. I made the ground rules clear. There would be no v******e or f***ed sex. He was to follow her instructions and stop will mean to stop.

"Look, he said, I am patient and gentle fellow but mister, I'm a man, and I do what I do. I want your woman to be pleased and very, very satisfied and I will be firm with her. I want to make her feel that she has been taken, not brutally but firmly. I will not hurt or punish or bruise your woman or any woman for that matter. I can easily sense what is needed to bring a woman to orgasm. I do it and I do it well. And I figure it’s like a audition, I’d like to get the job, I'd like to earn as much dinero as I can doing this. "

I looked at him closely and I felt comfortable with his answers. I knew they had been together at the club long enough for Mary to conclude the man wasn't mean or vicious.

I waited for a few days and after Mary had several cocktails I told her about what I had done and what I wanted to do. She agreed and laughingly we went directly to the bedroom and moved the bed around to it's new position. I cleared space enough in the closet to put in a small chair. Mary posed naked on the bed and we moved the lamps until I could clearly see her whole body. She was toying with her clit. The head was exposed and it glistened with her wetness. With one hand she held back the flesh so her clit stuck out like a little cock. The other hand dipped it's fingers into her gaping slit drawing out her wetness.

"Suck me, suck my cunt." Mary hissed at me. I had never heard her speak to me that way before. It sounded more like a command than a request.

I climbed between her legs and began to lower my head to her cunt. She grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. "I'm going to fuck that man and you are going to watch and learn how to please me. Watch him and learn to fuck your woman like a real man."

She got her relief. I felt like my lips were bruised. Mary got up and left me there. I could hear her fixing herself another drink. She came back into our bed with a tall glass of whiskey on the rocks and the bottle. She drank it down, turned and refilled it.

"Do you need to cum?" she asked in a bored manner.

Her speech was soft and slurred. She reached over and shut the light. We lay in the darkness silent for a moment.

"Well, do you need to get off? she asked again.

"Yes, I would like that. I replied. If you don't mind too much."

Mary rolled over on her back and splayed her legs wide. I got between her legs and slid my cock into her wet gaping cunt. I came in less than two minutes. I rolled of her and realized she was already passed out and probably didn't know I came in her.

Saturday evening we had supper as usual. Mary put the baby to sl**p and we retired to the bed room. Mary and I rolled around dry fucking until it was time for her to get dressed. I went into my closet and once my eyes adjusted to the darkness I watched as she carefully dressed.

We heard the front bell ring right on time and we both realized the moment of truth had arrived. I scurried off to my darkened cave. I heard Mary open the door. "Can I get you a highball Patrick?" She asked.

"Sure, I could use a drink right now as a matter of fact, make it a double."

There was the usual small talk about me being away for the weekend. Mary asked if he brought protection as she had asked him to. Patrick assured her that he did. Mary was on the pill but it didn't hurt to double up for safety. Neither of us wanted Patrick to knock her up.

There was a silence and I realized they were in the living room kissing and fondling. Foreplay, getting ready to make my wife a slut and me a cuckold. My stomach began to churn and I couldn't seem to catch my breath as it became clear this was going to happen. I began to panic a bit as I realized she might not be able to get off on me ever again after she tasted the forbidden fruit.

Patrick was a young alpha male from the warrior class. Lean and muscular. He was shorter and thicker than myself and several years younger. I wondered how much actual sexual experience he had. I wondered if he would take her and make her his bitch. He was certainly powerful enough to dominate both of us if he chose to.

I cowered in the darkness of my hideout. I understood now, if I got caught watching he would beat the fuck out of me. I was frightened and started to panic. If I could, if I had the courage to stand up to this testosterone laden stud, I would have stopped the whole event and sent him away.

Instead I cowered in my dark hidden cave while Patrick stripped and prepared to mount my wife. Mary, my sweet little Catholic wife of good loving parents and regular church on Sundays. Now little sweet Mary was d***k and lay on her back, legs splayed and lightly panting as Patrick climbed between her legs.

It happened swiftly,there was little foreplay needed now. I became a cuckold.

Patrick position himself between her legs. He wiggled his fat cock head and when he felt her open and wet, he shoved his fat, so fat of a cock, balls deep into Mary.

Mary gasped and grunted like a pig as he immediately began to pump her. Suddenly my fears melted and I felt my cock begin to harden. The a****l noises both grunts of pleasure and on Mary's part astonishment as his powerful haunches thrust his piston of a dick deep into her and back out to the base of his large mushroom headed cock.

"Oh fuck, oh,ah,ah,uh,uh, oh sweet jesus and mary, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk me! Fuck, fuck I'm going to cum you bastard, I fucking cumming off...You, you're, oh my fucking god I am cu.....uh,uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

But Patrick did stop, he was like a train engine plunging in and out of her. Mary had gone limp when she came. It looked like she may have somewhat passed out. Patricks young strong muscles easily pulled her groin up to his balls and continued to have his way with my wife.

"You wanted to fuck a big cock baby, this what you wanted? Cunt, talk to my dick big enough for your big sloppy wet cunt. You are a big cunted slut. No wonder your husband and his tiny pecker can't satisfy your needs. You need a big fucking hard cock to pleasure you." Patrick spoke as he held her torso off the bed and fucked.

Mary was fucking back I could see she was drooling both from her mouth and her cunt. Patrick pulled out and with one of his powerful hands, flipped her over on to her stomach. He pulled up her hips and began to fuck her doggie style. Mary's face was pressed into the mattress, I could hear her muffled groans of pleasure. Patrick grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled her head back as he fucked and fucked her.

"You're my bitch now, you hear me cunt. You're my fucking bitch and I'm adding you to my slut list. I'll fuck you when and where I want. You understand that bitch.You are my bitch now,do you hear me slut, do you hear me?"

"Yes, my god, oh,uhhhhh,sweet jesus. Mary gasped. I'm your bitch, your little fucking bitch, fuck me now, fuck me hard, I'm going to cum, jesus fucking christ, jesus, uh uh ooooh....uh, uh."

The sound, the sound of my wife's cunt,sloppy and wet, being pumped hard. My little cock drooled precum down the side of my leg. My fears melted away and were replaced with drooling lust. The room was filled with grunts and moans of pleasure. The smell of sex flooded the bedroom. My cock drooled pre-cum and I dared not touch the hard little thing as I was certain I would cum immediately.

By now, Mary had gotten on top, in her favorite position. As big as Patrick was, she engulfed him completely. I knew her hot dripping juices were spilling out and dripping down his tight hard balls. It was her time and she made the most of it.

"Yes, I'm going to fuck you, I'm fuckin'....Jesus,jesus,jesus oh god I'm going to..unnh oh, oh, huh,huh god oh" Mary cried as she satisfied her lust.

She was sitting straight up when she came. Pressing the man's cock as deep as she possibly could into her cunt. I could clearly see the waves of pleasure rock through her soft body. Her hands were on the boy's muscular chest and she began to thrust her hips into him. The only sounds in the room were Mary’s short sharp intakes of breath and the wet slap of her open cunt as she climbed up to the peak. She came without a whisper, her mouth was open but no sound emerged. She slumped forward, collapsing onto his chest in exhaustion.

Mary breath came is short gasps. "Fuck yes,oh sweet jesus and mary, oh my god, that was good." She rolled off and lay with her legs splayed. She was exhausted. Patrick mounted her and began to fuck. For the first few minutes, Mary lay like a log beneath him. Patrick fucked,grunted and moaned as he tried to get his nut in my sated wife. Slowly Mary's legs came up and wrapped around the studs back. He pumped her harder and faster. I could see he was close. I began to squeeze the shaft of my cock. I could sense his passion rising, He pumped her with purpose and now he was about to cum in my wife.

"Cunt, I'm going to get fuckin' slut, take my cum, baby take my cum." He cried.

Mary was pumping back at him as he released his sperm deep into her cunt. Deeper than she had ever in her life received that hot male white liquid.

To my amazement, the man didn't pull out a flaccid cum covered dick. He continued to fuck my wife. He again flipped her onto her belly, lay over her pinning her to the bed as he continued to hump the mother of my c***d.

Mary lay silently and passively, letting Patrick have his way with her. Slowly I heard her begin to make little whimpering sounds. She began to sob as the man pounded her. It wasn't pain my wife was experiencing but another orgasm building up in her as Patricks fat, so fucking fat, cock pumped her like a locomotive.

"Oh my god, my fucking god, I'm going to cum again. Yessssss, oh my ....un, uh oh jesus, jesus.....uh, ah, ah, oh oh fu...oh my god!" she cried into the pillow as she orgasmed yet again.

This time the stud pulled her up hard against his loins and grunted out his second nut deep into Mary.

They both collapsed this time and the only sound in the room was them gasping for breath. I squeezed my hard tiny bit of manhood and my cum squirted harmlessly out onto the floor.

Patrick pulled his softened tool from my wife's cunt. It made a plopping sound as he pulled out. Mary's cunted farted loudly. She never moved as her lover made his way to the master bathroom.

I heard the shower start and I left the dark of my closet cave. Mary rolled over and stared at me. She reached over and took a gulp of whiskey.

"Get out, get the fuck out, she hissed. Get out of here and leave us alone." I left the room and slunk away to the basement. I paced and chewed my nails. I could hear the bed squeak as the young male continued to have his way with my woman. Patrick did not leave for another two hours. As I heard his car driving away I made my way back to my bedroom only to find my wife passed out d***k flat on her back.

There was a wet spot beneath her where the juices from their copulation leaked into the bed. It looked to me as there was another man's sperm dripping out. It looked like a cream pie. I tasted it. It was cum, my bitch wife had let the k** cum in her.

I crawled into the bed. Lying down on another man's sperm. I was hot, crazy full of lusts as my nose filled with smell of fresh cum. I lay on my back and fondled my hardened little dick. I rolled over and got between Mary's legs. I pulled them apart, Mary mumbled in her d***kenness, I pressed my face into her cunt and began to lick the boy's cum that dripped from her. It was still hot as it dripped slowly out of her cunt. I moved up and mounted her pumping twice, I quickly released my load into her wetness.

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3 months ago
VERY hot stuff!!
8 months ago
Great writing, fantastic description of a hot fantasy
11 months ago
Nice one,,,you are now a fully fledged cuck,,,enjoy.
11 months ago
good but it should have been Sonny as he is local and bigger and will let you watch and join in. too much booze and being drunk. sober and fully aware of herself and desires is better.
11 months ago
Yup I am hard and drippy