Becoming a Slutwife

Where do I begin with this? I really want to blame Bob for this entirely and it is certain and beyond any doubt, that he needs to carry some of the responsibility for this. After all, it really was his idea.
Not that I am exactly free from sin, I have let my eyes and my thoughts wander about many times. I will admit to the occasional masturbation act using fantasies of men, other than my husband of twenty plus years.
And yes,there were a few tiny incidents over the years at parties and cookouts where I perhaps let a little flirting get out of hand and let someone or another, kiss and maybe even fondle me a bit.
I must say,I have been curious about some of my girlfriends husbands. Especially after hearing about their sexcapades related and giggled over a couple of bottles of truth telling wine.
So when Bob gradually introduced the subject of other men, total strangers, into the customary sex talk we engaged in during our sexual encounters, I went along with it. I did find the thought titillating and it certainly brought orgasm to both of us quickly and intensely.
Bob introduced the conversation gradually, I've known for years that he was always interested in having me tell him stories about my earlier experiences with sex before we began dating. And I've always known that if I wanted to get him to cum quickly, I would just have whisper and tell him about how, so and so, would finger fuck me on a date and make me cum. This would, without fail, get Bob to quickly pump out his load of sperm.
It was, in fact, after a party at Jim and Eileen's house that Bob brought the subject up for the first time. We had been drinking a little more than usual that night since we were not driving as Jim and his bride being neighbors and their home less than a block from our back door.
It was our usual kind of Saturday night party. We were celebrating or neighbor Eileen's birthday and it was a mix of Eileen's relatives and other neighbors and friends. Somehow during the evening I found myself momentarily alone with Eileen's cousin Eva's husband.
Henry really isn't my type, he's just a bit shorter than I am and he's given over to a noticeable beer belly. He is nice enough,not unattractive, just not the sort that turns my head. He is funny, he is quick witted and observant. And it's easy to see that he had to be an attractive man in his prime.
We were both waiting for the bathroom to become available on the second floor. We chatted a bit in the hall and I'm not clear exactly how or why we were both fairly intoxicated and suddenly he was kissing me.
I knew it was wrong and I needed him to stop, but I didn't stop him. Nor did I hinder his hand from massaging my ass through the thin cotton dress I wearing. He was erect, I felt his manhood press into my leg. I liked it and it felt good to be in his arms and if we hadn't heard the sound of the bathroom door being opened I'm not sure where that would have gone.
So I will admit that I was already leaning in that direction and I was more than ready to be mounted when at home later that evening, Bob's hand reached over to signal his interest.
We engaged in the preliminary kissing and stroking but I didn't need much, I was ready. The booze and the sexual teasing I had experienced earlier had me panting with anticipation. I was leaking my warm vaginal fluid, I could feel it ooze down to my asshole. I had been squishy wet since my encounter with Henry, but I was gushing now.
Bob is a good lover and certainly now, after all these years together, he has an excellent feel for my needs. I was on my back and he had all four of his fingers pumping my gaping gash.
I'm not what you would call a tight woman. I've always been big and wet down there and c***d birth did not improve the situation. Bob's entire hand could and some times did slide right into me and he would often bring me to strong orgasm while fisting me.
Tonight though, I wanted cock and Bob knew that. He mounted me, and quickly, easily slid his long fat cock into me. I grunted my satisfaction as I felt his ball sack slap my ass cheeks.
Bob is, well, let's say Bob is endowed. He's not that long, perhaps a bit north of seven inches but thick and wide. The head of his cock is tiny in comparison to the ever widening base. Think twenty ounce Coke bottle.
He's very difficult to suck, I almost always gag but I'm I so grateful to have him mount me. I've had my share of cocks in my life and Bob's is the biggest and best of them all.
Bob is a big man, six foot one and 225 pounds. He's gotten a bit soft over the last few years but I love to feel the heft of him on top of me. He makes me feel small and weak and vulnerable. My legs splayed wide for him as he pumped me with long slow,f***eful strokes that quickened as he gently bumped his hips into me.
I love the feel of being mounted. I wondered briefly what it would have felt like if Henry had followed through with his pass and nailed me at the party. The thought of Henry's cock brought me to the peak and my first orgasm rippled through me.
I don't usually cum that quickly but the combination of booze and titillation brought on by my encounter with stranger in the darkened hallway of Eileen's house proved to be just the right mix. I came.
I didn't cry out, I came silently but Bob sensed it and held his fat cock still, deep in my sloppy wet cunt, and let me cum before he resumed pumping.
"Let me mount you." I whispered, "I want to fuck you for a minute."
Bob lay back and I mounted his shaft. Sliding down quickly, I heard my juices squish out and I knew they were running down his balls and onto the sheets.
I pumped him with short quick strokes, grinding my clit into him. Bob lay still, letting me use has hard shaft and pubic bone to pleasure my self. I came quickly and silently again. I collapsed onto his chest.

"You are hot tonight baby! He said laughingly, What's got you so worked up?"

"You." I answered. You make me hot."

"Really baby doll? I don't remember you ever cumming off that fast before.Are you sure there wasn't something else that perhaps might have brought that on?" He questioned playfully.

I hesitated, I don't like lying to Bob but I didn't want to get him to thinking I was out trying to screw the neighbor's friends.
I rose back up on his still hard thick cock and resumed my grind. Slowly now, as my orgasms had sated my need somewhat. I was tempted to tell him about my run in with Henry but he began to speak first.

"So tell me my darling, have you thought anymore about letting another man mount you?"

I suspect the booze was still buzzing around my head and loosening up my tongue as my answer somewhat even surprised me.

"Yes, yes I have. I blurted out. My heart began to pound as I awaited his response. I quickened my humping. I have given it some thought and you're right, that is part of the reason I'm so fucking hot."

A small wave of orgasm washed through me as the words escaped my lips. I groaned this time and I felt Bob lift his hips in response, pushing his fat dick up as far as it could go into me. A second wave or orgasm rippled through me. I could feel my hot juices leaking out of me down onto Bob's testicles. Another, shorter orgasm rocked me. It was obvious to both of us that this conversation was having a positive effect on me.

"Oh fuck yes! I cried out. I'll fuck anybody for you!" I began to hump him furiously and he began fucking back at me in my rhythm.

"I'm cumming! Bob answered. I'm fucking cumming off in you!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" I cried as I became lost in my own waves of pleasure.

I rolled off of Bob, and lay panting, my breath coming is sharp gasps as the enormity of my orgasm and my admission rolled over me.
Between Bob's ample emission of ejaculate and my copious expulsion of my own lube, the sheets were soaked. I was too exhausted and intoxicated to care. I was about to say something to Bob when he began snoring lightly and I realized he was already asl**p. I rolled over and sank into the oblivion of d***ken sl**p.


I awoke to the sound of the shower running. I turned to see that Bob was up and showering. The sheets were still damp and I got up and pulled the bedding off. I was certainly aware of how much liquid I produced during sex and so I had covered the mattress with a water proof covering to prevent damage to the mattress.
I pulled on a light house coat and made my way down stairs to the kitchen bathroom. My head ached and my mouth tasted like a mouse had slept in it.
My 17 year old son was in the living room, thumbs flying and eyes glued to his Iphone. To my surprise and delight both of my girls were at the kitchen table doing their home work.
By the looks of the dirty dishes strewn about, it was easy to guess that each had prepared something for themselves to eat. I mumbled a greeting to them and continued on into the bathroom.
Mouthwash, tooth paste, Alka-Seltzer and cool water combined to break through the worst of my agony and I started the coffee that I prayed would lift me through the rest of the fog that hung over me.
I made my way back up stairs and Bob was just coming out of our master bath as I entered the room.
He was in good spirits and I felt suddenly cheated and mildly angry that he wasn't suffering nearly as bad of a hangover as I was.
There was no mention of the previous evenings events. Bob rambled on about how he was going to get some steaks for the back yard grill. He suggested I call Eileen and and invite her f****y over to join us. I reminded him that Henry and Eva were still staying with them and he insisted I invite them also.
I showered, the hot water felt soothing and comforting. I wondered how much of last night Bob remembered. He didn't like to talk about sex when we were not actively engaged in it.
When I emerged from the steamy shower, Bob was already dressed. He handed me a large hot cup of the coffee I had brewed and with a wink said.

"That was one hot momma I had in the sack with me last night. So how many times did you actually cum off last night?"

I drew in a large swallow of the hot black liquid and tried to read his mind through his face. I smiled back at him and shrugged.

" I don't know deary, I lost count after four or five." I answered. "You were quite the stallion yourself,my lover. Did I please you?"

"Why, yes, yes you did please me. You pleased me very much. As a matter of fact, I think that may have been the most you've ever pleased me. And that, my dear, is saying an awful lot!"

Bob turned and bounce his way down the stairs whistling a ridiculous old cartoon melody. I dressed and dragged the soggy bedding down to the laundry.
I wondered how and what to read into our brief conversation. Was he commenting on simply my multiple orgasms or was it my d***ken admission that I actually wanted to fuck other men.
I didn't have much time to dwell on it. I needed to get the house whipped into something in the general range of neatness and coerce my 17 year old Brian into cleaning the leaves from the pool before our afternoon guests arrived.
I was pretty sure Henry would behave and I was positive he would not mention our little bit of necking. His wife was definitively of the prudish variety and I'm sure would not knowingly tolerate her husband running around groping other woman.
It was Bob that worried me. I hate not knowing what is going on in his head. I wanted to ask him directly but part of me was afraid I had crossed an invisible line somewhere and my asking would open a can of worms that I would never be able to close.
My hangover was slowly drifting away by the time Bob returned. Eileen with husband Ken and teen aged daughters in tow had arrived only moments before. Eva and I were busy chopping and slicing salad ingredients while Jim and Henry were already glued to the ball game on in the den. Bob entered and made a big deal of parading around the house showing off his ribeye steaks he had managed to purchase and we could hear the squeals of delight ringing in from the girls splashing about in the pool.
Brian had bolted off to join up with his buddies exactly one second after he had cleaned at least some of the leaves from the pool and the I will have to say, the first icy cold beer of the afternoon tasted amazingly good.
All in all, it was a great afternoon. The k**s behaved unusually well, the girls and I gossiped and cattily tore up everyone we knew and the guys whooped and hollered whenever the ball went were it was or wasn't supposed to go.
The steaks actually turned out to be every bit as good as Bob had predicted, the right team won the ball game and the k**s were down in the basement behaving quietly.
We had progressed from beer to white wine and were now sipping brandy as the sun sank below the horizon. We were sitting around the pool, besides the murmur of the adult conversation, the quiet hum of the pool water being filtered, the only other sound was the first chirping of the evening's crickets.
I stood to begin to clear away some of the glasses and dishes that had piled up around us. I felt wobbly and realized I was a bit d***ker than I had previously thought. I drew in a large breath and proceeded into the kitchen.
I heard the clink of glassware behind me and I was quite surprised to find that Henry had also picked up some dishes and had followed me into the house. The kitchen was fairly dark as it was on the east side of the house. Henry moved quickly and pinned me against the sink counter. He began to kiss and suckle my neck. I pushed at him and tried to squirm away but I didn't want to make a loud fuss and draw attention to us. He persisted and soon his tongue was deep into my mouth.
He tasted of brandy, I pushed back at him but he held me tightly, my back pressed hard into the counter top. I don't know how to explain this but I kind of started to enjoy it. I relaxed into his arms.
Henry sensed my surrender and let his hands cup my buttocks and drew me up against his erect penis. I could feel his hardness through his swim trunks and my thin cotton dress. He worked himself until the head of his cock was pressed into the outer lips of my cunt. I could feel the tell tale wetness of my cunt begin to seep into my panties. I felt like a slut. A wanton and very willing slut. And for some crazy reason it felt okay to me.
I opened my legs to give him easier access and his cock pushed my dress and panties up into my gash. I was leaking profusely now. Soaking through my clothing. He dry fucked me, humping me through our clothing. I could feel his cock head at the mouth of my cunt. I gasped and gasped again.
Henry grunted and came off. He stopped humping me and held me tight against his cock. I could feel his hot cum soaking through our clothing. The eroticism of the event was too much for me. I came also. Choking back the urge to cry out as the orgasm rocked through me.
We stumbled. Losing our balance as our knees buckled. I glanced furtively about the darkened kitchen praying no one had seen what had just happened. Henry chuckled. I wanted to slap him. He was wiping at the semen stain on his bathing suit with a dish towel and chuckling as if he had just told the worlds funniest joke. I cursed him and ran upstairs, Henry's cum mixing with my juices creating a squeaking sound as I hurried to change my wet outfit.
I could smell the unmistakable aroma of semen mixed with my vaginal juices. My mind raced as I thought of how stupid of a thing I had just engaged in. My face was hot, I felt dirty, and I began to cry. I pulled off my stained dress and panties and stood beneath the hot shower sobbing with shame.
I could hear the low mumble of conversation out by the pool and the k**s were up from the basement shouting and laughing as they ran out to join the grown ups. I dried my self and ran the hair dryer through my tangled hair. I did not like the person I saw with the red and swollen eyes that stared back at me.
When I finally made my way back down stairs, Bob was carrying the remaining dishes into the kitchen. The silence told me our guests had all left. I was relieved. I really did not want to see Henry's smirking face grinning at me and my discomfort. It's one thing to be a slut but it's not nice to have someone other than your husband know about it.

"Well, where did you run off to?" He asked. That was a rather rude thing to do to our guests."

"I spilled some grease from the steaks all over my dress and down my legs! I explained hoping it sounded better than it felt to say it. I had to shower and change my clothes, I was a mess."

Bob muttered something about being stuck with the clean up and handing me the stack of dirty dishes, headed off to the living room to join the k**s in front of the TV. I hoped he hadn't noticed my red and swollen eyes. I was very sober at that moment. Very sober indeed.


By the time I had finished with the clean up, Bob had shushed the c***dren off to bed and had himself gone up to our room. I walked wearily up the stairs, pausing only to say goodnight to the girls. Bob was coming out of the shower. His cock swung heavily as he made his way to the bed.
He squeezed the shaft and waved it at me.

"Interested? He asked with a school boy smirk. I am. He said with a leer. I could use a little release before bedtime.What do you say to this fat cock, baby?"

I had no interest in sex. Sex was the last thing in the world I wanted to engage in at that moment in time. I frowned at him.

"Not really Bob, not tonight. I'm exhausted.Can we do it in the morning?" I pleaded.

Bob was fondling his tool. It had already begun to swell under his self manipulations and I feared he wasn't in the mood to hear no.
He began to gently stroke himself and his cock grew to it's substantial thickness under his hands. I understood that he was going to have to cum off. There was almost no chance of changing his mind now.
I removed my robe and slid into the bed. I placed my hand over his and he lay back and he let me take over the stroking.
My God, Bob's cock was thick. My hand could not encompass the girth of it. It was thickly veined and glorious to behold. In spite of all that had happened I felt myself responding to him as his breath quickened and the little gasps that signaled his arousal escaped his lips.
I love the feel of a man's dick in my hands. I've held my share. I enjoyed jerking off cocks and I usually got to stroking all of my dates as a youngster.
I quickened my strokes, hoping to get him to nutt and not have to fuck him. He lifted his hips and groaned his pleasure.

"I noticed Henry checking you out this afternoon, I think he wants to fuck you. Bob whispered to me in his dirty talk voice. I think he would like to slide his cock into you. Would you like that?" He asked, his breath coming faster.

I said nothing, hoping Bob would squirt his cum before I had to answer him. I pumped him harder.

"I would like to see his cock in you. Bob whispered into my ear, I could feel his breath, hot and moist.Would you let him fuck you? Would you do that and let me watch you cum on his cock?"

"Would that make you happy?" I asked quietly. "You know I always want to please you Bob, I want to do what ever you ask of me but I'm not sure if I'm all that interested in Henry. He may be interested in me but he doesn't interest me sexually."

"Who then? Bob asked.Who would you like to fuck? Who turns you on?"

I could feel that Bob was getting close to orgasm. This kind of talk really brought him quickly to the boiling point. I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded with rope after rope of ejaculate spraying up over Bob's chest. He grunted and groaned in pleasure as his orgasm washed over him. His cock began to soften and his breath returned to normal. I gently held his shrinking cock in my hands, squeezing and milking the last of his semen from his dick.
I reached for my robe and used a corner of it to wipe the cum from Bob's chest and pubes.

"So I'm serious about this. Bob said soberly. I've been having these thoughts about watching you screw another guy and I want to bring them into reality.Is there someone you would be willing to go to bed with?"

"Not any of our friends! I exclaimed. Not anybody we know.I would be too embarrassed to sl**p with someone that knew us. What if the k**s found out we were sl**ping with our neighbors? I asked. I could never do something like that.No I won't let anyone in our circle fuck me, that would be far to crazy?"

" Okay, so it would have to be a stranger. Bob said, his mind racing with possibilities. "Would you consider a vacation, we could go somewhere that caters to that sort of thing."

"Really Bob?There are actually places that cater to wife swapping? I asked incredibly. I mean vacation resorts that seriously promote that sort of thing?"

"Of course there are sweetie I'm certainly not the first guy in the world to want to watch his wife get herself off with a stranger.There's a word for it, it's called Cuckold. "There are websites devoted to the lifestlye. There are vacations, cruises and the whole kit and caboodle." Bob explained. I'm sure we can find someone to mount you, you just have to be willing. Are you?"

"Really Bob, have you thought this through? What happens if you decide you are jealous after I've let someone slide their cock into me.You can't undo that.Once that strangers cock slides in me, there's no turning back. I answered nervously. Bob, I don't want to jeopardize almost 20 years of marriage for a single nights pleasure."

"Yes, I've thought it through. I've been toying with the idea for years now. It's what I use to get myself off when you aren't around or in the mood. I've read books about it, studied about it online, I've watched hundreds of porno clips of husbands and wives that have filmed the actual act so they could watch it alone at home and relive those special moments. Now I just need you to agree to actually do it for real. It would finally fulfill the sexual dreams I've had just about all of my life. You have no idea how many scenarios of you with riding another man's cock have run through my head over the years."

I was quiet, I studied Bob's face in dim light of the TV. He seemed sober and sincere. I thought about what I had been doing the last couple of days and I thought, hell I'm surely not a nun and it's not like Bob's cock was the first or only dick I had slide into my generous cunt. I certainly did enjoy both of my encounters with Henry and I wasn't all that hot for him.

"Okay, you set it up but I reserve the right to call it off if I'm not pleased with the guy. I'm not about to fuck just anybody. I want to find someone that actually appeals to me." I finally answered.

"Great, I'll get started on it in the morning."Bob answered quietly, with a school boy's excitement even I could feel. And don't you worry, we'll find the right stud, I'm not about to just let any slob get his cock in you and cum off."


The work a day world resumed and I will admit that the idea of fucking a stranger began to take hold in me and I found myself looking at men in a bright sexual light.
I had not looked at them that way since I married Bob all those years ago. Now I found myself looking at men's crotches and noticing the bulges there. I found my vaginal fluids ran almost constantly.
I needed a pad even when I wasn't on my period. I actually found myself wanting to masturbate in the ladies room.
Not that I actually did mind you, but the thought was there and I will admit to squeezing and rubbing my aching clitoris a few times and pinching my nipples while peeing at work.
Bob continued of course, to fuck me on an almost daily basis and now all of our sex talk revolved around me being mounted by another. I will have to tell you, our sex life had never been richer nor have I cum off so easily,copiously and intensely.
Bob did some research and finally decided we would try our luck at well know sex resort on a island not far from Jamaica. We set a date and arranged for my mother in law to stay at our house and watch the k**s.
As the day approached my anxiety rose. My mind raced with conflicting thoughts. I was torn between drooling with lust and that vague nervous fear of the unknown.
I sensed Bob's unease with the situation as we packed our bags and waited for the taxi that would soon begin a part of our lives that seemed both unreal and yet we both tingled with excitement.
Bob tried to hide his nervousness and we headed for the cheesy airport bar to have a cocktail as we waited for our plane to board. We both drank perhaps a bit more than was needed as we waited for our flight to be called.


The resort was nicer than I thought. Our room was clean,spacious,beautifully furnished and the view of the white sand beach that bordered the deep blue waters of the bay was every bit as gorgeous as the brochure had indicated.
Bob went off to make plans for the evening while I unpacked and stored our belongings into what would be our home for the next two weeks. The bed was large and inviting, I paced nervously as I awaited Bob's return.
My phone rang, it was Bob. He told me to meet him at the resort bar in the main building. He said he had arranged dinner and I should dress casually.
I found Bob at a table and sitting with him was the blackest black man I had ever seen.
He was a large man, lean and muscular with a round face, large full lips and a broad nose. He stood when I arrived and introduced himself as Andrew, his smile and his bright dark brown eyes were warm and comforting.
We ordered cocktails and they arrived, big glasses full of various fruit juice and rum. By the time our food arrived we were all laughing and it felt I had known Andrew for years. I found myself wet with anticipation.
A band set up as we enjoyed our after dinner cocktails and I was feeling free and sexy and very interested in dancing with Andrew. I loved the contrast of his blackness against my white untanned flesh. We danced to a few fast dances and then a slow sensual song drifted across the warm dance floor. I felt tiny in Andrews large framed body and I melted into his strong arms.
We all stumbled back to our room. I was all over Andrew as he pulled off his shirt. Bob was busy setting up his camera and moving the lights around to best film the event. I undressed quickly and Andrew pulled me closely to him. I felt his cock press into my stomach. It felt good. I was willing, I was ready to be mounted.
We made our way to the bed, I lay on my back my legs splayed open. Andrew mounted me and slid his long thin jet black cock into me quickly and fully. I felt the head of it bang into the mouth of my uterus. I gasped aloud.
He began to fuck me with long steady powerful thrusts that moved the head of his cock from the mouth of my cunt up deep into me. I began to cum. The orgasms washed over me in waves. I think I may have actually passed out momentarily as the f***e of my orgasm rocked through me. I felt Andrew tighten up as he began to release his load of semen deep in me, deeper than any man had ever done before. He rolled off me, I was still panting, trying to catch my breath as Bob mounted me, sliding his fat cock into my sloppy cum dripping cum.
I lay lifeless as Bob used my cunt to relieve himself. He didn't take long. Bob was clearly turned on by the event he had witnessed. His wife of 20 years being mounted and fucked by a black stranger.
Bob rolled of me and I lay between the two men that had fucked me. I reached over to touch Andrews cock. Even limp it was easily seven inches long and though it was thinner than Bob's Coke bottle dick, it was magnificent in it's blackness.
My very white little hand fondled and gently squeezed the long, snake like tube of man flesh. I felt it respond to my touch and harden. My manipulations turned to strokes as the long snake like black dick began to swell.
Andrew rolled me over and I lifted my ass expecting him to mount me dog style. I found the thought of him taking me like that thrilling. He reached his hand into my cum filled pussy and used the hot mingled juices to lubricate the pointed head of his cock.
Suddenly I felt that black cock head pressed to my anus. I cried out in fear but Andrew pushed the first few inches of his cock into my rectum. I grunted in fear and pain. Andrew paused and allowed me a moment to adjust to the foreign object in my anus.
I had never allowed Bob or any other man access to that part of my body. I had never thought of doing it. For what ever the reason, the thought of it has always repulsed me.

"Please, please don't do this to me!" I cried and tried to squirm away but the black man held me tight and whispered softly and soothingly.

"Easy sweetie. He crooned to me. Just relax baby, and let me do this thing, just relax.I wont hurt you,I wont hurt you at all, you will love this thing I do to you."

I stopped my squirming and realized there wasn't any pain. I was just shocked by the suddenness of the insertion. I could feel the man's penis, hot and pulsing in my virgin anus. He pulled back slowly until only the head remained in me. Andrew once again used our juices to lubricate his shaft and slowly pressed his dick into me again, this time going just a little deeper into me.
I tensed a bit but I heard a groan of pleasure escape my lips. I looked over at Bob and saw he was aroused, his fat cock in his hand stroking away.
He began to tell me how beautiful I looked with the shiny black, snake like cock sliding into my ass.
I could clearly hear the excitement in his voice and it spurred me on. I began to push back into the long shaft that impaled me.

"Yes, yes baby. Andrew hissed. You like this cock of mine deep in your white ass, don't you? You like being fucked in the ass with my big black cock my little white girl. You like that, you like me to fuck you."

I answered with a groan of pleasure. Andrew's cock was now all the way into my rectum. Deep, deep into me. He pulled it back so only the head would remain and slowly thrust the long black shaft deep until I could feel his low hanging balls gently bounce against my wet cunt.
To my complete surprise I began to cum. It was an orgasm unlike anything I had experienced before, deeper and it involved all of my core.

I bit my lip and began to sob with pleasure crying out to my husband. "Bob, Bob he's making me cum. Bob oh Bob, I'm fucking cumming off, he's making me cum, Bob I'm fucking cumming!"

"Yes, yes, baby cum for me, cum.Bob hissed, frantically stroking his fat cock. Cum on that big black cock!"

"Oh my God,Bob I'm cumming again. He's making me fucking cum again! I cried out as another wave of orgasm rocked through me.

I glanced over just in time to see Bob spray his hot cum up over his belly. It came in gushes. I have never seen so much cum come out a man's cock before.

"Oh fuck yes cum on that fat cock bitch!" He cried out as his orgasm peaked.

"I'm cumming you fucking slut!" Andrew called out. "I'm cumming, cumming,cumming. He grunted.

Andrew pulled me tight to his hips as his cock released it's load of hot semen deep into my anus.

"Bob, Bob, he got me! He came in me! I cried out in my excitement. "He fucking came off in me. He nailed me good, Bob. Bob, are you mad at me? You wanted him to, didn't you?" I pleaded.

"Yes, baby I know he came in you. And you know I wanted that to happen. Did it feel good? Did it make you hot, baby? Did you like that long black tube up your little ass, baby? You liked it, didn't you, you liked being fucked by a big black dick. He hissed at me.

I was still trying to catch my breath as I felt Andrews soft cock slip out of me. His semen, still warm followed the exit of his dick. I felt the cum dripping out of my anus. My own vaginal discharge had soaked the bed beneath me. The sheets were soaked with my juices and the men's discharges.
The room reeked of sex and sweat. All of our bodies glisten with perspiration as the room's air conditioning failed to keep up with the intense heat our bodies produced.
I rolled over onto my back. Both men were dazed and silent, their breath came quietly in the dim light of the room.
I felt torn, I knew I should roll over and snuggle with Bob but I really wanted to stroke and caress Andrew. And truly what I really wanted to do was climb up on Andrew and work that long fat dick into me again.
My orgasms seemed to inflame me, not sate me. I could feel that my cunt was still open wide and I still was leaking out onto the sheet.
But I rolled over to Bob and Andrew stirred and stood up and began to dress. Bob put his arm around me, pulling me possessively to him. I let myself relax against him but my eyes were still glued to the shiny black man, his jet black skin glistening in the warm lamp light, long cock still wet from cumming in me, swaying gently to and fro as he pulled his shirt over his well muscled chest.

"And tell me now my friends, did you enjoy our little evenings adventure?" Andrew quipped, his deep baritone voice rumbling across the room. "Did I please the little lady,I hope my actions were what you expected from me, dear sir, I hope I haven't spoiled your vacation with my actions tonight."

"Not a bit. Bob answered stifling a yawn. "I think I can speak for my wife, I would have to say she has enjoyed your company, haven't you dear?"

"Yes! I answered, perhaps a little to quickly. I most certainly did enjoy this evening and I'm hoping you'll be back to do it again soon."

I regretted the words almost as soon as they left my mouth. Bob coughed slightly and I tried to get a look at his face in the dim light of the room but I couldn't see it clearly. He didn't sound all that enthusiastic to me but I couldn't be certain.

Andrew left,closing the door gently behind him. "Are you angry with me Bob?" I asked nervously.

"No, I'm fine. He answered again stifling back a yawn. I'm just a little d***k and tired at the moment, we'll talk about it in the morning."


But we didn't talk about it the next morning. When I awoke, the sun was already fairly high into the sky and I was alone with my hangover in my bed. I staggered wearily into the bathroom, one hand on my pounding forehead and the other clutching my queasy stomach. I couldn't decide weather I was going to shit or puke and briefly thought it would be both at the same time.
The way my head ached, I wondered if one if the guys had d**gged me the night before. I was worried about where Bob was and then again I was grateful to be alone in my misery.
I found the resort had knowingly placed Alka-Setzer in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I drank it down with warm tap water and ducked into the shower.
The water ran hot and I scrubbed away at the little crystals of dried semen that stuck to my pubic hair and stomach. My anus was sore to the touch but the ache brought a smile to my face.
Instead of worrying about where Bob was, I found myself reliving Andrews love making. I slid two fingers into my cunt and frigged myself. I was loose and open. I soaped my cunt and rubbed my engorged clitoris.
My eyes closed and beneath the pounding hot water of my shower, I leaned into the wall and stroked myself to a surprisingly fast orgasm while envisioning Andrew's snake like cock impaling me again.
Still, after cumming off, I looked down at my clitoris and marveled how fat and hard it was. I was tempted to repeat the process but I realized I needed to find Bob and see how he was coping with the fact that his "dream" had become his reality.
I found a note from Bob explaining he had an appointment set up for an early tee off at the world famous golf course the resort boasted and he would meet me for lunch in the dining room at around 1:00 PM or so.
I needed coffee badly and I went out in search of it. I found a pot of it at the desk and I filled a cup and headed out to the porch to enjoy it.
I glanced at my watch. Eleven-thirty, I had slept in longer than I had in years. The morning sun was already hot and the air was humid and still. The porch fans pushed a steady flow of moist air down to the floor.

"Hello missy, and how are you this fine morning?" Andrew's unmistakable deep voice spoke from behind me. I turned to see his broad smiling face. He took up my hand and gently kissed it.

"I'm still a bit queasy this morning." I answered gazing up into his soft and deeply brown eyes. But you seem to have weathered the storm pretty well, I dare say."

"Come with me, I will get you a better cup of coffee. He said with a broad and comforting smile.

I rose and nervously followed the large black body. I could not help but to admire his muscled and obvious butt beneath the thin cotton of his shorts. His back, broad and powerful. His confident almost swaggering step. This was a man.
He led me to a tiny building down a small thin alley way. There was only a small hand painted sign over the door, it read "Sheila's", in an almost c***d like scrawl.
The door opened to dark room. Large slow moving fans pushed the warm moist air around the room. The place had a moldy,musty smell mixed with the smell of bakery sweetness.
Their were several other couples seated at the small wobbly tables. I was the only white person in the room. I felt very obvious, all eyes turned to me as I walked into the room.
Several people nodded and called out greetings to Andrew as he maneuvered us to a table not far from the counter laden with various pastries.
A short,heavy woman with an apron approached our table and hugged Andrew, stretching up as far as she could to plant a kiss on the cheek of the big man.

"Andrew! Where have you been? Why do you not come to my house?" She asked in a mock scolding voice.

"I'm here now Shelia, bring us coffee and be sure it is fresh, don't be peddling yesterdays mud on us." He said, his face beaming his handsome and winning smile.

Shelia hurried off. Andrew turned his attention to me. He reached for both of my hands and I marveled at how big they were in comparison to mine. Once again I felt tiny almost c***d like in his presence.

"I hope you are not angry at me for taking you the way I did last night. I was lusty and I may have gotten carried away with myself." He said softly and seriously.

The touch of his warm hands on mine melted me. I could feel my cunt throb and I knew I was leaking my juices. I had already cum once this morning and I was ready and willing to cum again and yet again.

"You startled me, that was the first time I have ever had a man do that to me. I never had any desire to do that and I'm sure had you asked, I would have refused." I said smiling up into his glistening black face.

"But it pleased you, didn't it? It made you orgasm several times, I felt you beneath me, I heard your groans of pleasure. I know when a woman is pleased and you were loose and willing."

My face reddened and I blushed with embarrassment. "Yes it did make me cum. I came off several times." I whispered, my head bowed down.

"And you will let me take you that way again, won't you my pretty miss?" He asked quietly.

"Yes." I answered my eyes still down staring at the table top.

Andrew gently lifted my face and looked into my moist eyes. " You will let me take you as often as I like. You will let me relieve myself in you as often as I need while you are here."

I felt my cunt open and my liquids leak out. I thought I was going to cum right there. I felt waves of heat wash over me and I wanted this giant of a black man with the soft deep brown eyes to fuck me and fuck me hard.

Sheila arrived with the coffee and pastries. "Am I interrupting something here? She asked with knowing smile. Drink your coffees while they are hot, don't be wasting all my hard work and fresh coffee."

The coffee was fresh,hot and strong. The pastries light,sweet and sticky. We ate and drank silently and quickly. We were both hungry and it was not for food.
Andrew left payment for the repast and we hurried out the door. He led me quickly around the side of the building and in a single motion, pressed me roughly against the wall. He kissed me, his large hands manipulated my sagging breasts through my shirt and bra.
I groaned with need and pleasure thrusting my hips in return. I felt like a teenage slut letting this man fondle and dry fuck me outside in public, with the hot tropic morning sun pouring down on us.
I just didn't care, I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me deep and hard. He released me and led me back to the main street. We hurried back the few blocks to the resort lobby and quickly to my room.
We quickly removed the little clothing we had on and I flopped on the bed, my legs splayed, my wet sloppy cunt open and dripping with anticipation.
Andrew mounted me, sliding the full length of his long cock into me in a single motion. I gasped as his manhood pushed deep into me, deeper than I had ever been penetrated before.
He settled into a long, slow steady pumping. I came quickly, my already wet cunt oozing even more of my hot juices as the orgasm washed through me. I came quietly clinging to the muscled back of my black stallion.
He continued to fuck me and I continued to cum off. I was having a series of orgasm. I never quite finished one as the next would begin. They were small but continuous. I clung tightly to Andrew hissing through my clenched teeth.

"Yes, yes, oh my God, yes! I mumbled and spat. Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me harder, you're making me cum, fuck I'm fucking cumming off! I'm cumming on your fucking black cock, fuck me, yes, yes."

I felt Andrew tighten and I knew he was pumping his semen deep into me. I couldn't feel the semen but I knew it was squirting into me. He groaned and grunted like an a****l as he released his need into me.
We lay exhausted, the big heavy black man,his full weight heavy upon me. I once again felt like the tiny school girl. Slowly Andrew lifted himself off me, his long tube slowly pulling out of my very wet cunt. He flopped over, his breath still coming hard.
We lay quietly and suddenly I remembered Bob. I glanced at my watch. Damn it was ten past one. I leaped up and grabbed a couple of towels. I threw one to Andrew and used the other to sop up the mess dripping from my open and well used gash.

"You've got to go. I called out to Andrew. Bob is supposed to meet me in the dining room at one and it's already ten past. He'll come here looking for me if I'm not there. You have to get out of here now!"

Andrew roused himself, quickly dressed and left the room. "Later then, I will meet with you later." He said as he hurried out the door.

I made my way to the dining room. It was crowded, noisy and chaotic. I looked around frantically for Bob but I didn't see him. I managed to find a table back away from the large windows that framed the beach and lagoon.
I waited nervously, I felt guilt and shame for my lust. I hoped the liquids I had generated during my extramarital fling would not soak through and tell the tale of my infidelity.
A waitress finally made it over to my table. The big clock in the dining room showed one forty five and before I could order, Bob showed up in room accompanied by two other men whose loud dress exposed them as fellow patrons.
He shook hands with both and each wandered off in different directions in search,I'm sure, each for their respectful spouse.
Bob was cheerful and obviously pleased with himself as he gushed his praise of the golf course and his game which I understood was one of his better.
I was relieved to listen to his rambling account of long drives and near impossible putts. He seemed to have completely forgotten for the moment our previous nights escapades.
We finished our meal with only nods and questions about the golf game from me and as we finished Bob asked if I minded if he went back out to course and did just the back nine holes.

"I'm sure you can do some shopping or get in some beach time in." He said with a look of boyish hopefulness. George said his wife was going down to the village, I met George and his wife on the course this morning and I think you will like her. She graduated from the same college you did. I'm sure you'll have plenty of stuff to talk about."

"Okay. I answered. It's your vacation too, go ahead and get as much golf in as you want."

"Great my love, I knew you would understand. Let's go find George and Sally and I'll introduce you to her, you'll love her, I know you will!" He exclaimed already excited at the thought of returning to his golf game.

Bob was right about Sally, we did have a lot in common. She was the taller and rounder of us. Big bright brown eyes, quick to laugh and liked her cocktails perhaps just a little to much.
She had an eye for the younger black boys that were busy with waiter and busboy activities about us. Noticing and commenting on which were the prettiest and sexiest. She joked about George and how clueless he was to the man flesh that wandered about.

"If it doesn't have tits or a golf club attached to it, it's just fucking invisible to the man. He doesn't have a clue." She snorted. Let's go down to beach and watch the little black boys playing around in their cute little bathing suits. I just love to watch their muscled young assess work. She said with a lecherous laugh. I've got kind of a thing for that type of resort activity. How about you? What sort of resort activities turn on your motor? Somehow you don't strike me as the jet ski type."

"That's sounds good to me. I replied with a smile. We can sip cocktails, lay on the beach and watch the waves and young boys with their taut black asses all day. I do believe I would very much like to do that."

We spent the sultry, warm, breezy afternoon doing exactly that. The staff that worked the beaches of the resort was polite, well trained, young and flirty. The cocktails, cold and sweet. We compared notes on the possible endowment of each and everyone one of the lean and muscled young men that wandered about the guest with food and drink of all sorts.
My cunt was open beneath my swim suit. I was squishy wet with my juices and Andrews semen. I knew I could probably get myself off quickly with just a small touch of clitoral stimulation but I enjoyed lying in the sun in my slightly intoxicated and semi-aroused condition.
I thought about how Andrew had dry fucked me that morning in the alleyway behind the coffee shop. His hard black cock pressed into the mouth of my hungry cunt. Humping me, my ass pressed into the wooden building, the sounds from the village just around the corner. That feeling of wanton lust and surrender to a b**st of a man.
I was sure my clitoris was fat and engorged atop my wet, very wet and open cunt. I wanted Andrew to fuck me again. I wanted to feel that jet black cock deep, deep into my cunt. I knew I would let him do what ever he wanted to me. I would let him cum in my ass if he wanted. I would suck him off, jerk him off, he could cum on my face, my sagging tits, my soft belly. I just wanted to be in his arms, I loved the smell of the man,the taste of his muscled body, his heft as he lay on me, making me feel small and c***d like beneath him.
The thought of Bob's return depressed me. I never thought that would ever happen to me.
Bob seemed to be a past dream. A part of a different life. My mind began to dream about ditching Bob and somehow, someway finding a path to staying with Andrew. I just knew that there had to be a way to work that out.

"Check out the ass on this k**! Shelia's voice brought me out of my fantasy and I gazed in the direction she pointed. Oh how I'd love to slide the bathing suit slowly off of that ass and run my long nails down his chest. Oh,sweet Jesus, yes I would."Shelia muttered beneath her breath.

The young man that had caught Shelia's attention was magnificent. He was as deeply black as Andrew but much, much younger. He couldn't have been out of his early teens. He had the same lean hard body as Andrew, the abs that bulged and rippled down his stomach. He walked or I should say, strutted the same way Andrew did. Proud, confident. His muscled buttocks stretched his bathing suit taut.
My mind wandered back to my Andrew.

to be continued?
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1 year ago
you have got it so right,this is exactly how I would talk to my wife Barb through our marriage trying to get her to sleep with another man and it is only now that she at 59 is getting another cock,only I didn't arrange it,but he is a guy she cleans for and the reality is even more exciting.
1 year ago
Great read
1 year ago
awesome,looks forward to more
1 year ago
great story! so sexy!! looking forward to the continuation....