Watching my wife..again

The weekends in Vegas were gone. Both Carol and I had lost our good paying jobs and now we struggled monthly to keep afloat with almost half of our income vanished. Carol found work at an upscale Mexican restaurant/bar doing prep work in the kitchen and I was working the day shift at a local mom and pop grocery store.
Our new hours meant we had coverage for c***d care but our sex life suffered mightily. I was on the computer with porn clips after putting the k**s to bed. My routine was to search the free sex clip sites for cuckold clips. I would tease my cock watching other men watching filming their wife getting a nutt with a well endowed fat cock sliding deep into their wet and willing cunts. After watching several and teasing my cock to the edge of orgasm I would find a favorite and time my orgasm with the willing wife and let my hot cum squirt onto my belly. Relieved, I would shower and be asl**p long before Carol got home from her shift at the restaurant.
Restaurant work means weekend work. While I had Thursdays and Saturdays off Carol was home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So Wednesday nights became our official “sex” night.
We would begin with touches and whispers while we prepared supper. “I need to cum baby, I need to cum bad” she would whisper while dishing out the evening meal. “I want to suck on your fat little clit and make you cum on my face” I would answer gathering up the dishes. We spoke low so the k**s couldn’t hear although they might have seen their mom squeezing at my cock or my hands pulling on her nipples while she was bending to a task.
When silence told us the c***dren were down in their deep sl**p, we would begin our sex in earnest. Carol likes to grind on my hard boner through the thin material of our under garments. “Oh fuck me, I need to nutt honey, I need a cum, I’m dripping wet and I need to be fucked” she gasped. “Really baby, tell me about why you are so hot tonight” I answered. Have you been thinking about long fat cocks again? Have you been dreaming of a long fat cock deep in your cunt filling you with squirt after squirt of hot young cum? “Yessssssss” she hissed, yes I have.” “I want to fuck a big cock, I want to feel it rip me open….I want to hear balls slapping on my ass…I need a man, I need a man now”
Carol knows full well this type of conversation drives me crazy, it was all I could do to refrain from cumming in my pants. I replaced my throbbing cock that she was grinding away on with my fingers. I easily slide three of them into her wet cavernous cunt.
She grunted her approval and proceeded to hump my hand. She was her usual wet; I could feel her hot liquids begin to drip onto my wrist. I pumped her hard. Her ass was pressed against the chest of drawers and I sensed she might actually cum. I focused on the steady in and out of my hand and was rewarded with a squishy, wet orgasm. “I’m cumming” she hissed, “I’m fucking cumming off” Her body tighten and I could feel the orgasm pulse through her.
She began to laugh, “I hope the neighbors didn’t hear that”, she giggled. Now, how about you?” I looked down at my hard dick and the circle of wet that surrounded the head. “ I do believe I could get off in about 5 seconds, I laughed” “Wow, I said, that was freakin’ hot. I told her,” I’ve never seen you cum so fast, you came like a teenaged dude”. “I been hot all week” she said. “Can you nutt again? I asked, “I’d love to suck you off.” I can’t promise you but I’m willing to give it a try, on my back? “Why yes, I smiled, I’d love to have you on your back...
Carol’s vagina is huge; she’s definitely not a candidate for a playboy spread. The mouth of her sex organ is wide by any scale of measurement. Her clit on the other hand is a tiny, tiny spec of a thing closer in size to the tip of a pencil than the eraser but it works just fine. I began to lick and suck at her long dark cunt lips and rimming her gapping open hole working my way up to her hooded clitoris. I settled into licking and sucking her maleness and she hissed; “yesssssssss, yesssssssss, baby….” She began to press her hips back into my face, pressing and gently grinding into my tongue. I could feel her passion gradually grow. Her hand reached up and found the back of my head, holding me to the exact spot that would find her a release. She took over the job of movement, grinding hard into my lips. It was actually a bit painful and I hoped I would have to explain lip bruising to the world. Carol made almost no noise at all as she worked her way to her second orgasm. She stiffened and shuddered herself to a silent cum. “Whew” she gasped, that one came quick too” I wonder if I have any more left in the tank”
There was a pool of pre-cum at the base of my cock and all 5 inches were glistening wet with the clear liquid. The head was purple, I thought I would cum myself when Carol got off but magically I managed to not. I could see that Carol was losing interest in sex. She was wiping herself clean and yawning. She giggled at my state of affairs. She wrapped her hand around my turgid pole and squeezed. Pre-cum oozed up and out of the slit. She lowered her head and licked the drippings off into her mouth…..Ummmmmmm! “Hot and juicy, that’s how I like my men.” She began to stroke and I couldn’t hold it back. Cum, thick and hot, began to pour out of me. “Oh fuck” I blurted out as my release squirted and rolled out onto my soft belly.
The next morning, after getting the k**s out of the house, Carol came back to my bed. “That was great sex last night, I needed a nutt badly” “I was glad to be of service to you my dear” I answered, thinking perhaps we might have a repeat this morning. She snuggled back into me and sighed. “I miss our trips to Vegas, that was so hot and so much fun” “I do too, baby, I so do like to watch you nutt on a long and fat dick. You haven’t been actually mounted in a long time” “Yes, she answered, I haven’t been filled up with anything but that latex toy which is a very poor substitute for a man’s pulsing and throbbing hot piece of meat. Nothing in this world comes close to as nice as being full of real fat cock. My jealousies began to burn, I’ve always felt inadequate and under endowed. Carols huge cunt complicated the matter. I know she barely ever knew I was in her when I did mount her and my premature ejaculation certainly didn’t improve any area of that sort of satisfaction for her. “You know I don’t feel comfortable with the thought of you fucking someone local” I reminded her. “ Yes, I know, she answered dejectedly, but maybe we could find some one a few hours drive from here, I really want a fat cock baby, I’ve got that itch again, the one that’s way up at the top of my big cunt, I need to feel the head of a mans dick knocking on my uterus. You know you like to watch me cum off with a different man. You love it when I grunt out my orgasm on big fat cock. Look, you’ve got a hard on just thinking about watching your wife fucked hard”. She was right; my cock was fully erect and dripping. “Find me a young, thick and long cock baby, find your baby a cum, let me get my nutt on a long hard young cock. Think about how fast you’ll cum when your dick feels the thick hot sperm that he’ll deposit in me. You know how hot you get when you slide into my freshly fucked hole”.
Her half whispered dirty talk was having its way with me again in my minds eye I could see her grinding her clit into another man, I could hear her quiet little gasps her escaping her tightened lips. The flush of her neck and chest as her orgasms washed over her. The grunts and howls of her stud as he pumped his semen into deep into her vagina, deep into places I could only dream of reaching….
Okay, I agreed, I’ll look around and see if I can find someone to service your needs. “Thank you, you are so good to me” she cooed into my ear. “Now, I think you need to come off again this morning, don’t you” she whispered in her sexy breathy way. She reached down and stroked me, having cum only several hours before, I was able to enjoy her manipulations a bit longer before I released my load. Even has my hot sperm poured out onto my belly, I knew Carol would have her way. One way or another she would have a fat young cock cumming deep into her….

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2 years ago
Very well written, and true to life sounding. I hope there will be more episodes in the future.
2 years ago
Your introductory comments were strikingly poignant as is your story. I tried to give you high marks, but somehow it isn't reflected.