Sex blindfolded with an internet stranger

My favorite fantasy that keeps me wet? I have done this twice now and it was more exciting than I had even hoped. Here is a general idea of what took place on those visits,....

I come to your door as arranged. I walk in to find you sitting on your couch blindfolded. I come over and introduce myself and sit down next to you.
You have my red wine ready like I had told you to do and I take a sip. We greet each other and start to chat. About anything and everything. Just the unknown and not being able to see me is turning you on. I notice the slight stirring in your pants and watch. We continue talking. But soon I can see you are getting uncomfortable. Your cock doesn't seem to have enough room in your pants anymore. I ask if you would like to undo yourself to feel better so you do. We continue talking non-chalantly. I take off my top but you can't see me. You can hear me though and I'm sure you've figured it out. I take your hand and allow you to feel one of my hard nipples. You let out a moan so I know you want to do it some more. But I won't let you. Instead, I tell you to remove all of your clothes. Still blindfolded, you obey. Your cock is now so hard. I tell you to gently stroke it. You get so excited you grab it and start to beat it. But I won't allow that. You are only allowed to stroke it gently and softly. I tell you exactly what I want your hands to do. I love watching you obey my commands. Your precum has already started. But I spend a lot of time directing you on how to pleasure yourself. Suddenly I tell you to stop. We sit back and continue talking. Me topless, and you naked and still blindfolded. I make you wait awhile before we start up again. This time I tell you to gently suck my nipple. I guide your head to my large breasts and you seek out my hard nipple and do as I tell you. It feels good. I let you do that until you get too turned on again. So i gently push you away and make you rub the head of your cock for a bit. While you do that I remove the rest of my clothes. I then sit back and tell you to come to me. I guide your tongue onto my clit and I demand you please me. I make you do this until I cum. Then I make you lick me totally clean.

Finally, I bend over the couch and I tell you to fuck me. And we do. For a long time. You are still blindfolded. You have never laid eyes on me before. You have no idea who I am. We just met on the internet. This excites the both of us. Finally I let you cum. You moan with pleasure as you ram me from behind cumming.

We sit back down to catch our breath. Before long I get up and dress myself. i tell you that you have been wonderful and that we shall meet again on-line. And then I walk out your door. And only then, are you allowed to take your blindfold off.

If this is something that would interest you,... get in touch.

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21 days ago
wow yes.. i will definitely be sending a message
7 months ago
That sounds amazing. I'm in Ontario as well and would love to experience something like this.
2 years ago
I am so into that care to try it with me?
2 years ago
Very nice......
I'm definitely "up" for this experience!
2 years ago
I'm in there like lint
2 years ago
sound like a wet dream come true
2 years ago
OMFG!...That is HOT!
2 years ago
I would love to be a part of this
3 years ago
WOW, that is a stunning fantasy. I've actually done something similar for a woman, and for a guy but I never imagined being on the receiving end of the "treatment" and reading this has got me so hard I'm already wanking off, imagining you sitting watching me!
3 years ago
Very interested! If you are ever in New me!
3 years ago
definitely Interested in this fantasy
3 years ago
The only reason why I'm not completely turned on is that I have a hard time trusting a stranger while I'm wearing a blindfold. Other than that, hot story!
3 years ago
Wouldnt he be a lucky bastard!
3 years ago
fuck yes