enjoy that warm sensation

My boyfriend was pretty vanilla when it came to sex. I wasn't. I was starting to get a bit on the bored side with him. I decided it was time to introduce him to my world.

Not wanting to scare him off, I thought I would do this in very small doses. If he liked this, then I would introduce him to something else. And just keep pushing him until we had some real spice in our sex life.

We had had a really nice afternoon hanging out on our back deck. Drinking wine and just enjoying the sunshine. I went into the house and changed into a short little flowery skirt. Of course I did not wear any panties underneath. When I came back out, I pulled my chair infront of him and sat down. We live in the country so I knew we wouldn't be seen. With a mischievious smile, I slowly opened my legs. I'm sure he was thinking this was just the start of some ho-hum sex about to take place. But instead, I got down off the chair and I asked him to kneel down infront of me. He seemed a bit confused but did as I asked.

"Now" I said "I'm going to do something and I don't want you to freak out. Just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation, ok?" Again he looked hesitant but nooded ok. I took my skirt off and squated infront of him. I took his hand and I placed it very gently on my pussy so it was barely touching it. Then, I let go a lovely warm golden stream. I f***ed myself to maintain a slow and gentle flow. He tried to pull his hand away but I grabbed it and put it back. After a few seconds I could feel him relax. I told him to rub my whole pussy while I was doing this. Rub my lips, my clit, everything,... It felt great. I had purposely waited until I had a full bladder so there was quite a long flow. I could tell that he was really starting to get into it.

"Its so warm" he said. When I finally stopped my little shower he actually said "oh, I wanted to feel some more"

"So, you enjoyed that did you?" I asked? I knew he would. A lot of people are just programmed to not like something because they're told it's wrong and dirty. I was just trying to show him that it could actually feel really nice.

By this time he was taking off his pants. Thinking he was just going to push his cock into my pussy and get off. But instead, I lay down on my back on the deck. I pulled my legs apart. But just before he tried to enter me I stopped him.

"Your turn, hon,.." I said. Just get infront of me and aim for my clit. He looked a little paniced.

"You want me to pee on your clit?" he asked. He looked around our yard. I think he was scared someone would see us doing this tabboo act.

"Relax" I said "Just enjoy it,..."

So, with that, he kneeled down infront of me and aimed his cock for my clit. It took a bit of time (most people have a shy bladder when first starting to have fun with this) but finally out came a stream of golden yellow. And just as I had imagined it would, it felt so warm and nice on my pussy.

"Make sure you aim it right on my clit and then push harder so the stream is more powerful" I directed him. And he did. The feeling was out of this world. He had been drinking all afternoon too so his bladder was full and the pee just kept on coming. It hit my clit and then dripped down all over my pussy. So warm and nice. After a bit, he started moving it around so it landed all over my cunt. The sensation was awesome. I couldn't get enough.

Once he was done, we looked at each other and grinned. Such a harmless little game but it felt so awesome.

"Well?" I asked.

"Now that was kinda cool" he said smiling.

There,... I thought,... Step one done in my "no more vanilla flavored sex" scheme. Tonight I will have to think of something else to try out on him.

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11 days ago
To enjoy it must be special atmosphere created to feel it in proper way
5 months ago
wow this is really hot! Very good, miss!
2 years ago
did that with a one night stand a few years ago,was such a turn on
2 years ago
Hot stuff
2 years ago
I love it,lucky man he is
2 years ago
good stuff
3 years ago
Hmmm love to explore, sounds like fun!
3 years ago
that was fun.................Sweet
3 years ago
Golden..i love it
3 years ago
fuck yes baby
3 years ago
Mmmmm sounds like a wonderful afternoon...thanks for sharing!