How I met my fuckbuddy

It was a while back when I had my first gay experience with a friend of mine. I loved it already and wanted consistently more. However, the inevitable had happened: my friend broke up the relationship. So, there I was, constantly horny and searching for a new boyfriend. But where I come from, gay guys are hard to come by. One day I was alone at home chillin' out and searching on the internet when I found a dutch chatsite. By my curiosity I entered the chat. Hundreds of guys chatting... Old, young or something else. In an instant, dozen of people were chatting with me, asking me if I could turn on the webcam, or anything else. Because I was already quite horny I turned the cam on and showed my beste side :-) Then, one man approached me, contacted me if I would be a model for one of his photoshoots. I was already thinking for a while to make pictures of myself, so I took advantage of the opportunity. Another advantage was that he lived nearby in the region, so we arranged a date.

Eventually the day came. I stood at the door and rang the bell. An older man of around 35 years old opened the door. Just a regular guy who did really nice to me. We sat down and talked a lot. About ordinary things and other stuff. After a while he began talking about how he wanted to make the pictures. He took his equipment and instructed me in which position I had to stand. I still had my clothes on but after a while he asked me if I could take of my shirt, and then my shoes, trousers, socks, untill I was standing in my underwear (gray boxershort). Eventually he asked me to remove the boxershort; there I stood naked. I was pretty turned on as he were, I could see a bulge down there. He instructed me to sit on my knees and show my cock, which was pretty hard now. He liked it and began asking questions such as: "you like it hard?", "You want it hard?". As he stood before me, he suddenly lay down his equipment and lowered his pants. A big lump of flesh revealed to me. He took my head and rammed his cock right in my mouth. "You like this big flesh of meat, boy?", "Come on, suck it hard!". I needed to puke everytime he rammed it in my throath, but strangely I began to like it.

When his cock was hard enough, he pulled it out of my mouth and instructed to turn around. He pulled my cheeks apart and spit right on my tiny little hole. he took a very large vibrator and shoved it into my hole, so hard that I almost began to scream. Gradually I began to enjoy it. It went faster and deeper. I almost cummed but suddenly he stopped and pulled it out. Now it was time for his big cock. He rammed it into my hole and began fucking me with lightspeed. It was if my hole was instantly destroyed, but I loved it. I never experienced such feeling when he was constantly hitting my prostate, it felt like I had cummed multiple times in a row. He pulled his cock out and instructed me to turn around, I was sucking it again but this time with a reason. Thick globs of cum shot in my mouth and on my face. Satisfied I licked it up and he shot some more pictures. It was a very enjoyable day! Some pictures on my profile are really the pictures shot that day. I still drop by these days to enjoy this man's big fat cock. This was a real story :-)
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1 year ago
hot story & ur pics r hot too ;)