I met an older guy

I met an older guy in my home town called James. He is a widower, 67 but really looks after himself with a hard, toned, gym-fit body and he is really charming too!
We met first for a coffee and chat at a local cafe and arranged to meet at his apartment yesterday.
I went to his apartment and there were no preliminaries, we just stripped off!
He was very assertive and soon had me on my knees licking, sucking, worshipping his delicious cock. It is not huge but remarkably hard and bends upwards like a banana!
James laid me face down on the bed and massaged my arse cheeks for a while and then tongued my ass so deeply, mmmm how i love that, it was wonderful, I almost came then and there,

Once he had me good and wet he lubricated his fingers with some oil and proceeded to play with my arse, first two fingers then three as he opened me up I wanted his cock so bad that I was up on my knees pushing back on his fingers.

Then I felt the end of his cock at the entrance and in one huge plunge he mounted me, ramming his gorgeous cock into me, a moment of hot pain then exquisite feeling of fullness as he used slow, deep strokes at first, his hands tweaking, pinching my nipples...it was beautiful I kept pushing back against him to get more and more in I felt so full and I was continually cumming, pre cum was almost pouring from my cock swaying beneath me.
Then, as he grunted in my ear, he really started to speed up, ramming into me hard, that was it for me, I started to cum, spurt after spurt over his bed as he fucked me, it was sensational!! Moments later he came, so hard in me I could feel his cum warm and pulsing into the condom, I collapsed onto the bed as I came gain

I thought that would be it for a while but no, James pushed a pillow under my front so that my arse was elevated and started to spank my ass, with his hand. I almost had to ask him to stop but he knew exactly what he was doing, spanking me hard enough to arouse me but not enough to harm or mark me. And yes, I felt myself stiffening and my bottom was subconsciously moving up to meet each slap of his hand! Then he flipped me over and almost dived on my cock, taking it deep in his mouth, fully deep throating me.

Then he started pinching my nipples again as he sucked, it was just too much and, despite cumming just 5 minutes early, I let go, cumming in his mouth as James continued to suck, and swallow. He was massively hard again and even as I tried to catch my breath he moved up the bed and then positioned my legs (which were almost limp with exhaustion) over his shoulders and he quickly rolled on another condom and with no preliminaries entered me again, hard, aggressively but I was in another place by then, submissive, accepting, loving it. He really took his time with that second fuck; he must have been riding me for at least 20 minutes.

I did not get fully hard again but my cock was dribbling pre cum by the time James emptied himself into me for the second time.

We showered and dressed and then had a coffee, he is really good company aside from being a fantastic fucker. I will certainly be seeing James again!

95% (18/1)
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2 years ago
Hot steamy encounter...sexy fucking and sucking
3 years ago
I would so much like to take your place with James.I truely would like to find me a James
3 years ago
very nice and hot fuck
3 years ago
You just cant beat being fucked by an older guy! great story.. cant wait to read more!