Piano Teacher Needs a Baby


The following story is purely fiction and should not be taken any further than being read as erotic literature. As a contribution to the erotic literature community, I offer this story intended for a mature audience only. The views expressed in this story are not my own, and if such sexual topics offend you, please do not read on.

Story codes: mf hardcore, preg, intr, feet, rom, petite, creampie

Synopsis: A radiant young piano teacher encounters someone of ambiguous dark ethnicity and feels sexually drawn to him. She craves to have his baby.

As I sat there waiting for my bass lesson, a petite woman with semi-short brown hair approached and sat on the bench next to me. I looked up to see what she looked like. She had a sweet genuine smile and seemed to carry herself to a mature level. Though her body was that of a girl in her early twenties. She had a warm genuine energy to her as she blurted out something about what one of her students did in her piano class today. I was completely drawn into her eyes while she said this, and I embarrassingly had to ask her to repeat herself. We got to talking and it seemed so natural and exciting yet domestic and friendly. I don't know if it was the movements of her tight body or her hungry eyes, but I knew she needed to be fucked. Somehow I could sense she had never been on any form of birthday control in her life. Moreover, I could feel her strong radiant sexual energy. Something was heating up between us, and I knew we had to skip class and go for a walk. We just kind of both got up and must have picked up our bags and walked all the way past the hallway doors, because we were all of a sudden towards the entrance of the building about to head outside. It was all a whirlwind until I went to unlock my car door in the parking garage.

We wanted someplace private to continue on our conversation about her students and how she's training to be better at piano so she can guide her students better. I had tinted windows so we could comfortably sit in the back and talk privately. It started to get a little warm and stuffy in the car, and I could tell it was too much for her by the way she was fumbling with her shirt and bra. I told her I was so sorry I got so caught up in the conversation that I had been rude to not offer to turn on A/C. I turned it on and crawled back to the back seat to find that she had taken off her flip flops and was sitting so innocently with her cute feet propped up on the back seat with her knees folded up. This made me really hard all of a sudden and I tried to cover it up as I sat down. She knew exactly what was going on in my shorts and ever-so-slowly moved her feet forward towards my private area. She reassuringly smiled at me as I felt her big toes touch the head of my dick. She pulled them back and leaned forward to unzip my shorts. She was determined now. Knowing now that she wanted this I did not waste any time in responding. I intercepted her sweet face and held her cheeks in my hands as I gave her a deep sincere kiss. She let out a slight moan, and I pulled off her top. Her nipples were so hard and tiny through her bra. I quickly unlatched it and threw it on the floor. I kissed her breasts down to her flat little tummy. Then I pulled off her tiny jean shorts and kissed her heavenly vagina through her cotton panties. She was so warm and I could see that she was getting a little wet. I pulled them up and over her legs and pulled off my shorts and underwear in a frenzy. She looked deeply into my eyes with beams of urgent desire. She knew what she needed right now and I could tell by the look in her eyes. She bit her lower lip and looked at me with the most warm yet desperate eyes.

I couldn't take it anymore with my rock hard dick throbbing to be inside her tight walls. I lay on top of her and stared deep into her eyes as I thrust into her slowly. Her mouth quivered as she let out a whispered gasp. I pushed in all the way and I could see the shock of fullness inside her eyes. Her womanly lips wrapped tightly and snugly around my cock as it slowly entered her most vulnerable spot. I could tell she hadn't been fucked in a very long time and could barely move inside her without surrendering all my cum to her little vagina. She started rocking back and forth underneath me squeezing at my cock. At that moment I knew I wasn't going to last very much longer. There was no way I could pull out of this pussy. Everything about our energy together was clear and green. I really didn't want to be a father, but this felt so perfect. If I got her pregnant, she'd be mine forever. She would carry my c***d in her little tummy that would stretch beyond belief. All throughout that time she'd be constantly craving my cock deep inside her every night to nurture her womb. I knew she'd be so kind and warm to me as she became a mother.

That was it. Just then all my thoughts were broken by a tight feeling around my lower back. She had wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles pulling me in as far as I could go. This was my weakness. At that moment everything stopped and rushed out from my balls and out f***efully into her welcoming womb. I was shooting so hard past her cervix filling her completely. I held my cock all the way inside her as she unlocked her ankles and pressed her feet up against the ceiling of the car. All that hot cum inside her must have felt so fulfilling because her pussy exploded into a tight pulsing rhythm squeezing all the extra cum that was left in my dick into her womb. She wanted all the sperm she could get so that they would reach the egg even faster. She held me inside her with her arms, and I did not have any plans to leave this warm tight grip anytime soon. We caught our breathes finally and she grinned at me and then smiled in a cute bright feminine way. Her face was flushed and red as she blew her hair out of her face and smiled as I kissed her deeply. Her skin had become so soft from all the cum she had absorbed from the center of her body. Her little feet gently came down and rested on my legs as her little toes wiggled.

The gentle touches suddenly turned tense as her ankles again became locked around my back. She looked into my eyes desperately and I knew she wanted more. My dick gradually rose back up inside her to full capacity and she moaned slightly again. I wasn't even going to try to hold back this time so I sprayed every last drop I had inside her milky pussy. By now her petite little womb was overflowing with thick white cum around the sides of my dick and onto the seat. She was really full, and I could smell an aroma of cum with womanly juices fill the inside of the car. It was so sexy knowing how much I had cum inside this girl. She was so happy, and I could feel a constant faint pulsing from her love canal. She was drinking every last drop of cum fully absorbing it into her body. She was now radiating with such a youthful, nourished energy that only women can give off. I kissed her again and we both let out a big sigh as I collapsed onto her. As I pulled out finally she winced with pleasure, and I could tell she couldn't wait to have me inside her again. We lay not saying a word but smiling at each other genuinely. I gently ran my fingers and palm around her smooth flat tummy as she cooed. I happened to sneak a glance down at her womanhood and was lucky enough to get to see some cum flow out between her blossomed lips. We both knew there would be a baby growing in there not before long. She slipped her panties on and tried to keep as much cum safe inside her nurturing womb as she could. I put on my clothes and turned off the A/C.

As she got out of the car and slipped back into her flip flops, I noticed a small drop of cum that had gotten on top of her foot at some point. It looked so sexy against her pearly white smooth skin. I kneeled down as she remained standing then gently licked and sucked the area on her foot clean. She let out another slight wince as I treated her so faithfully. I got up and kissed her so deeply and passionately as she wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace. I pressed my body against hers and my rising hard-on pressed against her little womb where my cum remains firmly planted deep inside. She broke our kiss to let out another slight gasp. As I had to finally pull us apart she gave me the most loving, compassionate, and longing face. Her eyes were beginning to tear up with fulfillment. I told her goodbye and walked away as I knew we would be drawn together again very soon.

She snuck into her class late and grabbed a seat in the very back to try to be discrete. Once she was settled she reached down her shorts to get a drop of cum on her finger. The warm aroma of a man's seed inside her was intoxicating. She brought her finger up and sucked the rich sperm. It was so thick and tasty, and she could taste the health and strength in my cum. The professor in the room continued on to cover the subject of the role of race in today's various industries. She smiled warmly and looked down at her flat tummy thinking of the mixed-race baby she will be bringing into the world soon.
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