My first time with a TS woman, the next morning

After sucking my new ts girlfriend and holding her close on the couch, we spent the night sl**ping together.

I woke with her in my arms. We were sl**ping on our sides and face to face. Her body felt so nice and warm against mine. Then I noticed that she was hard. Her cock was hard and hot and pressed against my cock.

I reached down between our legs and started to stroke her hard cock. Soon she woke in my arms and kissed me while I stroked her. She enjoyed my attention for a while then suddenly she jumped out of the bed and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to the bathroom and into the shower.

We kissed under the warm water. She did not have breasts but licked and sucked her sweet nipples. I took the soap and rubbed her slim body and made her soapy. My hands explored all of her body.

She took the soap from my hands and started to rub my body all over. She stood behind me and I felt her hands rubbing me everywhere. I was a little nervous when her soapy hand went between my butt cheeks. She licked and bit my ear as she got more intimate with me. Again she was taking charge and i liked it so much.

To my surprise I felt her finger on my buttonhole. She rubbed me there gently and she made me moan quietly. I could not control my moan and she laughed in my ear with pleasure. I was in her control and ready for anything she wanted from me.

She bit my ear again but harder and I felt her finger slide inside my ass. I let out a long moan as her finger slid deeper inside me. She kissed my back and soon she had three fingers inside me. I was in another world and could not control my moaning.

Then she slid her fingers out of me and held my hips with both hands. She kissed my back again and pressed her mouth firmly on my back to bend me over. Then I felt her hard cock slide between my soapy ass cheeks. She held my hips and slid her hot cock between my cheeks.

I felt her cockhead slide down to my asshole. She rubbed her cock on my asshole. Her cock felt so hot and I wanted her inside me so much.

"Is it ok?" she asked.
"Yes," i said eagerly.

She pressed her cock to my asshole. It was uncomfortable at first but then I relaxed and she slid inside me. She slid her cock deep inside me and a low moan escaped from my mouth. She kept her cock deep in my ass and held me close. She made her cock twitch inside me a few times and we both laughed a little.

I had never had a real cock inside me and I told her, "you feel so good."

"I knew you would like it" she said.

She thrust her hips forward with a grunt to let me know that now that she was inside me, she was going to fuck me hard. I was so excited and so happy I had found a top ts woman. She held my hips and pulled me back. She used her feet to spread my legs apart and pressed her hand on the back of my neck to bend me over.

I wanted to tell her how excited I was now but we had gone past talking. She held my shoulders and I felt her hard cock start to slide in and out of my ass. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. I was moaning so loud now. It felt like my moans were from an a****l instinct. She held my body tight and fucked my ass so hard. I felt her hand on my hard cock. She started to stroke me as she fucked me. I could not believe the pleasure.

Soon I was close to cumming. I blurted out that i was going to cum. I felt her other hand on my cockhead. She kept fucking my ass and stroking me. To my surprise my ass tightened on her cock and I had a mind-blowing orgasm and shot my cum into her hand. My cock was still twitching and my ass was so tight on her cock when she put her hand to my mouth and made me eat my own cum. I sucked her hand and sucked down my hot cum. When she felt my tongue in her hand she started to fuck me harder. She kept her cum-covered hand over my mouth and drove her cock deeper in my ass. I loved her dominant treatment.

"I want you to taste me again" she said. It shocked me when she pulled out of me and put me on my knees in front of her with the warm water falling on us.

She put her cock to my mouth and grabbed my head and drove her cock deep into my mouth. I was going to suck and lick her hot cock and make her cum. But she was so close she exploded in my mouth as soon as she buried her cock in my mouth. She held my head tight and she squirted hot cum in my mouth 5 times. I swallowed each squirt and let her fuck my mouth. I felt a few more drops of cum slide down my tongue.

She jumped out of the shower. I rinsed off and dried myself. When I got out to the room she was dressed and had on her leather jacket. She waved to me and went out the door.

I was hoping we could spend a day or 2 together but I guess not. I wish I could find a girl like her again.

11% (5/38)
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1 year ago
So much fun to read, I hope you see this again... ref this story and friend me up when you get back on the Hamster.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Beautiful story. Very, very well written and very arousing. Well done.
2 years ago
great continuation to a great story!!
2 years ago
Thanks davey. I'm glad you liked my story.
2 years ago
Great story, good work, clearly a lot of effort. What a great read.