Me and mom

I was walking home from a half day at school. When I got home I noticed mom's car was still at home. She worked in a factory so it wasn't that unusual for her to work different shifts. Dad was at work and wouldn't be home anytime soon. My little b*****r had and practice so he was going to be gone for awhile too.

I threw my books on the table and started looking for mom. Her tv was on in her bedroom so headed that way. As I got closer to her room I could hear that she was watching a porno. So I crept up to door so I could see what was going on.

My mother is 5'1" with medium blond hair and glowing green eyes. She has nice big tits and a healthy ass. Mom was always proper though. I have fantasized about her as far back as I can remember.

Now I am peaking in mom's room and she is completely naked with one foot up on the bedpost. On the tv is two black guys pounding a little white girl. I couldn't believe what I am seeing. She is masturbating with a long dildo. I have dreamt of this. Not sure what to do when mom says, "Either come in and help mommy or go away."

I stepped inside her room. She looks at me and says, "Bo do you want to help mommy?" I said, "Yes" with a creaky voice. She said, "Well you are 17 and I know you have been watching me. Do you think about me a lot?." I said, "Yes mom I'm sorry." She said, "No need to apolagize. It is quite normal for a boy to want to fuck his mother."

I about died. I nerver heard her say a cuss word in my life.

She told me to remove my clothes and to get into bed with her. I tear my clothes off and jump in bed. She chuckled at my enthusiasm. "Kiss me," mom says. I've had girlfriends before so I wasn't new to all of this. I started kissing mom and playing with her tits. Her tits are so nice and big I had to start sucking on them. My dick is rock hard.

Mom reaches down and started stroking it and says, "Tell me you want mommy to suck your cock." I said, "Mommy please suck my cock." She said, "No. I wnat you to order me to suck your cock." So I said with f***e, "Mom suck my cock."

She pushed me back onto the bed, and began licking the head of my cock. I couldn't belive it. She licked up and down my shaft and played with my balls. Then she took my whole cock in her my. Up and down she sucked on my cock with her beautiful puffy lips. It felt so good I wanted to come. She realized from my groans that I was moving to fast.

Sitting up she asks me if I wanted to taste her pussy. I said, "Yes mom I have always wanted to taste your pussy. She lays down and I spread her legs apart. Her pussy was shaved. It was so amazing to have my mother laying there with her legs apart telling me to eat her pussy.

I licked her clit and all around it. She tasted so good. Mom moaned and groaned while I was eating her. Licking all around and sticking my tongue as far into her cunt as I could. I looked up and saw mom was playing with the vcr remote an I noticed the outside cameras were on the other monitor.

Mom said, "Use your fingers in mommy's pussy." I take a couple of wet fingers and slid them inside her. "That's a good boy. Fuck mommy with your fingers. Faster honey! MMM I want something in my ass," she said.

Mother reached into her nightstand and pulled out an anal plug. I said, "What do you want me to do mom?" She throws back her legs and tells me to look at her little asshole. She says, "Have you ever wonder what mommy's asshole taste like." I responded, "No. Do you want me to lick it?" Mom said, "Yes eat my asshole."

I moved my face close to her ass. I could feel the from her pussy and ass. Her asshole was already wet from when I was eating her cunt. I stuck my tongue out not sure what to expect. Her asshole didn't have much of a taste and itwas driving her wild. I licked around it a few times and she told me to put this toy inside her. It was so big. I couldn't imagine how much could go in.

Mom said, "Suck on it first to make it good and wet." She wanted to see how far I could put that toy in my mouth. I slid it in and licked it real good and then I pushed it until I gagged. So I took it out of my mouth and rubbed it on her asshole. "Go ahead son, stick it my ass. You will have to work it in and out until it goes all the way in," she said.

So I did just that. I worked that toy in and out of her juicy ass. It got to a point where I thought I was going to hurt her. She said not to worry her ass can take it. I pushed hard and sure enough that toy popped right in there. She let out moan of exctasy.

"Leave it right there son," mom ordered!

"I need you to fuck mommy now. Can you give mommy that hard cock?" she said. She grabbed her ankles and I moved my dick on top of her pussy. I slid my hard cock down into her pussy. She said, "Can you believe you have your cock inside your mom's pussy? Fuck me son the way you have been dreaming about me." I started slow but it didn't take long before I was pounding her pussy hard and fsat. Her eyes were rolling to the back of her head while she was screaming about how good it is.

I took one of her feet and stuck it on my face. She has the most incredible little feet and toes. I began sucking on her toes and licking the arch of her foot.

Stroke after stroke I felt like I was going to pass out. It was the most amazing day. Her pussy felt so tight and yet so soft around my cock. I was about to cum. Mom said, "Do not cum in my pussy. You can cum anywhere else you want honey. You like my feet. Do you want to cum on my feet? Or would you like to cum on mommy's tits? If you want you can cum on my face or in my mouth?"

"I want you to eat my cum mommy!" I exclaimed.

She sprung up. Grabbing my cock she started stroking it with her mouth open. She kept saying, "Give mommy your cum! I need my baby's cum!" I grunted and with a massive f***e my cum shot out into her mouth. She licked the head of my cock and then suck on it getting all of my cum out.

She looked at the clock and jumped out of bed. "I have to get to work!" she said. While she was dressing, I stood up and said, "Mom did you have the outside cameras on before I got home?" She said, "Of course honey they are always on." I said, "So you knew I was home."

Mom said, "Honey i have been planing this for sometime now. I love you and I knew how bad we both wanted to do it."

She reached behind her and bent down a little and pushed her anal toy out. She tossed it to me and said, "Will you wash that for me put it in my nightstand. Oh, and I left you some things in there just for you."

She grabbed the clothes of the floor and ran to the laundry room. Started the laundry and yelled for me to finish them when they are done.

I was curious as to what mom left me. So I opened the drawer and found a couple of naked pictures of her several toys, lube and a note. The note said,

Thanks for the amazing time. We need to do this more often and I want to try some other things out with you. Maybe a threesome sometime. Don't be afraid to try that toy out for yourself. I love you.

I laid everything on the bed and started playing with it when I heard the front door close. I started looking around the room for my clothes but mom took them and threw them in the wash. I grab the toys and pictures and jumped out of bed when there stands my little b*****r...
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1 year ago
I fucked my mother for years when I was young. Love it!
2 years ago
this is a great story i love mother fuckers
2 years ago
liked the ending
2 years ago
great story.
2 years ago
My Mom sarted out by Succking my Cock had me Fucking Her too when I was 12, later she taught me to Eat her Pussy and we did it many times after that as well!
I Liked reading sbout You & Your Mom... Johnny
2 years ago
very nice
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great story
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nice story!
2 years ago
Great story, very sexy and a outstanding ending, but where is part2???? I'd love to know what happens next...
2 years ago
WOW what a sexy and kinky story i really love it, can't wait for round 2 ;-)
2 years ago
I got so hard reading your story! Awesome story! HOT mom!
2 years ago
That is good stuff how fun
3 years ago
Wow, I am hot after reading your story...made my cock hard in my panties...brought back memoriezs of me and my mom! Thanks...Tris
3 years ago
love the fiction story. very sexy fantasy
3 years ago
Loved the cliffhanger at the end!
3 years ago
nice story, read mine and tell em what u think
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Sweet dreams Eh !!
3 years ago
Yes very good fiction