Last Night on Base

This all leads up to my last night on base leaving the military after a number of years. I have to be
careful not to reveal to much. You never know who might read this. I have never been what you
would consider a faithful husband, then again my wife isn’t what you would consider a faithful wife but
not to the point of an open marriage. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent, with
that being said here we go.
Hanging out at the NCO Club drinking and dancing the night away as was the routine on a Friday
night. Sandy was flirting a little more than usual she being my wife’s best friend we spent a lot of time
around each other. Sandy is blonde, great body, and a personality to match. She drove me fucking
crazy! Anyway, she made sure that I knew when my wife left next week that things would change.
Marcie, my wife, was leaving for a new assignment and I was leaving the service and there would be
a couple months gap where I would be in the old house alone. Damn, the bad luck.
That night set the tone for the three months, Sandy placed her hand on my thigh and let me know that
she was going to fuck my eyes out till I left to join Marcie at our next duty station. This was going to
change my plans all together Shelia a wife of a co worker had put me in a situation a couple weeks
back we had spent the night together in a motel making love all night or so it seemed anyway, I was
sore the next day. Now with Sandy and Shelia both wanting to spend time in bed it was going to be a
busy 3 months, and they flew by.
Marcie flew out with the k**s stopping by to see the grand parents on her way to our new home, the
fun started that day. I am not even sure if the plane was off the ground and Shelia was calling she
met me at the house and the rest is history as they say. Let me describe Shelia; sandy blonde hair
(yes, I am a sucker for blondes), double D tits, the total package for a horn-dog like me. She was
waiting on me when I got home. We went in, I closed and locked the door. We kissed slow passionate
HOT kisses. As we kissed, we removed each others cloths on the way to the bedroom. My God, what
a body! My cock was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it.
As we lay on the bed she made her way down my body kissing licking sucking nibbling and took my
cock deep in her mouth I seen stars it felt so good she slowly made her way back up my body. Now it
was my turn. Making my way down, kissing her lips lightly kissing her neck little slow kisses her tits,
teasing her nipples gently biting and kissing, working my way down farther. My God, she was so hot. I
teased her lips and nibbled the inside of her thighs then ran my tongue up to her clit lightly flicking,
nibbling, kissing, and sucking it.
All at once, I sucked her clit hard and fast and flicked it with my tongue. She started screaming and
bucking. Man, was she hot! I made my way back up this time my cock slowly slides into her hot wet
pussy. Man oh man, I miss her. We made love once more that afternoon before she left for home and
her husband. I changed the bed sheet then went and relaxed under a hot shower.
After the shower, I slumped on the couch in the living room with a cold beer and settled in to watch
the ballgame. I'm not sure how long I was asl**p but there was a knock at the door. I got up opened it
and there was Sandy whowasted no time she walked right in and closed the door. The long coat she
was wearing concealed lace and garters, close your eyes and picture this 5’8 heels long blonde hair
34C maybe 120lbs, tight body; now add blue lace garters and stockings. I am getting hard just reliving
She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom took my cloths off and pushed me back on the
bed, she crawled up the bed held my hands down and bit me I mean fucking bit me damn it hurt.
Sitting on me, she took her bra off and pressed her nipple in my mouth and told me to suck it. I
returned the favor and bit her nipple. She didn’t scream or much more than flinch. With an evil smile,
that began an afternoon and evening of unbelievable pleasure. I had never felt pain and pleasure like
that. I would get close to cumming and she would bite me or scratch me, then back off and start
again. What a feeling!
We cametogether it was my first time with a woman who squirted, between my juice and hers I had to
change the sheets again. She left about 10pm to return to her husband. As day one ended, I fell
asl**p wondering if that day be topped. My days and nights were filled with sex. This didn't happen
often but when they did, wow!
I was having a party at my house right before having to vacate base housing. It started early with lots
of people and alcohol. Sandy was there flirting and have a pretty good time. I was on my way to the
bathroom and as I passed my sons old room, the door opened and I was dragged into the room. It
was Sandy. She knelt and undid my jeans, sucking my cock like she was starved. She got me good
and hard then pulled her dress up and begged me to fuck her. With people walking around right past
the door, I was plowing her hot pussy. Man, what a wild woman!
Shortly after, she came and so did I. She turned around and cleaned my cock, stood up, and we
kissed. She left the party shortly after that. When I returned to the living room, guess who was there?
Yep, Shelia.
The party went on till around 2am. With the last of the folks gone, Shelia was the only one left. We
started kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. She looked me straight in the eye and asked if she
could be number two for the night. She had seen Sandy come out of the bedroom and me a few
minutes later. Of course I said yes. We made our way to the bedroom and made love.
Afterwards, she asked about Sandy and I came clean. I told her about the last few weeks. I was
afraid she would be upset but, the three of us being married, it was just about good sex. We
continued to see each other. Sandy and I well not to mention Mary but that is another part of
the story that will lead to my last night on base.
This is my first attempt to put pen to paper...well fingers to keyboard. I hope you enjoy it as much as I
did reliving it.
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