Expect the Unexpected Sometimes

There is an old saying of "expect the unexpected" in all sorts of situations, particularly those with a degree of certainty. This goes for anyone.

In the past year, my wife has adapted nicely to being a full-time housewife for the very first time after leaving a very stressful job. So that she doesn't get bored, I call and text her from work during the week just to keep her from being bored. Sometimes I'll do things such as texting a dick pic of myself letting her know what she'll get after I get home, while she'll send me back a pic of her playing with her pussy or spread out butt naked by the pool. Either way, we try to use our imagination.

Last week was quite unique. The wife texted me that she found some young dick on a Craigslist ad and said that she was interested. Given our open relationship, I told her to go for it. Not to be outdone, I mentioned to her that I think that I'll stop by a fuck buddie's house (Jessica) on the way home to get a "tune up." My wife laughed (as she always does) and told me to go for it as well. This exchange took place around noon.

I never did go over to Jessica's house (she was in traffic that day), yet made it back to my house at 5:30 PM. I saw an unfamiliar maroon Chevy pick up truck with the local university parking sticker in my driveway, to which I immediately thought "wow, she really did go through with it." I walk in and announce my arrival to the house, yet didn't hear anything. I walk into our bedroom and notice that the shower is running in the master bathroom. My wife is inside of the glass enclosure of the shower oblivious to my arrival, so it startles her when I ask her whose car is in the driveway. She tells me that the car belongs to William, the college k** that put up the Craigslist ad. "Oh", I said. "Where is he?"

I didn't wait for an answer for her as I sniffed the air in the room for sex. When I couldn't detect any smell nor notice anything out of place (sheets, clothes), I walked to the other rooms of the house. It wasn't that I was jealous- I just wanted to see if my wife really did fuck a guy off of Craigslist. I'm still walking in the house and heading toward the media room when I noticed that my big screen TV was on yet with the volume very low. I walk in, and sitting on one of the couches butt naked is William, a very tall yet obese young man that was masturbating his very long black dick. He was apparently watching a cable sex channel and was oblivious to me walking into the room for a moment, since his head was bent backwards and his eyes were shut. It was just an unexpected sight to see a big belly, even larger dick and very low hanging balls on my mahogany couch at first glance.

William then gritted his teeth and then came in four very large spurts all over his legs, chest, and yes, my couch. I cursed at myself because now my couch was covered in cum yet I forgot that I've fucked on it before with the wife and came on her and the couch many times without it being stained. After the cum spray from William's massive explosion had dissipated, I walked closer and then said "Hello." This kinda woke William out of his post-cum malaisse, to which he acknowledged me and then mentioned that he thought that I was still at work. My wife then walked in the room with her robe on and introduced me to William and then went on to explain that William felt nervous fucking my wife today and had wanted to relax for a bit while she showered. I somewhat understood his nervousness, given that he was still in my house at the time of my arrival. Even weirder was why he decided to get naked on my couch and jerk off, yet I didn't ask about that.

After the three of us were introduced, William mentioned that he had to go. I mentioned to him that it was okay to stay, yet he felt uncomfortable. I wanted him to clean up his cum blast but my wife pre-empted me by saying that she'll take care of it. William dressed quickly and left, leaving the two of us to look at a cum-soaked couch with porn playing on the tube. "Now what", I asked my wife. With that, she dropped her robe, revealing her oiled figure. "Now honey, we get the other couch soaked with cum." In unzipping my fly when she said this,who could say no?
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