Lunchtime GloryHoles and Mr. Banana Dick

So this afternoon, I tried something different for lunch. I wasn't exactly hungry as I was horny. After witnessing my wife get her fuck on with another guy this weekend as well as fucking her good myself afterwards, I still had a sexual appetite that carried over into Monday. And so, I decided to travel a few miles down the road to the local porn shop to see what was going on inside of the adult theater.

This theater was notoriously known for having gloryholes in the booths. Sometimes these booths had boards over the holes, while at other times, the boards were removed. I had the notion of just seeing some of the newest and freakiest movies, so I stepped inside of a booth and got comfortable with dollar bills in hand to insert into the video machine.

No sooner had I dropped my pants and whipped my dick out of my boxers that I noticed a finger in the hole of a wall to my left appear. The finger beckoned for me to get closer, yet I didn't want to. I just sat there with my hand rubbing my dick. The finger disappeared momentarily and was replaced with a thick, veiny and white banana-looking shape of a dick that just flopped on the outside of the hole. It must have been 10-11 inches long and about 2 inches or so thick, and it just flopped there, waiting to be sucked. Now I've seen my share of dick at swing parties and at my local Gold's Gym in my day, yet I wasn't about to suck dick on my lunch break. So I just pulled up my pants in my booth and proceeded to go to another booth on the other side of theater, leaving Mr. Banana Dick hanging in the wind for someone else to suck off.

I was amused by what happened, so I dropped my pants again in this theater and started to masturbate once again after putting in my $1 in the video machine. As I start rubbing my shaft, I noticed yet another finger appear in a hole in the wall, yet this one was different. This finger was more slender and feminine, having red nail polish. And the hole itself seemed to be slightly larger in size. I decided that I was going to be the one that would get sucked as opposed to otherwise. With pants in tow, I dropped my boxers below my ass and brought my dick to the hole. It was met with small, warm lips and a tongue that touched the tip of the head of my now growing erection and then proceeded down the shaft. The woman knew what she was doing as she proceeded to suck my dick for at least 10 minutes. I felt myself pumping the wall a little bit as my dick went in and out of her mouth at an easy tempo. Finally, I tensed up and came on the woman's face and hands.

After I finished, I withdrew my dick from the hole in the wall and began pulling up my boxers. It was here where I heard the woman say "Turn around." I contemplated what she meant for a second, yet went ahead with it. I dropped my boxers below my knees once again and backed up to the hole in the wall. I felt the woman's tongue invade my ass in dart-like motions, until she just started licking around the hole. I pressed my ass cheeks against the hole as much as I could and moved up and down as that tongue continued to plunge deeper and deeper into my ass. It was a weird feeling that I didn't experience much, yet it felt really good. I felt my erection reach its hardest point until I came on the floor, saying "Ahhh, fuck!" in the process. I removed my ass cheeks from the hole in the wall and pulled up my boxers and pants this time, thoroughly drained from having my salad tossed and for cumming a second time.

I stepped out of the booth completely this time and proceeded to go toward the exit of the adult theater. I heard many more of the video machines going at this time and couldn't help to wonder if this was a common time for folks to enjoy a lunchtime fling in the booth.
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6 months ago
great post
1 year ago
yes , glory holes are great
1 year ago
sounds like one hell of a lunch break!
1 year ago
just love the glory holes sooo much