Road Trip Blues--The Search for Sex

I just recently completed a two and a half road trip with my job that I found to be profitable for the company and myself while working, yet frustrating in the sex department when I was off work. While finishing my days at 6 or 7 PM, I would go to the hotel lounge to relax or peruse such online pages as Craigslist, AdultFriendFinder, etc to find a no-strings attached hook up. I didn't have a hook up in some of the towns as I was in, so I had to rely on finding adult book stores for their theaters for entertainment. I even tried to call a couple of e****ts as well.

Long story short, I struck out on all of that. I went something like 0-20 in terms of attempts. I just couldn't find jack shit anywhere as far as action goes. Nobody wanted to do anything. In the meantime, I would resign myself to going back to my hotel room and turning to sites such as this one to jack myself off and then take an even longer shower before bed.

I would call my wife at times in the day just to see what was going on. Considering our open-relationship, I had hoped that she was being entertained. She didn't disappoint me by telling me that she was being entertained by her fuck buddy Paul. Paul was married and had met us at a couple of swingers events both in and out of our hometown. They had gone to lunch a couple of times during the first week that I was out, and had fooled around three times that week. Since my wife and I share everything together, I got very much turned on hearing about her sexual escapades.

She then began telling me that she was getting a little bored even with Paul during the first week, as well as hearing that I wasn't getting a damn thing in the sex department while out on the road. In a way, she felt comfortable knowing that I was just jerking off. I mentioned to her if she had any other prospects around, to which she began telling me about a guy she had casually dated a few years before I met her. He (Marc) was working for a company that was doing a contract with her company and was in town for the next two weeks. Marc was unique since he was the second caucasian guy that she ever dated yet the only one that she truly liked.

By the second week, I still wasn't getting shit. Whenever I went to the adult theaters, I just couldn't jerk off or nothing. It just wasn't the same like it was back home. I would call my wife to see how she was doing with Paul, to which she says that they would text or IM, yet they hadn't gone out the following week. She asked me if it was okay to see Marc, to which I mentioned that I was okay with it. She mentioned this on a Monday and wound up going out the next day with him for lunch, then dinner on Wednesday, and then to his hotel that night. She mentioned that their encounter was very intense and began to tell me of the graphic details that left them both very sweaty. She mentioned that when Marc came, he took the condom off and had even more cum squirt out onto her ass cheeks.

She recommended that I not worry about my own dry spell and that she would more than make up for the sex once I returned the following week. Once she told me that Marc was dripping cum onto her ass cheeks, that turned me on to the point of jerking off for a second time that night. It was kinda nice to know that he preferred the doggie style position. I asked her if she was going to see Paul later on toward the weekend, to which she said possibly, yet she was going to really hang out with Marc before he left the area.

Friday came and went with me getting aroused by some strippers at the local strip club yet I couldn't get anything other than a $10 lap dance. Meanwhile, the wife was making me jerk off with her adventures with fuck buddy #1 and 2. It was sort of a vicarious living, in a way- getting off on her adventures. From what she mentioned on Saturday morning, Paul's wife had an argument and went shopping while he came over to my house and had a quickie with my wife in the guest room. Meanwhile, Marc was due to come over later Saturday yet cancelled at the last minute, to which they wanted to make up later.

My road trip was due to end that Sunday, to which I would return home Sunday afternoon. My wife asked if it was okay to have Marc over just before I arrived, to which I said okay. He was due to leave town the next day, so I knew that he was going to make up for lost time.

My plane landed 30 minutes early, and as I sat in my car in the parking garage, I assessed my road trip success as excellent at work, so-so with my free time. I didn't do anything but jerk off yet at least my wife had fun. Once I arrived at the house, I saw a car that I didn't recognize outside. I assumed it was Marc's, which it was. I decided not to enter my house through the garage so as not to surprise them. I wanted to see if my wife was bullshitting me with her sexual escapade talk.

As I entered the house from the main entranceway, I heard music from the great room, as well as the sound of bed springs coming from the second guest room. I almost tip-toed to the open door so to not surprise anyone. As I got closer, I could hear a man's groans, the sound of bed springs, and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Sure enough, there was my wife, spread-eagle on the bed with Marc's ass going up and down in a fast tempo as his balls hit the bottom of her ass and sides of her thighs with every thrust. My wife didn't make much sound at the time, yet Marc was really into her as his massive white dick pumped in and out of her chocolately vagina walls. Marc's back had an incredible amount of sweat glistening and dripping down his back and onto his balls. With every thrust, I noticed more and more ball sweat going all over my wife and onto the sheets.

I must have watched this for about 10 minutes from the doorway, my dick staying hard the entire time. As Marc unloaded his cum into my wife, I stepped back and did the same from the room around the corner. To my surprise, Marc got dressed a few minutes later and left the house while my wife stepped into the guest room shower to wash off the sex from her body. I took off my clothes from being in the other room and entered the guest room, saying "Hello" really loud as not to surprise her. She heard me slightly as I was about to enter the bathroom with erect dick in hand when she mentioned that she was in the shower. As I walked in, she stepped out of the shower and greeted me with a warm embrace, welcoming me home. I didn't tell her that I saw her and Marc fucking until later in the day, but we wound up in the shower together and making up for lost time. It was there in that shower that I thought that the time on the road justified the moment of having my wife in my arms.
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1 year ago
I like the story, sorry you struck out on the road
1 year ago
Let's hear more.
1 year ago
hot story
1 year ago
well, the wifey got hers...