The Office XXX Christmas Party

It was going to be a long night. I love my husband so much but the annual office Christmas party was tonight and it was just for office personal. He never liked those things anyway but I told him before I left the house how much I would miss him.

My husband fits me to a key. We are so perfect together. We are not a couple that goes out for one reason; we love to have sex with each other. Oh, don’t get me started on us now, tee hee. His cock is the perfect size for me. I know I have had many boyfriends before I got married and they were anywhere from four inches to a nine, some fat, thin, stubby, long, and well I loved my life before married life but I am set for life with this catch.

So, I leave for work and arrive and do the daily grind but we were going to close at four in the afternoon. Now we all jump into three cars and head to the best restaurant in town. It was called Renaldo’s in the round. It had tables all surrounding this bar which was round. The piano player was in the corner playing Christmas tunes. Everyone checked there coats and the doors got locked for this private party.

The Dom was flowing like water and the drinks were all free. The food started coming out and placed magnificently on this long table. The thing is I always was a picky eater. I never went for the high class food and all they had was salmon, venison, and other delicacies I would not touch if you paid me. I filled up on crackers as I sipped my vodka martini’s, one after the other.

I was mingling and everyone was having a blast. I think we all were looped. Hand shakes became shoulder tapping and shoulder tapping became back rubbing. We were like a f****y here and all was good.

I remembered that around seven, I was supposed to call my husband and went looking for a phone. My boss handed me his cell and pointed to a room off to the side of the main room so off I went. I told my husband to pick me up around eleven because no one here would be able to drive by then. He asked if I was d***k already and I admitted I was. He knew he would be having great sex if I was. He knows me like a book. He said “Hey baby, my cock is hard just thinking about you right now.” I said “I will be ready and wet for you baby.” He asked me if I was already wet and my comeback to him was “what do you think?”

I hung up the phone and out of a dark corner of the room a voice spoke to me. “So, just how wet are you?” I squinted to see who that was but couldn’t make out anything but a dark silhouette. Just then the man stood up and walked towards me. It was Martin the office manager. “So do you always listen in to private conversations Martin? I asked smirking with my fifth martini in hand. As he got closer he smiled and said “I’m not in the habit, no, but I was on a call myself.” I started heading out towards the party but Martin said “So you never answered my question?” “I played dumb and asked “What question was that?” He got very close to me and placed his arms around my waist. “How wet are you?” I took a sip of my drink and said “Oh talking to my hubby always makes me hot. He is perfect for me and I him.” “Yeah but he isn’t here.” Martin said as his hands started moving up and down my sides. “Stop Marty” I asked in a insecure voice. He said “Why, are you afraid?” I replied “Afraid of what?” Martin said as his lips got closer to mine, “Afraid of this.” He started kissing me deeply and I think he heard me sigh a little but couldn’t be sure. His cock was hard against my leg and I could tell just how huge he was. I pushed him away and asked “What are you doing?” He said “I was just showing affection, you were taking it farther, baby.” I asked him why he called me that. He said “when a girl is hot that’s what she should be called.” I said “Well, thanks so let’s get back to the party.” Once again he started talking. “Look, I know you are wet, it is starting to soak through your pants. I also know that you must love a great cock or you wouldn’t be so wet, so why the games? Either you love cock or you don’t it is simple as that.”

As d***k as I was I lashed out at the man. I went to take a swing with a clenched fist. He grabs my arms and with me struggling to get free to hit the guy he says “Do you need cock so bad you are willing to fight me?” I broke down then and there and with desperate passion I started rubbing his hard fuck machine right through his pants. “That a girl. You like that don’t you?” He said “Just do what you want and you will feel so nice baby.” I loved the way a cock grew in my hand and the way it pulsated. I loved the feeling when one was in my mouth also. I love cock and it just made me feel so good. I unzipped his pants and reached in with my hands and pulled it out. Stroke by stroke, slowly as my hand felt every part of him as I stroked faster before I put it between my lips.

Sucking cock turned me on more then anything else in this world. I was so into it that I never heard the other voice say “So, this is where the party is.” He walked over to me hovering over me and watched for a few minutes. I kept glancing back at him but never once took that cock out of my mouth. The second guy started rubbing my head as if he was guiding my mouth over the cock I was sucking. I reached behind with a free hand and stroked his cock a few times. I just wanted to see what he was packing.

Now the two of them were getting something from me and I really wanted nothing from them. I never wanted this huge cock to cum. I could suck on that horse meat for a long time. The other guy wasn’t bad either. It must have been a good day for cock sucking. I traded off the huge guy for the long slender cock. I changed off every five minutes. Now the first guy explodes into my mouth but my skills would not allow me to gag, just drink. Then I concentrated on the second guys cock. I glanced at his watch and saw it was already ten thirty and knew my husband would be arriving soon. I licked the head of his cock listening to him moan. I then sucked softly but fast just to make the guy cum in a hurry. The first guy was fingering my pussy and I almost lost all control. I drank the second guy’s cum and stood up. I said “I had a blast but really have to go.”

The guys were in shock but figured it was something like a husband or a boyfriend. I went into the ladies room to clean myself up then got back to the party. I was hardly missed but I ordered a vodka Martini and got myself ready for the night of my life. My husband expects it tonight and boy is he going to get it.
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3 years ago
what a lucky, lucky girl!!!
3 years ago
Very hott! Good story.
3 years ago
they're all willing whores, it's all in how you present the situation to them.
3 years ago
Another good one and well written. Thanks
4 years ago
great story!!!!
Why can't all women be like that.
4 years ago
i wanna hear what happens next
4 years ago
good start what happens at home?