Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 5

I must admit that I had a really hard time sl**ping after dropping Jo off at her apartment. All I could keep thinking about was her out working the streets in the amazingly sweet little outfit she’d shown me in her apartment.

Picture the girl:

1. Gorgeous blonde
2. Slim (34-24-34)
3. The sweetest face imaginable
4. Big beautiful deep brown eyes.
5. The world’s most perfect smile.
6. Long silky, dirty blonde hair reaching one third way down her back
7. The sweetest voice
8. Always smiling and eager to please
9. More often than not on her knees giving the world’s best blowjobs

Now picture this outfit:

1. An orange sleeveless half-top that reaches to just below her small but shapely breasts
2. Instead of pants or jeans or shorts or a skirt, she’s just wearing white satin bikini panties that fit her perfectly, nicely tight across her cute little bum; they almost look like part of a swimsuit because they have two layers of material, not one… but they definitely are PANTIES!!!
3. 2 ½ inch black spike heels.

Now picture the scenario:

1. Going back to work her second night as a street prostitute, after having given over one hundred blowjobs during an amazingly busy first twelve-hour shift, wearing tight white hot pants with a red sweater and those same black heels.
2. She loved every minute of it.
3. She just can’t wait to blow even more guys and have even more ‘fun’ tonight.
4. She’ll be wearing the above-mentioned orange demi-sweater, white panties and black heels.

No wonder I couldn’t sl**p!!! Not only was I thinking about Jo and her outfit but my own girlfriend Nadene also would be going out again after having given somewhat fewer than fifty blowjobs… and there’ll be two new girls, a pretty brunette and blonde named Connie and Heather who saw Jo giving a blowjob on the sidewalk this morning around seven, thought it would be fun to try prostitution too, and then called Jo to ask what to where and where and when to meet us.

My cock was busting out of my pants in anticipation! THIS was going to be a night to remember!!! I DID manage to sl**p, but by two in the afternoon, after less than five hours of sl**p I was in the shower. It must have been lots of adrenaline because I did not feel tired at all. I just couldn’t wait to get going.

I guess Jo was too excited to sl**p that long too, because she called me at about two- thirty to say that she already was up and ready. She apologized for the early call but said she knew I’d already be up.

“Any time you want to come and get me,” she said.

“What are you wearing?” I asked hopefully.

“What I was wearing last night,” she said calmly. “I can’t WAIT to try those panties out.”

“Bring those jeans and a longer sweater in case it’s cold,” I reminded her.

“I have them both in a little suitcase which you can lock in your trunk and ONLY give to me if I’ve been a good girl and I deserve them,” she said playfully.

“Oh?” I said. “And are you planning on being a good girl?”

“I have absolutely no intention of being a good girl,” she said. “So you’re just going to have to keep those jeans locked up.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” I told her breathlessly.

I think I broke a few speed records getting there. I looked at my watch and it was still only 2:39. I tried to be nonchalant about it, but Man! That elevator felt slow.

I almost fell over when Jo opened the door. Sabrina, her roommate was in the background laughing.

“Hello,” Jo said sweetly.

If she had looked amazing last night, she looked way beyond amazing today. As I’d hoped, she was wearing the orange demi-sweater, white panties and black heels and they looked so incredible on her. But she now had had some sl**p so her eyes were that much brighter and her face seemed that much more excited. Her hair had been combed and looked so silky smooth. And she’d fixed up all that smeared make-up.

At Sabrina’s suggestion, she actually was wearing perhaps too much make-up… no… definitely way more than she usually wore. She had black lashes and purplish eye shadow. She wore bright red lipstick applied a bit too broadly. All in all, she looked like almost all the other street whores we’d seen the night before. Except, on her it worked. It REALLY worked. Even with the make-up alone, ANYONE who saw her would know instantaneously what she was doing tonight. Add the outfit… and a cucumber would know.

“What do you think?” she asked as she twirled around. I marveled again at how perfect those panties looked stretched across her trim young behind.

I looked to Sabrina who called out: “I helped!”

“You… look… like a perfect little whore,” I said candidly.

“Thanks so MUCH,” she said so girlishly.

“It’s wonderful, Jo,” I said. “You definitely have found your calling.”

“But I can’t forget all my regulars,” she said.

“But will you ever give up working the streets now,” I asked her.

She shook her head. “No waaaaay!” This was just TOO MUCH FUN!!!

“Are you ready to go?” I asked her.

“Uh huh,” she nodded impishly.

“Do you have your purse?”

“Uh huh.”

“And your jeans and sweater in case you need it?”

“Don’t let her have them!” Sabrina called out.

“I won’t,” I said as Jo handed me her little suitcase. “You’re not getting this back until we get home tomorrow unless it snows two inches,” I told her firmly. I was joking, of course.

“I don’t want them back until there are three feet of snow,” she said. And she wasn’t joking. She was way too proud of her new outfit to let a little snow storm ruin anything.

“So…” I said. “To see Bucky?”

“To see Bucky,” she echoed.

And so we left. A couple of people coming out of their apartments got a bit of a shock, seeing Jo like this. Jo just giggled quietly. People stopped to stare as we walked through the parking lot and Jo just smiled.

“So, want your jeans back?” I asked her when we got to my car. I knew what her answer would be.

“Of course not, you goose,” she said. “You lock them in your trunk and throw away the key. Or maybe I’ll run back upstairs and give the key to Sabrina.”

“But what if you REALLY want them?” I asked sincerely after I’d locked the trunk back up again, with her spare clothes all in it.

She put her hand out. “The key please,” she said.

“You’re sure?”

“Uh huh,” she said. “I’ll even leave my purse with you so you know I don’t have it when I get back.”

“Okay,” I said, reluctantly handing it to her and then shaking my head in disbelief as she turned to jaunt gaily back to her building.

Luckily, Sabrina just happened to be coming out the doors before Jo had taken three steps. Sabrina saw us and walked towards us.

“You still here?” she called out.

“Charlie’s locked my suitcase in his trunk and I want you to keep the key,” Jo answered.

“Why don’t you just leave the suitcase?” Sabrina asked when she had reached us.

But I knew. Sometimes it’s more exciting to know there’s something within your reach that you can’t get. And that’s what it was like with Jo. I knew Jo wouldn’t go home early. Now she essentially had NO CHOICE but to spend the next s*******n or so hours wearing nothing but panties and shoes and this skimpy top. And this excited her, almost as much as the thrill of waiting on the sidewalk waiting for the next John… and realizing that, no matter how busy you are, there’s virtually ALWAYS a John waiting.

I handed the key to Sabrina who put it in HER Purse.

“Have fun,” Jo she said as she turned to walk away. Sabrina had a few errands to run and then she would be turning on her cell phone to take e****t calls. She was brave too. But I don’t think she’d ever wear what Jo was wearing right now to work. Jo certainly is a special girl.

And Jo has a special horse and that’s where we were supposed to be headed. So I unlocked Jo’s door and she got in, and then I came around to my side and got in and then we drove into the country.

Jo bought Bucky from her winnings from placing first AND setting a World record for blowjobs by a single girl in the First Annual 24-hour Blowjob Marathon our station organized, promoted and helped sponsor several months ago. Some mischievous newspaper reporter had it in his head that Jo had a horse named Bucky that she practiced deep-throating on, and poor Jo, with her mouth full of cock at the time, couldn’t convince him otherwise. Jo knew news like that would hit the papers and she figured… “Hey! Why not!” So she went out and bought Bucky.

Bucky was maybe her best friend. Every day she went out to see him before work… to talk to him, brush him and pet him and then enjoy him herself. I had a bunch of pictures of Jo having fun with Bucky that Jo herself was very proud of. Some made their way to the internet and Jo thought that was great!

Jo was right about Bucky being really excited about seeing Jo in this new look of hers. As she petted and rubbed him, he repeatedly put his nose down to sniff and rub her panties.

“You Bad BOY, Bucky!” she scolded him playfully.

“Do you want me to hold him?” I asked her when she finally settled herself on her knees under him. “Or can I take a few more pictures?”

“Hmm hmm hmm,” she answered. She already was steadying him with one hand on a hind leg and thought she’d be fine.

I whipped out my camera and all three of us had fun.

Given how frisky he was, it’s not surprising that Bucky went quickly. Jo got up and went over to say ‘Hi’ to Midnight, Bucky’s neighbor who also had been eying her with great interest. He also went quickly, so that by three-thirty Jo and I were on our way back to the car.

“How’s my make-up?” she asked me.

“Your lipstick’s a little smeared,” I told her honestly.

She climbed in and fixed herself up in the mirror while I had a smoke. Then she popped out and kneeled to blow ME.

“What do you want to do after this?” I asked her. We weren’t due to pick Nadene up until six.

“Hmm hmm,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

After she’d swallowed, we got back in the car and I drove to the mall to check my post office box, which happens to be inside the big pharmacy there. I asked Jo if she wanted to come along or wait in the car.

“Do they have make-up?” she asked.

“I’m sure they do,” I said confidently. “I’ll even buy you some if you find something you like.” Hey! Even in panties, most girls can’t refuse an offer like that. And Jo sure couldn’t. She popped out of the car and walked with me into the mall to find the pharmacy, where people again couldn’t help but gawk and stare.

Of course, no one really could say anything. Jo wasn’t indecent. Wearing a bikini in a mall is allowed. And she could always claim that her panties were part of a bathing suit. But they DID look and definitely felt like panties. Jo even pointed out the store wear she’d bought them as we’d passed it on our way through the mall to the pharmacy. We popped in and she showed me. We found the actual pair on a rack that said:

“All panties 10% off.”

No doubts now. But let all the gawkers wonder! In that satin section I bought her two pairs that were identical to the ones she was wearing plus a blue and green flowery pair and a light pink pair. I thought the pink pair could be worn as part of another work outfit and she agreed.

When we got to the pharmacy I went to my PO Box and Jo headed over to make-up. After picking up my mail, I found Jo bending over to examine different shades of lipstick and asking a stunned salesgirl about the various brands and shades. Jo was in absolutely no rush. She kept asking about this brand and another. I stopped and stared. It was a fun little show. Finally, she found some shades of lipstick she liked, including two of the same color she was wearing and some more of the same purplish eye shadow she was wearing and joined me. I told her I’d pay for all of it.

“Are you sure?” she said, one hand already on her purse.

I nodded. “I’m sure,” I answered and she kissed me on the cheek. I wanted to spoil my little prostitute.

She then went back to a big mirror in the make-up section, a mirror that was much bigger and better than the one in my car, put a bit more of the purple eye shadow on and again fixed her lipstick. Bucky and Midnight really HAD smeared her lipstick.

On the way back out of the mall we passed a jewelry store where I bought her a really pretty gold necklace with a little heart locket on it. The clerk was an older man in a black suit whose hands were shaking badly when he went behind her and tried to fasten it in the back for her. I stepped in and did it. He was very apologetic. Jo just LOVED the locket and stared at in the mirror the entire time I was paying for it. She stopped again to look at herself in a HUGE floor to ceiling mirror in the mall’s center foyer.

We passed the store where she’d bought her tight new jeans and I offered to buy her another pair of jeans “just in case” she changed her mind.

“Uh uh,” she shook her head firmly. Her mind was made up!

In the car afterwards, I said to her: “You really ARE proud to be a prostitute, aren’t you, Jo!”

“Of course!” she said immediately. “It’s so fun to be able to please so many men.” Then she looked at me and asked: “Are YOU proud of me?”

I nodded. “You BET I am,” I told her fervently. She tossed her head back like she so often does when she’s happy, swishing her hair again ever so prettily, and smiled to reveal her perfect white teeth. For a moment it amazed me that, in all the thousands of blowjobs she’d given, no one had ever complained about her teeth. She just was SO skilled.

I looked at the car clock. It still was only four thirty. I asked her if she wanted to pop by the station to show Jackie and everyone else her new look.

“They’d love to see you,” I said.

She nodded confidently.

Jackie happened to be one of the first people to see us and ran up to Jo and gave her a big hug.

“You look so GREAT!!!” she squealed excitedly, taking Jo’s hand and leading her through the station. Her final stop was the studio where she knew the station manager was. His jaw dropped. Suddenly, at a commercial break, he grabbed Jackie and Jo’s hands and led them onto the set, motioning for the other weather reporters to take a break. Jackie was confident but Jo fidgeted a bit waiting for the camera to come back on.

For the short term weather report, Jackie did most of the talking and Jo just smiled. But then Jackie asked Jo how things were going for her and Nadene on the streets. Jo smiled and started telling about some of the fun things she’d done the night before. She mentioned the movie she’d made, and told everyone that it’d be on the internet soon. And she laughed when she told about blowing the guy in the convertible as he went through the fast food drive-thru.

“Talk about your fast food!” Jackie quipped.

When Jackie said “Now let’s talk about the long range forecast” the station manager sent the male weatherman who’d been on earlier back onto the set. Jo knew what to do. She kneeled and blew him, to Jackie’s right but still very much in the view of the cameras, while Jackie made up a very protracted long range forecast that ended up being pretty funny.

“And five months from now,” she continued, just filling time until Jo had finished… “We are expecting it to start getting cooler again…”

Finally seeing Jo sliding off Ted’s dick and swallowing, Jackie wrapped up her report after predicting almost a year’s worth of weather.

Everyone was laughing when the two girls left the set.

“Thanks, Guys!” Jo said sincerely as she and I were leaving. Jo had wondered about popping by the copy room but I told her it now was almost five thirty and we needed to head out to pick up Nadene at my place.

“Once you kneel in there, the guys won’t let you leave.”

She nodded. But I did let her blow me just outside the elevator.

“That was fun!” Jo said to me when we were in the car again.

I smiled and nodded. It HAD been fun for me.

We arrived at my apartment about ten minutes before six, but Nadene also had been very excited and already was ready and waiting for us. Like Jackie, she was blown over by Jo’s new look. She, herself, had taken the next step in dare, replacing her tight jeans with a pair of tight red hot pants she’d had since she was eighteen but had hidden for several years. She wore these with a tight white t-shirt, white knee-high socks and wide heels, giving her kind of a school girl look. She also had intensified her make-up and, like Jo, had the same bright red lipstick most of the other prostitutes wore. Seeing each other, the two girls hugged each other and giggled like young teenagers. It was VERY cute.

Seeing that we were early, Nadene kneeled and blew me while Jo told her about all the things she and I had done that day.

“You never buy me things like that,” Nadene pouted playfully, really pushing out her outer lip.

“If you keep dressing like THAT I will,” I said, looking down at her as Nadene took me back into her mouth.

After a few minutes, Jo just couldn’t stand it anymore so she kneeled and the two girls shared me. Man! That was an amazing picture, these two gorgeous blondes on their knees, alternating with one peering up at me with her big beautiful eyes and my cock in her mouth and the other intently watching her and anxiously waiting her own turn. Like the great friends they were fast becoming, they played fair and shared equally. It was great to see. In the end, Jo let Nadene swallow my load because she herself already had swallowed several big mouthfuls of cum earlier in the day.

We left my place at around 6:05 to pick up something to eat on the way to ‘The Corner’. Jo wanted to stop at the place the guy in the convertible had brought her to. She thought it’d be fun to see if the guy was there and if he recognized her.

When we got there, I asked the girls if they wanted to drive thru or go inside. Jo wanted to go inside and Nadene thought it would be fun too, so we did. We stood at the counter and, seeing that her guy was working, she purposefully hummed and hawed until it was him available to serve her. Up close, he looked like he was still in high school. At first, we weren’t sure if he recognized her or if it was her outfit that made him so buggy-eyed, but when Jo stepped up he blankly asked her if she wanted a cheeseburger again and she knew he knew.

“Did someone cum on it last night?” she asked him after she’d ordered the same.

He looked around nervously. “Uhhhh.”

“It tasted like cum,” she continued.

The look on his face told Jo all she needed to know. “Then could you do it again, please,” she said.

“M-m-me?” he stammered.

“You and anyone else who wants to,” she said. “No ketchup or pickles or anything… just meat and cum.” Then she added, smiling sweetly: “I can wait.”

The poor guy was shaking when he handed Jo her burger on tray five minutes later. Still at the counter, she unwrapped it and lifted up the top bun to look. The meat had been royally slimed.

“Perrrrrfect,” she said contentedly.

And then she joined us at our table, proudly showed us her cumburger and took a bite.

“Hmmmm,” she giggled. This one had a DEFINITE cum taste.

She offered Nadene a bite and Nadene liked it too. She offered me a bite but I politely declined.

A few minutes later the same young man came to our table with a bag of chicken fingers and a small clear cup of what clearly was more cum.

“Th-th-the other guys and I w-w-wanted you to have this,” he said, handing it to Jo.

“Awwww. That’s so sweet!” Jo said.

She and Nadene shared the bonus treat, dipping the chicken into the cum before each tasty bite.

Girls do love to eat, I thought to myself as I watched them gaily munching.

Well, once we were in the car, whatever those guys had in their cum must have kicked in, because suddenly Jo and Nadene both couldn’t wait to get to their corner and get started. They were so excited!!!

Nadene asked Jo if she had a pair of pants in the car in case it got colder. I told her that she did, and a sweater too, but that they wouldn’t do her any good because she’d made me lock them and give my trunk key to Sabrina. Nadene laughed and looked at Jo in disbelief.

“You’re k**ding!” Nadene said.

Jo just nodded and had such a proud look on her face, that Nadene knew this was the truth.

The two girls squealed with delight when we came within three blocks and noticed that a line-up already had formed. It was still only six forty-five.

“You girls are famous!” I said.

“Are Mike and Jeff coming with their cameras?” Nadene asked in a panic. She hadn’t forgotten about her movie obligation.

“They’re meeting me here at seven,” I assured her. She sighed with relief.

Well… the curb was already filled with waiting cars. Jo and Nadene essentially just got out and went to a car, Jo to the first car in line and Nadene the second. Jo giggled and waved when she climbed into hers. And then the cars were gone.

I parked my car even further down the road this time, because so many cars were parked. Then I walked the five blocks back to the spot where the girls already had started their evening and night’s work. A line-up of cars still waited. Many drivers seemed to have expected the wait because they were reading books and newspapers. Some were talking on cell phones. A less attractive older prostitute stood on the corner. Then I noticed that she was a he.

“These cars all’ve been waiing for Jo and your other girl,” he said. “They’re not going to get ANY breaks tonight.”

I nodded. I knew he was right. From the look of things, they’d be even busier than last night… especially Jo, who’d HAVE to really work fast to keep up while Nadene was off making her movie.

Then I remembered Connie and Heather, who were supposed to meet us here.

“You haven’t happened to see two other pretty girls, have you?” I asked the transvestite whore who called himself Veronica. “One’s a blonde and the other a brunette. One’s in jeans and the other in black pants… and sweaters and heels, I think.”

“They’ve already come and left,” he answered.

“They left?” I asked in disbelief.

But then Veronica pointed calmly at the line of cars. “The blonde took the first car and the brunette the second. They seemed pretty happy,” he said.

I smiled with a combination of relief and great contentment. The two new girls were having fun too. Good for them! And, from the look of things, there would be plenty of work for them too.

Mike and Jeff arrived soon afterwards. Heather, the blonde, showed up in a little red sports car a few minutes later. Her hair was mussed up a bit and her lipstick smeared a little but she clearly was enjoying herself. She was wearing the black pants and they looked great on her. I did manage to talk to her briefly before she climbed into her second car. She was sorry she and Connie had missed Jo and Nadene.

“But there were cars waiting,” she said and shrugged.

And then she was off. She had really cute butt too, I noticed as she walked towards her next John.

“They’ll all be working really hard tonight,” Veronica told me and my camera crew. “Most of the other girls have moved across town because especially that young blonde of yours got all the work last night. It’ll just be your four girls and me, pretty much.”

I was especially happy for Jo, who I knew would be delighted. Mike, Jeff and I settled in to enjoy watching the girls coming and going and to wait for one of Jake’s men to come pick up Nadene. We’d go off with him. This had all the markings of a REALLY great night!
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