Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 2

The first time JoAnne came to see Rufus was when she was working for Lauren’s Agency. The Agency was huge and very busy. But because there just were so many girls, Lauren usually passed over newer girls like Jo for girls who’d worked longer for Lauren. Lauren invariably rewarded these long-timers with more calls, promising the younger girls more and more work the longer they stayed with her. It was frustrating for Jo, but she felt she had little other option.

She and several other girls used to come over and just lie around on the couch in the living room of Lauren’s huge house, hoping their proximity would prompt Lauren to give them more calls. Lauren always promised the girls on the couch at least one call, so Jo new she’d give at least one paid blowJob a night. But that wasn’t really enough for her to make a living. And it was boring watching T.V. all night. Jo took to blowing any driver who came by, hoping maybe they’d speak with Lauren. And they all promised they would. But of course, they truly preferred having Jo around giving free blowJobs to them, so they didn’t press the issue very much.

Since a good night for Jo consisted only of 2-3 calls, she had to work six days a week just to make enough money. Jo clearly was excited and extremely appreciative every time Lauren selected her for a call. Lauren herself usually was upstairs in her office, and just called to speak to whatever girl she’d chosen on the assigned cell phone.

“Alright, Jo,” Lauren said over the phone that day. “I want you to go to see this man named Rufus. He’s a black man and he might have a buddy or two with him so it should be a fun call for you.”

“Oh thanks so much, Lore!” Jo said enthusiastically. (The girls all called Lauren Lore.) Then Jo added: “I’m always available to do as many guys as possible.”

“Yes, Dear,” Lauren returned in her usual non-committed way.

The driver drove Jo about thirty minutes across town, during which time Jo fussed with her make-up in the overhead mirror.. adding blush and eye-liner and, of course, very nice brownish-red lipstick. Jo prided herself on her appearance, especially when working.

Lauren insisted all the girls dress nicely… no jeans unless specifically requested by the client and then they had to be virtually brand new and very tight, five-pocket designer jeans and worn with nice spike heels and a formal sweater or blouse. Otherwise, girls were to wear nice dress pants, especially pleated pants with two pockets in the front, again with heels. They were to wear satin or nylon bikini panties… not thongs that Lauren considered ‘slutty’.

“You are NOT sluts!” she told them. “You are PROFESSIONAL e****ts and I want you all to act accordingly.”

She gave each girl a two-page list of Do’s and Don’ts which included the aforementioned dress code and bringing one suitable pair of dress jeans and one additional change of pants and top. It also included on-site instructions such as:

#7. DON’T undress unless you have to… ALWAYS offer a blowJob first to save time. (Even if you don’t have another call waiting, the driver does.)

#8. The preferred and most efficient blowJob position is on your knees, kneeling fully upright.

#9. ALWAYS be pleasant.

#10. For multiple clients, blow as many as possible together (to save time). Kneeling with two or three guys standing around you works best.

#11. DO deep throat.

#12. Keep your eyes open as much as possible during blowJobs.

#13 Look at your client’s face as much as possible.

#14. Cameras ARE permitted. Again… keep your eyes open.

#15. DON’T spit. SWALLOW!!!

Jo had committed all of these rules and regulations both to memory and actual practice. There’s no question her clients were pleased. A couple even had called Lauren afterwards to complement her on the beautiful blonde she’d sent. Lauren was pleased and did eventually mention it to Jo, usually a few nights later, usually when she was giving her another call.

“By the way, Jo,” she’d say. “The client you had on Saturday really liked you. If he calls back I’ll assign you to him.”

News like this always made Jo feel proud.

Anyway, as Mark drove Jo to meet Rufus and possibly others, she was VERY excited… but a little scared. She’d never blown a black man before and had heard they mostly were huge.

Mark, her driver, saw she was nervous and offered a suggestion: “Just blow him out on the sidewalk. Guys shoot faster in public.”

Jo laughed.

What she wore that night was a nice all red turtle-neck sweater, black pants, red satin bikini panties and black heels. She liked satin panties because of how erotic they felt against her skin. They aroused her, especially when she was on her knees with her face bobbing in and out of some guy’s crotch… the way the satin slid to and fro in her crotch and across her bum. She was especially aware of her panties as she entered Rufus’ building, took the elevator up to the ninth floor and then walked down the hall to his apartment door.

She paused briefly in front of his door, thinking of the two and possibly three very large cocks she now was going to have to suck. The she knocked.

The man who answered the door was bigger even than she’d imagined. It turned out that he and his buddies were ex-professional football players, now in their late thirties and forties. All were a bit overweight compared to their playing days. And, instead of his having one or two buddies with him… he had four.

“You ARE a pretty one!” one of them said.

“A pretty little blonde all ready to have her face fucked,” said another.

Nervously, Jo let Rufus lead her to the center of the living room to stand in the center of these five huge guys. Jo thought of Laurel’s Rules and Regulations… she hadn’t mentioned blowing FIVE at once. But this certainly could be a way to get in Laurel’s good books. She quickly peered around at the five smiling black faces surrounding her, then swallowed hard and quickly sank to her knees. Instinctively, she reached to undo Rufus’ belt and zipper first. Then she undid everybody else’s. Soon, five huge men were standing with their pants down around their ankles and their humungous, hard cocks jutting straight out towards JoAnne. She turned back to Rufus, peered up at his face quickly, and then then directed her eyes back towards his huge member as she slowly leaned forward and took it lovingly inside her mouth.

“Oh hooo,” the others exclaimed, seeing this gorgeous little blonde leaning forward to take the first four of Rufus’ length inside her lips.

She worked Rufus’ cock first, slowly sliding her mouth up and down its length. After a minute, she put her hand on it to hold it and turned her face towards the penis to Rufus’ left. Her hand remained on Rufus’ cock while she accepted this second cock into her mouth.

After another minute or so, she quickly returned to Rufus, worked him for about twenty seconds, and then slid her mouth off him again and turned this time to Rufus’ right, where a third cock waited to enter her mouth. When, after yet another minute or two, she returned to Rufus’ cock, she kept her hands on the cocks on either side of him.

Eventually, she had all five men in a row stretching from her left to her right, and her nimble mouth was going from one to another. Any ‘nerves’ she’d had about blowing all these big, black men were gone. This was the most fun she’d ever had.

And then one of them, perhaps the second biggest man next to Rufus, grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock all the way down her throat. Poor Jo gagged and heaved uncontrollably, but he wouldn’t let go.

“Hey! Manny! You’re choking the girl! Back off a bit,” Rufus told him.

But Jo vehemently shook her head and used her hands on his butt to hold him in place. Even though she felt like puking, THIS was fun too.

“Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmm,” she said confidently.

After that, they all entered her throat and held her. Soon they all were fucking her throat while she just leaned back with her bum against her heels, her mouth wide open and her eyes brightly peering up at them.

“Hggghhhh… hggghhh… hggghhh… hggghhh…” she said as they rammed her throat over and over.

After about a half hour of alternating between having her face fucked and then kneeling upright to pump in and out of each crotch herself, she tasted her first mouthful of cum. As if on cure, another load erupted right after this, even before she had time to swallow the first. Then, with two loads of cum still drowning her tongue, she leaned into the remaining three crotches to finish them all off. It wasn’t until all five loads were in her mouth that she swallowed, and then only after she’d shown the five guys just how amazingly full to the brim her mouth was.

The guys all were amazed! How she had kept all that cum in her mouth while continuing to blow more cock and without gagging from the taste. Of course, she had made a mess, but she dutifully went back and took every cock back in her mouth to slurp up whatever cum she’d left behind. As if by instinct, she even started blowing Rufus again before she remembered her driver and then decided against it. She slowly slid her mouth up and down his shaft, ever, ever so gently… not enough to make him harder but enough to send electric tingles up and down his spine.

She was so proud of herself in the car back to Laurel’s that her driver knew she’d had fun.

“I wish I’d been there,” he told her. “I’m all horny just thinking about it.”

And Jo could tell from the bulge in his pants that he was.

“Want me to blow you on the sidewalk?” she offered playfully, remembering his advice to her before she’d done Rufus and the boys. “You’ll shoot fast.”

And he did, him standing and her kneeling in the parking lot directly across from the police station.

By the time Jo got back to Lauren’s mansion, Rufus already had called to tell Lauren how wonderful Jo had been. Lauren was extraordinarily pleased and sent Jo out for three more calls that night, all of which were fun but not nearly as fun as Rufus and his gang had been. She’d hoped that work really would pick up for her after that… but Lauren must have forgotten or something, so they didn’t. Luckily, however, Jo ultimately Joined f***es with another girl she’d met at Lauren’s named Sabrina, and now she was blowing at least 70-80 guys a week, and sometimes a lot more than that. She’d set a World record in a 24-hour blowJob marathon, blowing 240 guys over that time. And now she was maybe one of the most famous prostitutes ever. But she still saw Rufus every week. His gang had swelled to sometimes more than twenty guys, and Jo would happily blow them all.

But this week, sweet blonde JoAnne had switched rolls with a weather girl from the local news station, another lovely blonde named Nadine who is my girlfriend, and it was Nadine who I now was driving over to see Rufus.

As I drove Nadine and she fixed her make-up in the mirror, I told her Jo’s ‘Rufus Story’ as she’d told it to me.

“Jo was a real trooper,” Nadine giggled. “when that guy shoved his dick down her throat.”

“You take lots of guys down the throat,” I reminded her.

“But not so sudden like that,” she rebutted. “I wonder if they’ll do that to me.”

“Do you want them to?” I asked her.

“Of course,” she said. “I’d like to try it.”

“If it works, can I fuck your throat like that?” I asked her.

“Of course, Silly!” she said.

Like Jo had been, Nadine was both very excited and somewhat nervous about her impending date with Rufus and the boys. Unlike Jo’s former driver, I didn’t suggest she blow them on the sidewalk. But I did tell her she’d have lots of fun.

Nadine knew she’d have a tough act to follow. But she had REALLY wanted to switch places with JoAnne, and she certainly was going to do her best. Besides, Nadine herself was no stranger to giving blowJobs. She’d been blowing about fifty guys at work ever since she’d started working there several years ago. And, like Jo, she had entered the 24-hour blowJob marathon and finished a very respectable third, having blown 192 men in 24 hours. So she had no doubt at all that she’d be able to handle these twenty or so men with Rufus or that she’d have a lot of fun doing it.

Nadine had wanted so much to look the part of an e****t that she’d bought the tightest pair of navy blue, 5-pocket stretch jeans she could find, ones with narrow legs that ended just above her ankles, and now was wearing them along with black 2 inch spike heels and a cute pink tank top. The guys at work had told her she looked very much like a prostitute and this had made her very happy. Her first client, a biker she’d seen at about one thirty, even suggested she work the street a bit, since she had dressed perfectly for it, and had given her some leads as to good places to pick up Johns. She couldn’t wait to try that out, likely on Friday night. But tonight was Wednesday and she had Rufus and the boys to blow followed by the Warthogs hockey team that Jo blew every Wednesday at around eleven. She’d just have to dream about working the street for now. For the moment, she was just too busy.

“How do I look?” she asked me as she got out of the car and brushed the seat of her jeans with her hands.

“Great!” I told her. And Mike and Jeff, the cameraman and soundman who were accompanying Nadine on this little expedition, agreed.

Rufus’ group had long since outgrown his apartment, large though his living room was. He now rented the pool area off the main lobby. This would be great for us and Nadine because it would allow us space to set up our cameras. Jo had, in the past, stripped down to bra and panties and actually gone into the pool and blown guys sitting on the edge. The only problem with that, of course, is that she’d have to wait until her bra and panties were dry before putting the rest of her clothes on again. This usually took about an hour. The neighbors were all used to seeing this pretty young blonde emerging from the building wearing just her bra, panties and heels as she walked back to her car. Jo got whistles from the guys, but she didn’t mind. And the next couple of clients usually didn’t mind either. But it did get a little cold in winter. Jo once had to wait outside for forty-five minutes in the snow wearing just a red bra, red satin panties and black heels for someone to come and de-ice the lock of her car. She eventually put her sweater on, but it was one that only barely and when stretched reached to her waist. She kept trying to pull it down but it was no use. At best it reached to about two inches above the top of her panties so that her bright red panties remained in full view. And then she felt really silly when the AAA driver pointed out to her that the door hadn’t even been locked in the first place. She just could have opened it. Oh well!

Luckily, the wind hadn’t been blowing to make it colder. In fact, after awhile Jo got used to not having pants on and went to her next four appointments that way.

Anyway, as Nadine entered the main lobby, our Job was to look for the pool. This was no problem, because there it was behind a huge floor to ceiling window covering an entire wall. Everyone could see the pool from the lobby. And that’s when Nadine gasped, put one hand to her mouth and then started to laugh. The entire pool area was swarming with guys. For, in addition to about thirty guys who’d come with Rufus were the four hockey teams Sabrina had lured away from their ten o’clock games… almost eighty guys all waiting for Nadine to arrive to ‘celebrate’ her first day in what they were sure was her new career.

After again brushing her bum for lint, straightening out her tank top and asking me how she looked, Nadine confidently strode out to meet them. Everyone applauded as she entered the huge pool room and walked directly to where she knew she’d be working, a little exercise mat someone obviously had laid down on the deck area for her to kneel on. Several guys gathered up close to get a quick feel of her gorgeous little bum. And then she kneeled and started pulling the first guy towards her.

She was still laughing inside as she took the first penis into her mouth.

It looks like she was not going to need a ‘driver’ anymore that evening. All her clients had come to her. I pulled out my digital camera and became a second cameraman for the evening.

“Hey! Nadine! Let’s take a nice picture to send to your Mom and Dad,” I only half k**ded.

“Hmm hmm (Okay),” she said, turning to look straight into the camera. She WANTED a nice picture of her to send them. That’s my girlfriend.

As for JoAnne, down at the station she was busy again too, doing much the same thing as Nadine, but also under the very watchful eye of an appreciative television audience.

Her ‘weather report’ started out as usual, except that she was on her knees with a weatherman’s cock in her mouth while HE told everybody about the weather. Of course. What did Jo know about giving a weather report? But she certainly DID know how to give a great blowJob and was proud to do this on T.V. With each report they’d have an extended, long, long range weather report (mostly made up) to allow Jo a good five minutes or so in front of the cameras. Then they’d pop away for a few minutes of other things) and then quickly come back to Jo. Every ten minutes or so, when the news switched back to the weather, there was Jo, on her knees blowing some different weatherman. Hey! We had NO DIFFICULTY recruiting weathermen from across the region to participate in his special week for Jo. We even had guys from the building who didn’t really know what they were doing up there in front of the big weather map doing their best... essentially just winging it. But I mean… who really cared? All eyes would be watching Jo anyway.

Every so often, whoever she was blowing would pass the microphone down to Jo so she could make a comment or answer a question he’d posed.

“What do you think about all that warm sunshine in the prairies?” she’d be asked.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm,” she’d say earnestly, looking directly out at her live T.V. audience.

The cameraman then would linger on Jo’s beautiful cock-filled face and Jo knew to pose as prettily as she could for the audience, keeping her big brown eyes wide open and lovingly holding each weatherman’s cock at least two inches deep in her mouth so everyone would know she was getting a real nice cock taste on her tongue.

“This is for all your fans and the folks back home, Jo,” the cameraman repeatedly whispered to her. Every so often, his voice would be picked up by her microphone, but we all thought this just would make the scene that much cuter. Besides, this encouragement would invariably lead to Jo giving us a little smile, even with her mouth full of cock, and this was VERY cute. We all knew that prime time T.V. viewers were absolutely falling in love all over again with this gorgeous little blonde prostitute who was obviously having so much fun in front of the cameras. Talk about reality T.V.!!!

Jo’s shift officially ended at eleven, but we didn’t really emphasize the point and Jo seemed content to just keep going for the late night and early morning viewers. She only was blowing 5-6 men per hour, which was NOTHING for her. And her excitement at again being on prime time television showing off what she does best seemed to give her boundless energy. We kept asking her if she wanted to get up from her knees to take a little break, but even as she was swallowing semen and sperm from one guy, she was shaking her head and happily waving the next weatherman onto the set to replace the one who’d just left.

And back in the copy room, Jackie’s line of men kept being replenished as each new shift arrived for work. Jackie WAS tired. But every few blowjobs she’d ask if Jo was still working and, when told ‘Yes’, Jackie would just sigh and accept yet another cock into HER mouth.

And so it was that all four girls – Nadine, Jo, Jackie and Sabrina worked until between four and five in the morning. Nadine and Jackie were exhausted. Sabrina was contented with a good night’s work. And Jo was sorry that she couldn’t stay to work the morning show too, but understanding that we did want her back for prime time that evening.

“I’ll talk to the morning crew about inserting your reports throughout the morning and afternoon to let the daytime audience catch some of the action,” the night time station manager promised her at around four fifteen.

“Won’t they know that it’s tape delayed?” she asked him still on her knees.

“Who’ll care?” he asked her.

She laughed and nodded. “Okay,” she said reluctantly. “But can I stay on the air until five?”

“Sure,’ he said, smiling. “And just for you we’ll stay on the weather continuously except when the weathermen switch so you can get six more blowjobs in and all your appreciative fans can watch you.”

“Thanks,” Jo said very appreciatively.

And in a minute the station manager was giving the weather report while Jo proudly blew him.

“You’ve got another full week of this, Jo,” he said to her and all those watching. “Are you up to it?”

“Hmm hmmmmmmm,” Jo nodded excitedly.

And so Jo kept blowing. It was all right. We’d let Nadine and Jackie sl**p until about one before making them get up for work again at about two. Jo would want to get up a bit earlier so she could go out to the country to see to her horse, Bucky, before coming in to the station. And Sabrina knew how to take care of herself. Maybe we’d insist that at least Jo and Nadine go to bed a bit earlier this next night, because both of them planned on working the streets Friday night. And neither girl wanted to short-change that fun adventure.

Yes… we’d have to push Jo off the stage at about one or two Friday morning at the latest so she could get home and sl**p. She’d said herself that she needed to go shopping to by some nice whore jeans like Nadine’s to wear on the streets. After that I’d pick her and Nadine up and drive them to that spot recommended by Nadine’s first John by about seven o’clock, just as it was starting to get dark.

Jo was VERY excited, perhaps even more than Nadine which is saying a lot. Jo had done almost everything a pretty little blonde girl could do on her knees. As a proud little prostitute she’d blown old guys, REALLY old guys, fat guys, REALLY fat guys, huge black guys, football players and hockey teams. Even some very appreciative priests. She’d blown guys on T.V., by a public pool, on sidewalks, in a busy, daytime parking lot and almost anywhere else you could think of. She’d won a 24-hour blowjob marathon, set a new World record for blowjobs and won enough money to buy herself a horse. She even regularly… well… let’s just say that she loves her horse VERY much.

Anyway… despite all this fantastic work she’d done on her knees, she had never actually worked the streets. There was something exciting to her about standing on a street corner in the tightest jeans imaginable where every person driving by knows what you’re up to and any guy can pull over and get a blowjob from you for 40 bucks or less.

Yes… Jo agreed that she would go home at about one Friday morning to rest up for her weekend as a street whore. As much fun as she was having now, she knew her weekend promised to be EVEN BETTER.
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