Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 1

It truly was a magical day for me, for all the guys one the T.V. crew, and for network T.V. itself, the day that Nadine met JoAnne.

Most guys aren’t nearly as lucky as I am. My girlfriend is a gorgeous blonde in her late twenties named Nadine. She and I both work at a large T.V. network where she is a reporter. When she’s not standing in front of the cameras telling the television audience all about blowing snow, she’s more often than not on her knees (sometimes STILL in front of the cameras) blowing the camera crew and any and all of the other guys in our building. But despite the fact that she gives loving blowJobs to any and everybody, everyone knows that Nadine is my girl. Several times a day I get to enJoy having Nadine’s sweet mouth wrapped around my dick, and in bed at night, she either blows me or we fuck.

But there are other girls in my life. Jackie, who also works at the station, blows almost as many guys as Nadine, including me at least once a week. There is a sweet young prostitute named Sabrina who sucks me at least once a week. And other girls too, on occasion, blow me.

But the girl who gives me the BEST blowJobs, bar none, is lovely JoAnne, that gorgeous little blonde Sabrina introduced me to about nine months ago. Like Sabrina, she is a prostitute. In fact, she’s a famous prostitute, having won the recent televised 24-hour blowJob marathon our station sponsored and orchestrated and shattered the old record for most blowJobs given by one girl in 24 hours while doing it. Nadine and Jackie both entered that event, and did a very respectable Job… but JoAnne literally blew away the competition.

Anyway, Nadine knows Jo blows me two to three times a week, and that Jo’s mouth is so talented she could suck the cum out of a dead man… but she doesn’t mind me seeing Jo at all. In fact, she’d been begging for me to introduce her to Jo so the young e****t could give her pointers. I told Jo, and she was delighted to meet with Nadine. And so I arranged it. I made lunch reservations for Nadine, Jo and me at Nadine’s favorite restaurant. We all had soup and salad. And then Nadine had two waiters and a bus boy for dessert while Jo watched and coached her.

Each girl finished her meal with a double helping of bus boy.

On the way home, Nadine told me how jealous she was of Jo.

“Why?” I asked her. “She’s gorgeous… but so are you.”

“I wish I was a prostitute,” Nadine said with a mock pout.

I laughed. “Really?” And then I thought a moment. “Hey!” I said. “I think Jo just told me last week how she’d love to do a weather report, just for fun.”

“Really?” Nadine said.

Then she paused. “Hmmmmm,” she said.

“I know!” she exclaimed at last. “Why don’t Jo and I switch for a week! I’ll take all her calls if she works here at the station.”

I told Nadine I thought that was a GREAT idea! And then I immediately called Jo. She too was thrilled. As was my station boss, who thought we could do a documentary about the life of a prostitute, with Nadine as the ‘inside’ reporter.

“This’ll be GREAT!” Nadine said.

We agreed that we’d start on a Wednesday. That way, Jo could still work her weekend alongside Nadine. And that Nadine, Jo and Jo’s work partner, Sabrina would meet at the News station at about none p.m. so Nadine could show Jo the ropes and Nadine could meet up with Sabrina, who’d be her ‘buddy’ for the first couple of days.

Jo showed up wearing my favorite outfit of hers… her nice, front-pleated, 2-front-pocket dress pants, a tight pink sweater and black heels, with nice bikini panties underneath her pants (love those panty lines!!!) Sabrina showed up in her usual dark blue, 5-pocket jeans, a white sweater andheels. Nadine showed up looking unbelievable in a new outfit she’d just bought. Man! Were her jeans tight!!! They looked like she’d have had to have had help putting them on. Dark, navy blue 5-pocket stretch jeans that ended just above her ankle… a light pink tank top and 2-inch, black spike heels… and a little more make-up than she usually wore… most notably ruby red lipstick.

“You LOOK like a prostitute,” Jo chuckled.

And she DID. Man! She could be nothing else in those jeans.

“You won’t be able to get them off if I client asks,” I told her.

“That’s okay,” Sabrina said. “Most guys really just want a blowJob.”

Nadine smiled expectantly.

The first thing we did was go to the cafeteria to look at the newspaper. Jo and Sabrina both wanted to show us the ad they’d put in the e****t section. Normally, Jo each girl had an individual ad and an ad for both of them. Jo’s ad read:

“Beautiful, slim blonde. On her knees and eager to please. Call JoAnne… 697-7755.”

Their combined ad read:

“Jo and Sabrina: Beautiful blonde and brunette. Mouths open for business.
Call 636-4721.”

But this week they’d written:

“Two gorgeous blondes, JoAnne and her friend Nadine. You know what Jo can do. Give Nadine a try. Call 697-7755. She can’t wait to blow you away!!!”

and even more direct…

New with Jo and Sabrina…Nadine the weather girl. Make her swallow your snow.
Call 636-4721.”

“That’s direct enough,” Nadine laughed happily.

Then we went to the main work area to show off Nadine’s cute outfit.

When our mutual boss saw Nadine, he suggested she should work the street a bit in the evenings. Nadine thought that would be fun and Jo agreed to Join her on Friday night and ‘see how it goes’. Jo also thought it would be fun, and I couldn’t wait to see Jo in her ‘street attire’.

Well… showing Jo around necessarily meant showing her the ‘copy room’ where a long line of men already had gathered to meet her. Jo laughed when she saw all the guys waiting, some already with their dicks out. Then she cast Nadine a knowing glance. Of course, Nadine had told EVERY guy in the building that Jo was coming, so OF COURSE all these guys would be waiting.

After a quick tour of the studio, we headed back to the copy room where Jo, after giving Nadine her cell phone, kneeled to ‘get acquainted’ with some of the guys.

“Good luck, Jo,” Nadine said before she and Sabrina left to start Nadine’s week ‘assignment’.

“Hmm hmm,” Jo responded, already sucking her third cock, but casting a mock scolding look at Nadine for having been responsible for this ‘welcome’. Of course, she was only k**ding. The twinkle in her eyes told Nadine loud and clear that she didn’t mind all this attention one bit.

Sabrina couldn’t stop laughing as he and Nadine passed the long line-up of men waiting for a blowJob from Jo, a line-up which stretched all the way down the hall and around a corner.

“She’ll be okay,” Nadine told her. “She’s not on the air until about seven.” Then she added with a smile: “But my guys’ll keep her busy until then.”

Sabrina smiled too, obviously pleased that her friend would be having fun on her first day.

Before Nadine and Sabrina actually left the station, we had two things to do. First, we had to do a quick interview with Nadine to start our news coverage of this important topic. Then pick up the mini camera crew that was going to film the footage on Nadine at work. I led Nadine to the studio where Jackie was waiting for her, microphone in hand, with ‘our’ camera crew already set up for us.

“Are you nervous?” Jackie asked her finally, pushing the microphone towards her.

“No. I think it’ll be fun,” Nadine answered confidently.

“Well there you have it,” Jackie concluded. “For the next week, our very own Nadine will be giving us a detailed insider’s look at the noble art of e****ting.” Then she smiled slyly and added:

“Any hot and horny guys wanting blowJobs can call Nadine at the number on the screen… that’s 697-7755. And, anyone who calls into the station after being blown by Nadine, and who can prove it by telling us the color of panties she’s wearing… (you guys will just have to ask her)… anyway, all you lucky guys will get this free “Blown by Nadine” T-shirt. At this point, Jackie pulled out a T-shirt which had a big picture of Nadine’s bright-eyed, cock-filled face on the front and the words ‘Blown by Nadine’ under it.

Now Nadine was laughing and shaking her head, her hand trying to hide the rising blush on her face. Her friends had royally slimed her this time, and she knew it.

On the way out of the building, a bit of a problem arose as several guys asked her the color of her panties and others asked her when they should start calling her to set up appointments. The whole point had been for Nadine to find out what being a prostitute really was like… by blowing complete strangers who just happen to call her cell… rather than make-believing and just blowing guys she already knew. Plus, Nadine was really looking forward to sucking off lots of new guys, of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages… not just her ‘regulars’ at work.

Thinking quickly, Sabrina suggested several possible solutions. On the one hand, Nadine could just start wearing her new ‘e****t outfit’ to work once or twice a week and let guys come to her for blowJobs as usual. Nadine liked this idea. Or, she could actually start working as a prostitute, wearing these same jeans and ensemble at least one or two nights a week and let the guys at work call and make appointments like everyone else… maybe for free or for a reduced price. Nadine liked this idea even more. I suggested she do both, and she liked that idea the most.

As for the ‘Blown by Nadine’ t-shirts, we could promise EVERY guy in the building a free t-shirt or we could sell them at a reasonable price and give all proceeds to some charity. Wow! Nadine loved this idea too!

She finally asked me whose idea the panties question had been.

“Was it you?” she asked me. She knows I’m very much a panty lover, especially the nice satin bikini panties she wears especially because I like them. Of course, I ALWAYS know what color she’s wearing, because she lives with me. Anyway, she thought it was all my idea.

“No,” I answered, matter-of-factly. “Believe it or not, it was Jo’s idea.”

Nadine thought it was a WONDERFUL idea.

“I’m going to have fun having guys try to guess,” she said.

“While you blow them?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she said proudly.

It was obvious from the pranks Nadine and Jo were playing on each other, essentially making sure that they each had endless cocks to suck, that the two girls were becoming fast friends. I was very pleased.

Nadine was very pleased when she turned on Jo’s cell phone and already had seven messages waiting. The first few were for Jo, but of course Nadine was going to answer them in case they led to work for her. The last four were rapid fire calls spurred on by her television interview. Nadine played one back and held the phone to my ear so I could here.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck your face when you were giving your reports. I can’t believe I’m finally going to get the chance. Please, please, pleeeease call me back at…”

Nadine was overJoyed. By the time she had made her seven call backs she had, sure enough, seven appointments. It was going to be a busy afternoon. She, me, Mike and Jeff (the cameraman and soundman) headed out to my car so I could be Nadine’s designated driver.

And then, seeing her in her amazingly tight jeans and realizing she could only be a prostitute, some d***k hobo propositioned Nadine almost as soon as we left the station building, literally just outside the front entrance. He didn’t have money, but the cameraman thought the lighting would be perfect and the soundman and I agreed, so Nadine squatted down right there on the sidewalk to blow this poor guy. He was dirty and d***k… he literally had to lean against the building, but Nadine figured it was like her donating to a soup kitchen and it certainly would be a cute news story… so she squatted down without hesitation. Soon she was on her knees deep throating him in front of the video camera with me also shooting digitals. A crowd gathered to watch her and everyone either recognized her or was quickly told who she was. A few guys wanted her to blow them too, but we told them Nadine already had seven appointments so she had to move along. We gave them all her cell phone number and encouraged them to call… especially to win that free t-shirt.

“Hmm hmmm,” Nadine laughed as she rolled her eyes, holding the hobo in her mouth for yet another digital picture.

Meanwhile, poor Jo apparently was already blowing her seventh guy upstairs and the line-up numbered at least fifty more. Jackie had popped by to ask her how she was doing.

“Hmm hmm,” she answered happily.

Nadine’s first official call was a big, burly biker who called himself Thor. He’d intended to see JoAnne, but absolutely LOVED Nadine’s tight jeans and other prostitute garb and so he gruffly reamed her throat instead. As he fucked her face, he commented that Nadine really should work the streets if she was dressed like that.

“You know where you should go…” he said thoughtfully as he pounded her throat.

“Hmm?” Nadine asked between gags.

“East Dundas… there’s a biker bar there. Just stand out in the parking lot. You won’t even have to rent a room… you can kneel right there in the lot for your blowJobs… the police won’t bother you there and you’ll be kept busy all night.”

“Hmm hmm,” Nadine thanked him sincerely. And I could tell by the look in her eyes that she couldn’t wait until Friday night to try there.

Nadine was still blowing him when I suddenly remembered that she’d forgotten about the free t-shirt and to ask him the color of her panties. So I told him about everything… about Nadine being a weather girl for our station and that her face would be on the t-shirt (with her blowing me, nicely enough, even though all you can see of me is from my mid belly to mid-thigh).

“She wears satin bikinis,” I told him.

“Niiiice,” he said, approvingly.

“Before she tells you, Nadine wants you to try to guess what color they are?” I informed him.

He looked down at Nadine, who was looking up at him expectantly with her big, blue eyes while slowly sliding her mouth to and fro along his bone.

“Pink?” he guessed.

“Hmm hmm,” she shook her head playfully.


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“Hmm hmm,” she shook her head again.


“Hmm hmmm,” she shook her head again.


“Hmm hmm,” she nodded. But then she asked: “Hmm hmm hmmm?”

“Light blue?”

Nadine nodded again. “Hmm hmmmm,” she said.

“Like a baby blue?”

Again she nodded.

“Very cute,” he told her.

“Hmm hmmm,” she purred proudly. Then she added: “Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm.”

He looked to me, his expression a bit puzzled.

“She’s just reminding you to call the station to get your t-shirt,” I translated.

“You understand her like that?” he asked me.

“Oh sure. At the station, Nadine spends much of her day with cocks in her mouth, so we’ve all gotten to know her language.” I smiled down at Nadine and her eyes twinkled happily back at me.

“Sweeeet,” the biker said.
After she’d swallowed his load and stood up, I had about ten minutes or less to get her part way across town to her next appointment. She thanked Thor for having been so sweet and we quickly rushed out to my car, with me driving, Nadine in the front passenger seat and Mike and Jeff again in the back.

“Having fun?” I asked Nadine.

“This is GREAT!” she replied enthusiastically.

“I wonder how Jo is making out,” I said.

Of course, we all knew what Jo would be doing. Sure enough, she was still on her knees having fun in the copy room. Jackie kept popping by to check on her.

“Do you need anything, Jo?” she asked.

“Hmm hmm,” Jo shook her head, at least as much as she could with a cock in her mouth.

Finally, one of the guys in line was just too horny. And Jackie looked just too good in her tight black pants, white sweater and heels. He called for her and when she came to him, he lovingly grabbed her shoulders and pushed HER down to her knees. Before she could object, Jackie had a cock in HER mouth and a line-up of guys waiting for her. She didn’t mind, of course. She’d been blowing guys in the copy room since almost her first day. These two new friends, Jackie and Jo, now kneeled just two feet from each other sucking cocks.

ackie loved to watch JoAnne at work. Jackie herself loved to suck cock. But it was evident that JoAnne loved EVERY cock she sucked. In fact, she didn’t just suck it. She played with it. She teased it. She savored it. She used her talented tongue to find the most sensitive spot on every cock. And then she flirted with that spot… licked it and rubbed it with her tongue to make every cock tingle… an electric tingle like fingers coming back after being asl**p. Her guys moaned with an unbelievable combination of pleasure and agony as their dicks were caressed to such extreme ecstasy by Jo’s loving mouth.

The other remarkable thing about Jo was that gagging obviously excited her. She wanted every cock down her throat and she held it there even though she obviously gagged and heaved uncontrollably. It was a fun game to her… seeing how long she could suppress the urge to puke into her own mouth… and only pull back when she could stand it no longer. She LOVED the feel of hard cock ramming the back of her throat. She loved having her throat stretched to the limit by some thick sausage. She loved pushing her face so hard into her guy’s belly that her nose was buried and she could hardly breathe. She loved holding it there and turning her eyes towards whatever eyes or cameras were watching her. Or watching herself like this in a mirror… THAT was the most fun of all. JoAnne was a beauty and, though humble, she knew it… with her angel-like face, big brown eyes, amazing smile and long blonde hair... her make-up just right… her slim figure and her pants flatteringly tight. But she KNEW she looked best with a cock in her mouth and throat. She wanted every guy to have two images of her… one of her smiling so brightly… and the other of her gagging on cock.

Jackie marveled at Jo and decided she wanted to get to know Jo better and better, to work beside her like this as often as she could, striving to become at least half the cocksucker Jo was.

Jo too often cast glances over at Jackie to see how she was doing. Jackie looked wonderful in her tight pants, sweater and heels, and she too clearly was enJoying herself. It was evident now that Jackie and Jo would be having fun giving blowJobs side by side until seven when Jo was due on the air, and probably for years after that.

Meanwhile, Nadine had just arrived at her second appointment to see a trucker named Rick who’d just arrived in town. Like Thor, he was smitten by Nadine’s sweet but sassy look. He couldn’t keep his hands off Nadine’s sweet, sweet ass. Nadine didn’t mind at first, but decided rather quickly that the best thing was for her to get down on her knees and get started.

“Guess the color of my panties for a free t-shirt with my picture on it,” Nadine told him coyly before wolfing down his poker.

While Nadine sucked, I further explained to Rick that Nadine was a weather girl at a local television station and this was a big promotion to make sure Nadine had fun during her week on the town.

“Pink?” he guessed.

“Hmm hmm,” Nadine shook her head. For some reason, all the guys would guess pink first.

“Yellow,” he guessed again.

“Hmm hmm,” she shook her head.


“Hmm hmm.”


“Hmm hmm.”

This went on and on.

“Black. White. Red. Yellow. Peach. Purple. White with pink polka dots. Pink.”

“Hmm hmm. Hmm hmm. Hmm hmm.” Nadine kept shaking her head.

“Navy blue.”

Nadine hesitated, considering giving him credit for the blue part. But then she shook her head. “Hmm hmm,” she said.

By this time, she was rolling her eyes a bit and giving me, Mike and Jeff occasional exasperated glances. When would this guy guess ‘light blue’?

“Is it just one color?” he asked her.

“Hmm hmm,” she nodded.

“Pink,” he said confidently.

Nadine just laughed inside. “Hmm hmm,” she shook her head.

His cock tasted a bit funny in her mouth too… just cocks just don’t taste as nice as others. But Nadine was the last girl to complain… every guy was different and that was all part of the fun.

Finally he just guessed ‘Blue’ and Nadine gave him credit for it. He seemed very proud of himself.

“Light or dark blue?” he asked her.

“Hmm hmm,” she answered.

“Ohhhhh,” he said.

Nadine posed for a few deep throat shots, gagging all the while, before finally swallowing the trucker’s load. Again his hands were all over her ass after she’d stood up.
And he kept trying to kiss her on the mouth.

Nadine was shaking her head and laughing as we headed back out to the car.

“That was fun,” she said with another roll of her eyes.

“Let’s hope he becomes a regular,” I chided her.

She gave me a dangerous glare, but then laughed. He hadn’t been so bad.

By the time Nadine got through her first seven calls, of course about fifteen more had come through. But it was about five o’clock and Nadine had an appointment to blow one of JoAnne’s three regular hockey teams at eleven. Moreover, big black Rufus and his band of merry ex-football players had scheduled her for eight o’clock, so Nadine regretfully had to tell some of the guys to call Sabrina instead. It made her sad to think that maybe one of the guys she’d turfed to Sabrina would be a really, really nice guy she would REALLY have loved to suck. But that couldn’t be helped. She really was looking forward to meeting and servicing Rufus and the boys… and then the Warthogs.

JoAnne, meanwhile, was up to almost forty blowJobs now and Jackie was at fifteen. One of the guys who’d been blown earlier returned to ask Jo if she wanted a bit of a break. Maybe time to eat something.

Jo shook her head. “Hmm hmm hmm (No thank you)” she said. She still had about fifteen guys waiting in line who she wanted to finish before going on the air at seven. And, having swallowed almost forty mouthfuls of cum, she wasn’t all that hungry.

“You’re sure you’re not hungry?” the guy asked her.

“Hmm hmm,” she shook her head again, casting Jackie a knowing glance. Jackie knew. The two friends laughed inside at this inside Joke.

“Thirsty?” the guy pressed.

“Hmm hmm,” Jo nodded. She was thirsty. One guy had peed in her mouth, helplessly unleashing a full bladderful of piss down her throat, but of course that was salty and didn’t help much.

“I’m sooo sorry,” this older gentleman had said when he first realized he was gushing urine into this lovely blonde’s mouth.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm (Don’t be silly),” Jo had reassured him, putting both hands on his butt to prevent him from backing away and out of her mouth. First of all, the last thing she wanted wash for him to pee all over her nice clothes. And second, she’d found that piss really didn’t taste bad once you were used to it. Jo had swallowed probably a hundred mouthfuls of piss over her last nine months as an e****t. Now she actually liked the taste. And it was always kind of a fun challenge to swallow fast enough to keep from choking.

The piss taste did linger in her mouth for an hour or two after this guy had peed however, until enough cum had washed away the taste.

“Would you like some water?” the guy asked her.

“Hmm hmm,” she nodded appreciatively. These guys had all been SOOOO nice.
And so it was that Jo and Jackie continued their good work kneeling in the station copy room while Nadine and Sabrina independently zoomed all over town taking care of all the men who called. Jo was looking forward to seven o’clock, not because she had had enough of the boys in the copy room (she could give blowJobs forever), but because she’d be on television again and the crew had promised her a ‘great surprise’.

Jackie was looking forward to seven o’clock because, even though it was fun to kneel and blow next to JoAnne, it also was fun to be the total center of attention. She planned to remain on her knees in the copy room until her shift ended at around eleven, and maybe even longer.

Nadine was looking forward to eight o’clock when she’d meet and have her face fucked by Rufus and his big boys (rumor had it there’d be Rufus and about eighteen others) and to eleven o’clock when she’d meet Jo’s hockey team.

And Sabrina was looking forward to seeing the pleased expression on Nadine’s face when she learned of the little surprise that Sabrina had lined up regarding her one scheduled hockey ‘team’.

And so, across the city, these four girls pumped their faces busily into one crotch after another, all the while smiling inside. This was FUN!!!
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man talk about lip service!
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i'm only into girls but never gotten off with a blow job but a good story