Do it To Me One More Time

So we went over to our friends house to have some drinks and catch up on some old times....The ladies were looking sexy as usual, and were hitting the wine pretty hard..Only about 2 hrs into the visit my wife, who has some 38D's and a nice round ass to go with them, was already into her friends pussy....The wine makes both of them horny quickly...So my buddy Doc and I just sit back and watch as my wife devour her friends pussy...She would open it up and go deep inside her...Well after about 30 mins or so they swap positions and now my wife has her legs up in the air receiving a good tongue lashing from Terri...

Now my wife is a squirter, so it didn't take long for her to shower Terri with all her love juices...So Doc and I decide to go outside and have a smoke and let the ladies regain there composure so that we can have at it with them....So as we were outside, he takes my cock in his hands and starts rubbing it and pulling on my balls...Then he reaches around and drops my pants and spins me around and begins licking my ass like it was a piece of candy...After a few minutes, I turn to him and start sucking his dick to return the favor of how great it felt to that point Terri walks out and tells me oh you need a hand, and starts stroking my cock while I'm sucking on her mans dick...after only a few minutes, he starts dropping that load deep into my tasted awesome....and then i'm about to blow mine and Terri starts sucking my dick and I blow it into her mouth...It was awesome...

We grabbed a few more drinks and then my wife noticed that Terri hadn't come out of the room...She walks over there and sees Terri, lying on the bed, pass out...she tries to wake her, but to no we are like what the heck is going on now...Biz, who loves my wifes big tits pulls them out and starts sucking on her nipples, then he lays my wife down and starts eating her pussy...all while i'm looking out just in case, Terri wakes up since we always play together...He has my wife's pussy spread wide, then I hear my wife tell him, "fuck me" and she turns that ass around and Doc, places his nice, 8 incher into her and he starts fucking her slowly and then he starts giving it to her...

After about 10 mins or so, she tells him to "fill her pussy" which he does....My wife gets up and goes clean up so we can leave, she goes and checks on Terri, still on the way to the living room, Doc already has his big dick out and there goes my wife to her knees and starts sucking it....Again, my wife tell him to "fuck me" and she loves it doggy...Doc starts eating her out doggy and I tell she loves her ass eaten...which he does with pleasure and then she tell him she wants it in her ass...

Doc's cock seems to get harder...and he puts that monster in my wife's ass and fuck's the living shit out of her...she's moaning loud and squirting all over him, the floor, and the sofa...All while i'm trying to keep her quiet...after about, 10 minutes or so he nuts all in her ass...Then I come in and clean her up, from both holes, then I fuck her in that same ass twice more....Looks like a 4 some has turned into a 3sum....
93% (8/1)
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6 months ago
hope you 2 left thru the backdoor
4 years ago
yes always have a back-up plan or 3
4 years ago
Plan B is always important.