Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 3

And so it was that Bonnie’s trick on Sean turned into a wonderful, 5½-day escapade of fun for Brandy, who clearly seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Come Monday morning, guys started showing up again to be blown; but everyone actually was very pleased for Brandy AND Sean that their fun would get to last a few days longer.

Stretching into the week itself meant that a local news station got wind of it and sent along one of their ace reporters, a pretty little blonde named Kaitlin, to interview Bonnie, Bill and, of course, Brandy. Kaitlin showed up in a business suit (black jacket and pants, a white blouse and heels), but quickly lost the jacket when she squatted down to interview Brandy and ended up having a cock pushed into her mouth. She ultimately ended up on her knees for the rest of that day servicing all the guys who’d shown up to see Brandy, while her film crew took coverage, of both Brandy and Kaitlin, for the evening news.

The segment ended up with the voice of the producer saying’… “And now it’s back to the station with these words from our own Kaitlin Smith.”

And Kaitlin said - “Hmm hmm hmmm!” – as she looked right into the camera.

Brandy’s even broader fame meant that, by Wednesday morning, people from all over town and even out of town were popping in to take pictures of her, and she was doing her best to pose for them. What a sweetie! Soon, Bonnie could proudly claim that, right now, her ‘daughter’ was the most famous little cock-sucker in town.

And, of course, word also spread about Brandy and Blue; so by the time Thursday morning had rolled around, the neighbours with the key came home to find that their street had become the most popular street in town for folks to walk their dogs down. Somehow, starting first thing that Thursday morning, dogs from all over the neighbourhood were finding their way into Bill and Bonnie’s living room; and, by the afternoon, the house was beginning to seem like Dr. Doolittle’s, with a****ls all over the place. Brandy sure looked sweet and seemed to be having fun under big dogs, like Mr. Classen’s two Great Danes, that were HUGE in more ways than one.

Brandy actually had so much fun with Mr. Classen’s two huge dogs that she wondered if the milder tempered one would tolerate her being in her harness, and so we tried it’… and it worked, with a lot of help from Mr. C. himself. Mr. Classen was SO nice, arriving at the home really early one morning with his toolbox and six pre-measured and pre-cut pieces of 4x4 lumbar. Using that wood, he constructed on the front lawn a very functional ‘dog hoist’ for Rambo (and Atlas, and other big dogs like them) to use. The design was simple, really. He dug 18-inch holes into Bill and Bonnie’s front lawn (with their permission, of course, but as a surprise for Brandy) and sank four 4½ long 4x4s to form a 2 x 2 foot square. Then he rested each of the two remaining pieces, each 2 feet in length, between two of the sunk-in posts and parallel with the sidewalk, and secured everything with braces and screws. From the sidewalk, which was only about four feet away, it ended up looking like two inverted, thin, rectangular letter U’’s, two feet apart and perfectly aligned in parallel with each other. He then even painted everything Brandy’s favourite colour, which happens to be light purple (do you remember her lavender panties?). By the time he knocked on the door to get Brandy, he already had hoisted Rambo into position, with his entire forelimbs, from elbow to paw, resting on the two-foot lengths, and had secured the dog’s limbs there, in two places per limb, with special padded braces that he’d designed at home and screwed into the top of the planks, so that Rambo was standing up comfortably on his hind legs. Bonnie led Brandy out with Brandy’s eyes closed, and guided her to kneel right in front of Rambo, on a pillow on the ground, right between the two inverted U’s. Brandy looked especially HOT this day, having donned a tight pair of hot pink shorts to go with a pale blue, short-sleeved t-shirt and sneakers. And she was palpably excited. She had NO IDEA what was going on, but she knew it was going to be great! I took pictures of all of this, including her hot ass in those hot shorts (I cream my pants every time I look at those pictures).

“Open your eyes, Sweetie,” Bonnie finally said.

Needless to say, Brandy’s jaw dropped and her eyes got huge, and she started to thank Mr. C. over and over.

“This is so sweet!” she squealed.

But she needed no further prompting from anyone, than Bill saying ‘– “Well... try it out, k**do” – to look at the breakfast awaiting her and dive in. She already was enjoying the first juicy fruits of her meal when Bonnie returned with the head harness. Rambo, meanwhile, seemed perfectly comfortable up there, lasting for almost three hours before he seemed to get restless and Mr. C. let him down. Amazingly and to Brandy’s delight, the a****l kept pumping his hips the entire time, Brandy’s now-harnessed and belted head moving with him with every thrust. And over the entire 3 hours, Brandy had a large audience filling the sidewalk and all the front lawn. Damn! That was fun to see and catch on film! Mr. Classen was pretty sure that even Atlas would be fine up there, and promised to bring him around the next day. Meanwhile, with Brandy still in her harness and with her hands still hand-cuffed behind her, Bill grabbed old Mr. Aiken, a dear neighbour who is 88-years old and in perfect health, and just happened to be standing there, and belted Brandy to him. Brandy was so pleased, because she’d always liked old Mr. Aiken, whom she’d met the first day she’d arrived. Then, for the rest of the day, encouraged by Bonnie, who seemed to be enjoying Brandy’s new toy as much as the girl herself, other men stepped forward to have a turn reaming Brandy’s throat. By then, she had her head harness off, but Bill had added four hooks screwed deep into the lawn, to which he cuffed Brandy’s ankles and knees; as well as one hook screwed into the wood on each side, at roughly the height of Brandy’s waist, so her wrists could be hand-cuffed there instead of behind her back, so they didn’t obscure the view of her cute little ass. Now, even without the head harness on, Brandy had to stay right there, with her mouth at a perfect height for entry. It was all for show, though. We all knew that the perky teen was in heaven and wouldn’t leave for anything. The guys were comfortable too, as they could just lean their forearms down on the horizontal beams on either side of them, or hold them for leverage and REALLY plunge their cocks down the pretty teen’s throat. The finishing touch was me showing up the next morning with a sign I’d made to nail to the inverted U closest the sidewalk, which read: “Ring doorbell for Brandy.” That way, others just passing by could enjoy turns with her, when she was free from all her other, indoor ‘responsibilities’, which neighbours quickly figured out mostly was in the mornings, before guys from the factory started showing up.

Soon, Bonnie started bolting Brandy in by about 8 o’clock and would just leave her there until about noon, sometimes even leaving the house herself to run errands. Invariably, when she returned, Brandy had spent the entire morning having fun blowing an endless stream of men, some of whom had just been driving by in their cars. She rarely used the head harness outdoors, as it just took too long to set up, and guys wanted to get ‘in and out’ in a hurry. Most just grabbed her head firmly and throat-fucked her, which she thoroughly enjoyed. It also was easier for her, since she didn’t have to work so hard as when her head was doing all the bobbing to and fro. Even Rambo and Atlas preferred having Brandy not in the harness, as they could pump better.

After awhile, Bonnie had Bill put another hook up into the wood so she could hang up a little ‘donations basket’, to raise money for local charities, and most guys were very generous, dropping in, at the very least, whatever small change (pennies and nickels mostly) they had. By the end of the morning, there were always at least 15 to 25 dollars in change. Brandy felt really good about that; and it made her time on the lawn count towards community service credits for graduation; plus she ended up on the front page of the local paper, with a picture of her blowing Mr. Aiken again under a big heading that read “Local Girl Goes Deep for Charity.” So it truly was a ‘win-win’ situation, all around.

Often, more than money went into that basket. Mr. Aiken preferred dropping in a few hard candies for Brandy to enjoy later. Believe it or not, some people still had old-style Poloroid instant cameras and left pictures of Brandy in there. Some girls from Brandy’s school left pairs of their panties for the men to enjoy or, better yet, pictures of themselves with cocks in their mouths. And one particularly generous man left a gag O-ring for Brandy in there. When Bonnie came out to release Brandy and collect the donations, she saw the O-ring there in the basket, recognized it for what it was, and immediately put it into Brandy’s mouth and strapped it on so she could have fun and try it out. As it turned out, Bonnie had to go out that afternoon, and didn’t return home until after 8 that evening, so Brandy had a nice long day trying out her newest toy. After that, Bonnie always left the O-ring gag on yet another hook she had Bill place into one of the vertical beams near Brandy’s head, so guys would see it and could insert it into Brandy’s mouth if they wanted to. In general, once it was in, it stayed in, at least until noon when Bonnie came to bring Brandy inside, because guys loved seeing the pretty teen totally immobilized AND powerless to close her mouth. And Brandy never asked anyone to take it out.

She might say – “huh, huh, huh, huh!” – but everyone was sure she just was telling everyone to pork her throat harder or deeper or faster, or something like that.

Some people even started to bring bread crumbs and nuts and stuff to feed the various squirrels who tended to scamper across the lawn while they watched Brandy or awaited their own turn. The squirrels became so used to seeing Brandy kneeling there, they actually started to treat her almost like a tree, crawling all over her legs and stuff. Having Brandy there getting her tonsils pulverized by some big burly guy while little squirrels crawled innocently over the back of her legs or even up to her shoulders made for a very sexy and yet endearing scene. And, of course, passing dogs all wanted to smell her lovely little butt.

It became routine, therefore, for the postman to walk right past Brandy every morning on his way to deliver the mail to Brandy’s house.

“Hello, everybody! Hi, Mr. Deaver! Hello, Brandy!” he’d say.

“Or Hi, Mr. Classen. Is that Rambo or Atlas? Hello, Brandy.”

“Hmm hmmmm!” Brandy always replied, brightly, unless someone was deep in her throat, in which case it sounded more like a desperate attempt to swallow: “Hngh! Hngh!”
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