Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 2

Believe it or not, I actually did sl**p a bit. And when I woke up, Bonnie and Bill were sl**ping in their own bedroom, having placed a sign on the front door of the house that read ‘– ‘“Please do not disturb until 2 p.m.’” Brandy, meanwhile, was right where I’d left her.

“Are you awake, Brandy?” I asked her.

Again, she wiggled her bum. I looked around. The key was on the table, not that far away. I started to feel like I needed to pee, and considered trying to unlatch myself to go to the bathroom. Brandy might need to use the facilities too. But, when I went to reach over to the table… I couldn’t.

What? It took me a few seconds for me to realize that my wrists were in handcuffs, cuffed to the legs of the couch behind me. Brandy’s Bonnie or Bill must have done this to me while I’d slept. Brandy and I were stuck like this until they let us up. But I now REALLY did have to pee.

“They’ve locked my hands up too, Brandy,” I said to the girl. “And I’ve got to pee. Do you mind?”

I watched Brandy’s bum and, sure enough, it wiggled sexily. I relaxed and let my urine flow. I remembered what Brandy had said about Bill’s piss just sitting in her mouth for hours, but I now figured that this was fine. I was having fun. Brandy was having fun. And guys should start showing up soon.

Of course, neither of them expected that we’d be stuck like this for over 12 hours, or that I’d have a 14-hour boner from the Viagra… but that’s exactly what happened. You see, Bonnie had set her clock radio to go off at around two, but had mistakenly turned the volume on the radio so low it was nothing more than an almost inaudible buzz; and she had shut their bedroom door so they wouldn’t be disturbed by me calling out early to release us… and that meant they also didn’t hear the doorbell ring. Then, the first guy who rang it figured that everyone was exhausted, so he generously changed the ‘2’ on the sign to a ‘5’. Hey! Brandy still was available for 8 more days, and she’d already blown more than a hundred guys. So she certainly had earned a little rest.

Soon after the doorbell stopped ringing, Brandy’s bum started wiggling again’… and it kept wiggling with increasing desperation from then on. I called out to Brandy’s surrogate parents… but man! Were they conked out! Finally, at about 4:45, Bonnie woke up and came out to see us still stuck there. She couldn’t stop laughing, and had to wake her husband up to see this. Bill came out and he burst out laughing too.

“You are so silly, Brandy!” he said.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie,” Bonnie told her. “We’ll go take the sign on the front door down and just wait until the room fills up again. The guys just HAVE to see this. It shouldn’t be more than an hour, though.”

As it is, guys started to arrive shortly after five. But one of the first guys who arrived noticed the harness key still on the table and stole it again, just for fun; but then, as luck would have it, he was the one guy who received an urgent call from home on his cell phone (he’d forgotten to pick up milk for the baby) and had to leave… forgetting that he still had the harness key in his pocket, all just before Bonnie started looking for the key to release Brandy.

“Who has the key, guys?” she kept asking. After awhile, Bonnie started to negotiate again. Of course, she figured that the keys were still with someone in the room, so she just kept offering Brandy’s mouth for longer periods of time until someone stepped forward.

“How about 2 weeks?” she offered. “Three weeks? That’s okay, isn’t it Sweetie?”

Brandy was desperate to be released and just kept blinking her eyes and wiggling her bum.

Blink, blink. Blink, blink. Blink, blink.

“A month?” Bonnie offered. It was like an auction.

Finally, having already called Brandy’s parents and received their wholehearted approval for their daughter to work as ‘the factory slut’ for a full year, giving blowjobs ‘on site’ to whoever wanted one, whenever and wherever they wanted, Bonnie finally pulled Brandy’s jeans down and started having guys fuck the girl’s ass while waiting for Brandy’s mouth to again become available. The lavender-coloured satin panties Brandy was wearing were so cute, Bonnie had the guys leave them on and just ease them over to the side. Brandy hadn’t counted on having her ass fucked by more than 80 guys, but that’s what happened. On the positive side, the teen WAS both pleased and proud that everyone seemed to like her panties.

It was almost midnight when the guy with the key sauntered in again and, reaching into his pocket to put his car keys away, found the key we all still were looking for. No one could believe it when the guy finally confessed (sheepishly) that he’d had it with him at his home the entire time.

“You rascal!” Bonnie squealed, laughing harder than ever. As you might imagine, she absolutely insisted that Bill take several pictures of the notorious key thief squatting next to Brandy, dangling the keys inches in front of her face as the poor girl continued to gag on my still rigid cock. “And you’ll be the next guy Brandy wears the harness for!” she said, earnestly. “It’s the LEAST you can do.”

Luckily, he agreed.

Finally, after ten minutes of pictures, Brandy was released. Quickly, she ran off to the bathroom to pee, poop, and take a 5-minute shower. Then she changed into a new pair of panties and pants (nice black pants this time) plus a cute yellow top and heels; returned to the bathroom mirror to fix her make-up (she insisted that she wanted to look ‘‘pretty’’ for the guys); and then was back out among the crowd on her knees again. Her ‘break’ only had lasted 15 minutes, but Bonnie apologized to all the guys for the long delay from 5 o’clock until now and immediately started waving guys over. With Brandy wearing pants again, her ass-fucking was over, at least for now; but the taste of her ass seemed to be on every single cock that entered her mouth’… many of the most recent ones still brown with shit (Brandy had really had to poop by the end). The teen almost puked the first time a brown cock entered her mouth, but Bonnie told her just to breathe deep through her nose and she’d get used to it. Bonnie was NOT going to have guys wiping their shit-covered cocks on her towels!

“Sorry, guys!” she had told them. “Just wait for Brandy to clean you off.”

For all she’d had my bone-hard cock in her throat for a solid 13 hours, Brandy was thrilled to be back giving actual blowjobs again. The house was full of guys, many of whom had been waiting since 5:30 or 6 that evening, so there was NO WAY Brandy could send them home without letting ALL of them have their turn reaming her throat. And because she actually had dozed off a bit during those first few hours with my cock down her throat, even though it now was almost midnight, she felt rested and raring to go.

People passing by the house in the middle of the night knew there was an all-night party going on, because guys were outside on the front lawn drinking beer and laughing, all the lights in the house were on, and the curtains to the big front living room window were wide open, showing all passers-by the room full of people. It was one of Bill’s buddies, in fact, who, while running out to buy more beer for everyone, noticed the big front window as he parked right across the street and came up with the idea of moving Brandy so she was kneeling right in front of that window. At night, with it being dark outside and light inside, it would be as if she was on the silver screen.

“Would you like to be a movie star, Sweetie?” Bonnie happily asked her.

Brandy’s mouth was full of cock, but she nodded and said “Hmm hmmm”, so there was no doubt she LOVED the idea. I had to reposition the tripods a bit, but everyone helped by moving out of my way. And soon Brandy REALLY was in the spotlights.

The silver screen analogy wasn’t that far off. Because the guys were great about not blocking the view, both inside and outside the house, people walking by the house truly couldn’t miss seeing her and everything she was doing, even from the far sidewalk. Several people, in fact, stopped in mid stride and wandered over to enjoy the show, including a big gaggle of Brandy’s new girlfriends from school, who had been on their way home after a night downtown, but now stood just outside the window, tapping on it to get Brandy’s attention. Brandy kept glancing out to see who it was, but she couldn’t really see them - the window was like a mirror to her; all she saw looking back at her was herself sucking cock after cock after cock. (This made for dozens and dozens of lovely pictures, by the way, catching Brandy admiring herself in the mirror as she held so many different thick cocks in her mouth).

It was at around 6 a.m. when people walking their dogs started passing by the house. One guy stopped and stood there at the window with a stunned expression on his face and his black Labrador retriever just barking away. The man just happened to be one of Brandy’s favourite teachers. Luckily, the gaggle of girls still was there, cheering their classmate on, and one of them had the wherewithal to tell Mr. Miller to go inside.

“She’d LOVE to see you!” he was told.

Needless to say, Brandy WAS both surprised and pleased to see Mr. M., and quickly took him into her mouth. And, as the professor repeatedly drove his cock as far as he could down Brandy’s throat, his dog kept barking excitedly, wagging its tail, and licking the girl’s face. Bill joked that the dog must smell all the shit on Brandy’s breath.

“If he’s a boy, I’ll bet he wants his turn,” Bonnie piped in.

Sure enough, Blue WAS a boy and DID want a turn. And, being such an a****l lover, Brandy was happy to give him one. Soon, passers-by and everyone who came up close to the window to watch got to see Mr. M. holding Blue’s front paws up to support him standing up on his hind legs, while Blue pumped his pelvis violently, and Brandy just opened her throat to let the big black pooch follow his instincts. By now, it was getting light outside and the teen could see all her new friends just outside the window. She couldn’t believe they were here so early on a Sunday morning. But, of course, they’d first noticed her at around 1 a.m. and had decided to stay and watch. Some even had called their folks and told them to come down’… and some parents had.

“Go Blue! Go Blue!” the girls and their parents chanted and cheered.

Brandy was giddy with excitement; if she hadn’t been having her throat mercilessly pounded, it would have been all she could do to keep herself from laughing.

Black Cocks White Sluts
Needless to say, the next several weeks during which Brandy worked off the first month of her ‘debt’ (after this, Bill would start taking her to the factory with him) were as fun as the first two days, and Brandy had the time of her life. Mr. Miller made arrangements for Brandy to get community credits for her ‘community service’ over the next month. After that, she’d just go to work with her step dad after school and collect ‘job placement credits’; all the school required was proof of her attendance, which ended up being daily pictures of her which Bonnie emailed to the main office every morning, Monday through Friday. Because Bill worked the swing shift, the after school schedule would work out perfectly. Bonnie even went out and bought a cute little cushion for Brandy to kneel on that she had embroidered with Brandy’s name.

In the meantime, not only Bill’s coworkers, but numerous neighbours, and f****y friends and people just walking or driving by the house ended up popping in to pound the pretty teen’s tonsils. One of Brandy’s regulars soon became a homeless schizophrenic man named Emil who wandered all over town every day wearing the same tattered coat and pants, muttering to himself; he started popping by at least 2 to 3 times a day. Even though he smelled terrible, it was both fun and funny to see him continuing his ‘conversations’ while holding onto Brandy’s head with both hands and endlessly pulverizing her throat with his violent pelvic thrusts. And Bonnie was always nice to him, always bring him to the front of the line and then giving him a sandwich to take with him after he’d finished with Brandy.

“See you later, Emil!’” Bonnie would wave at him invitingly as he left. He remained oblivious to her, of course.

Sean, the key thief, got to spend his own quality time with Brandy on the couch. And, this time, Bonnie played a trick on HIM and, after harnessing Brandy in, popped over next door to send the harness keys off with a young couple of neighbours who were leaving town for the weekend. Luckily, Sean’s wife had given him permission to have the weekend to himself; hearing about his plans, his doctor had laughed, given him permission to take up to 4 Viagra pills a day because of his youth and fitness, and told him to enjoy himself; and Brandy had put on her nicest jeans and satin panties again.

All weekend, Sean basically just reclined on the couch, watched sports on TV, ate the wonderful food Bonnie brought him, and waved at all the people in the window. And, every 4-6 hours or so, Bonnie showed up with a little glass of juice and a blue pill for him to take. Naturally, before she gave it to him, she’d squat down and check on how her pretty female exchange student was doing.

“Is he getting soft, Sweetie?” she’d ask.

Brandy invariably would blink once for ‘No’.

“Is he still all the way down your throat?”

Blink, blink for ‘yes’.

“He’s not letting up even a little bit?”

Brandy would give a very deliberate single blink.

At which point, Bonnie would stand up… hesitate a moment… say– “Well, why don’t you take it anyway, Sean?”… and give him the pill and juice nonetheless.

It’s amazing the way the d**g works, really. No matter how full Brandy’s mouth and throat felt, about 15 minutes after Sean took the pill, the girl would feel his cock start to swell even more and push even further down her throat. You could put your finger on her neck and even feel it there. The first time I told Bonnie this, she rushed over, all excited, and felt it for herself.

“Come here, Bill!” she called out, quite overjoyed.

Bill was amazed.

“Wow! You’re doing great, k**!” he said to Brandy. And he meant it. He also couldn’t wait for himself to have another turn like this with her.

Meanwhile, there always was a playful look of panic in Brandy’s eyes, as she waited for this man’s already huge, post-thick, 10-inch cock to stop growing.

“Look right at the camera, Sweetheart,” I’d instruct her.

And she would.

“Is he still growing?” I’d ask.

She’d blink twice.

Bonnie would be so elated to know that, she’d squat down to feel the girl’s neck again.

“This is so much fun!” she’d say.

Over those first two full days that the neighbours were out of town with the harness key - while I was busy taking pictures and getting even more video footage from time to time (I’d announce… “This is Hour #27 of Brandy’s deep throat adventure”); and Bonnie was busy making food for the guest and otherwise scurrying around doing household things; and Bill was chatting with Sean and watching sports with him; and Sean was just enjoying all of it - Brandy couldn’t really do much, except pose for pictures. But Bonnie eventually fit her with a headset from her work and hooked up her cell-phone to it, so that the teen could take calls from her girlfriends. Everyone loved calling her because she’d become such a good listener. Naturally, we all teased Brandy about this. And, when some of Brandy’s girlfriends did come over, one of them suddenly thought it would be funny to have Brandy initiate calls to several of the boys in her class. Needless to say, one of them would dial the number for her. They’d listen in through Brandy’s phone as each guy answered.

“Hello? Hello?” the guy would say.

Brandy would gurgle, the best she could, into her headset mouthpiece. Not surprisingly, after awhile, one of the guys figured out who it was and told his friends. Now, they all knew what was going on.

“Is this Brandy?” they all eventually said, after the first couple of gurgles.

“Hgggggghhhhhhgggguhhhkxxx!” Brandy would gurgle again.

“How’re you doing?”

“Hgggggghhhhhh! Hngh, hngh, hngh!”

“God! You’re a good listener!” they’d k** her too. “You wouldn’t mind blowing me and all my buddies when you get back to school, would you? Will you do that for us?”

Bang Boat
Brandy would gurgle and blink twice.

“She says ‘Yes’,” one of her girlfriends would say, good-humouredly.

And then Bonnie would get on the phone and tell the guy that Brandy would be going back to school in just over three weeks, but that all the boys were welcome to visit her at her home.

“She’d LOVE to have ALL of you visit!”

But the phone call that Bonnie undoubtedly enjoyed the very most came early on the Sunday afternoon, when Bill handed her the wireless phone and told her it was from the neighbourhood couple with the key. Bonnie’s side of the conversation went like this:

“So… are you two enjoying yourself? Uh huh! Uh huh! Well, that sounds great! Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh huh! Well, of course! Of course! We’re all doing great here! Would you like to say ‘Hello’ to Brandy?”

And then she came over and squatted next to Brandy and held the phone to Brandy’s ear. The teen just listened and gurgled a little bit.

“Hgggghhhhgghhkxxxx! Hggggghhhhhgghhkkkkxxxxsss Hngh, hngh, hngh!’” she said, Sean’s rock-hard boner buried deep in her throat.

Then Bonnie took the phone back.

“Oh yes! She’s LOVING it! She’s doing GREAT! Uh huh! Uh huh! Well, sure! Oh that’s GREAT! Well sure! Oh no! Of course not! Don’t be silly! Of course not! No, no, no! Wednesday would be fine! Of course not! There’s absolutely NO need! Of course not! We’re all doing fine! Wednesday evening or even Thursday would be GREAT! Even if you want to extend it through next weekend. No problem. We’ll see you then. Goodbye! Would you like to say ‘Goodbye’ to Brandy? She held the phone to Brandy’s face again.

“Hgggghhhhhhhguh,” Brandy mumbled. And she must have figured out the good news from Bonnie’s one-sided conversation, because she had tears of joy starting to trickle down her face.

Sean was a little concerned about how his wife would react. But she seemed pleased too, and even came over on Sunday evening to visit with her husband for a little while. She must have loved how Brandy’s ass looked, because she asked her where she’d bought her jeans. Bonnie piped in that Brandy had been given the jeans for her birthday, and told her where she had bought them. I commented to Melanie (that was Sean’s wife’s name) that she would look exceedingly nice in jeans like that (and she would… as she was, she was wearing a yellow sweater and chocolate brown pants plus heels, and it was evident that she had a very nice figure and sweet ass too). Then Melanie asked about the head harness, and Bonnie was very pleased about that and told her EXACTLY where to get one.

“Your ass would look AMAZING with you like that,” I told her, my eyes glancing back towards Brandy.

“Thank you!” Melanie said, proudly. And then this pretty blonde thanked me for my two compliments by dropping to her knees and giving me a loving 20-minute blowjob right then and there, all the while holding hands with her husband, who used his other hand to take pictures with my digital.

“Cheeeeese!” he said.

“Hmmmmm!” Melanie hummed mischievously, looking right at him.

After awhile, he let go of her hand and started to fondle her butt. I reached down to fondle it a bit too. The material felt nice and warm against my hand.

After about 20 minutes, she swallowed my load; but what else could she do but blow Bill while it was MY turn to take pictures. Like Brandy, she was very proud to pose for the camera. I didn’t forget Brandy though. I made sure I took several capturing BOTH girls in their respective poses.

Finally, before leaving, Melanie asked for my phone number and told me she’d call me when she bought those jeans and “a cute harness.”

“You want me to take pictures of you?” I asked.

“I want to try it out with you,” she said, coyly. Sean just laughed and nodded his approval.

“Next weekend,” he said. “I’ll latch Melanie to you before I head out to work my Saturday night shift and let you off when I get back. And take some Viagra just before you come!”

“That would be great!” Melanie added, looking forward to what she could see Brandy enjoying now.

And I was in full agreement.

(See Part III next.)
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