Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 1

I must admit, I was more than a bit surprised when a new guy at work, a middle-aged, moderately overweight and mostly bald guy named Bill invited me to come over on an upcoming Saturday morning to his attend the birthday party he was throwing for an exchange student from California who was staying with him and his wife. First, I hardly knew the guy. And second, he was giving me 3 weeks’ notice; that just seemed far too ‘planned’ to me. Feeling a tad suspicious, I told him I might ‘pop by’ if I could. But his face immediately grew worried.

“It’s REALLY important that you come,” he said, his brow wrinkling a bit.

“Why?” I asked calmly, but my suspicion level now was soaring. What was it with this guy? He hardly knew me. Did I know this girl whose birthday party this was? Did he THINK I knew her?

“It’s her 18th birthday!” he sang, giving me a big, dumb toothy grin.

‘Snore,’ I thought to myself, having visions of watching a number of giddy teens playing video games and trading make-up secrets.

“Oh! And bring your cameras!”

“Cameras?” I asked sceptically, suddenly feeling taken advantage of. Was all he wanted a free photographer?

“Your digital; and a couple of video- cams with tripods would be nice. I’ve got one myself I’m going to set up; but I’m going to be kind of busy for awhile,” he explained. Then he noticed my concentrated frown, and he said. “Believe me… My wife has a HUGE load of fun planned for everyone. It will be MORE than worth your while. Trust me.” And this time, his smile looked sincere.

I smiled back. “Sure. I’ll be there,” I said.


“I promise,” I said.

And he happily shook my hand. “Great! Show up as soon as you can that morning. You won’t regret it,” he said, before returning to work.

On the Saturday morning of the party, I drove to Bill’s house in my van, with three tripods and video-cams in the back. I arrived at the door holding just my digital in hand, though. I wasn’t even 100% sure I was at the right house. A slim and attractive brunette, seemingly in her late thirties or early forties, answered the door.

“Are you Mark?” she asked, sprightly.

I nodded. She’d obviously been expecting ME, in particular.

“I’m Bonnie, Bill’s wife. Did you bring all your cameras?”

“Sure,” I said. “Everything’s in my van. Is Bill here?” I asked her.

“He’s on the couch,” she answered. “He always gets a little dizzy when he takes Viagra. Well’… why don’t you come on in and see what’s up first?” she said, as she turned to lead me in.

‘Viagra?’ I asked myself, as I followed her. Why the hell had he taken Viagra? You see, as little as I knew Bill, one thing he DID boast about all the time at work was how one Viagra gave him a rock-hard boner for AT LEAST four hours. “I can’t even put my pants on,” he’d claimed. So why in Hell would he take Viagra just before people started arriving for an 18-year-old girl’s birthday party thrown by his wife?” I soon got my answer.

When we got to the big living room (and it truly was big), all the furniture had been pushed to the walls except for the couch, which was in the center of the room. Bill was on it, his head propped up against one end with pillows. True to his Viagra tales, he wasn’t wearing pants. Besides a big grin (“Hey Mark!” he said), he was wearing a mostly-unbuttoned shirt, pyjama bottoms that were pulled part way down, and slippers. At least, I assumed he had both slippers on, since I only could see the one leg that he had hanging off the couch, with his foot on the floor. The other was hidden, as was his leg, by Brandy.

You see, Brandy ALSO was on the couch. But where Bill was on his back, Brandy was on her knees. She WAS wearing pants… tight 5-pocket navy jeans, in fact, that looked VERY nice on her. I say that with confidence because what greeted everyone as they walked into the room was her cute little ass, rising up from the couch. And, in those tight jeans, her ass was VERY cute (made even cuter because she seemed to be struggling a little bit, wiggling it side to side). She also was wearing a brown belt, black spike heels, and a cute baby blue tank top. The entire outfit, apparently, had been one of her birthday gifts. But she also was wearing two other gifts. One of the gifts was a pair of padded handcuffs, with her hands firmly secured behind her back and resting on her back, just above her beltline. And the other gift, which held her in that bum-first position, was one of those bondage head harnesses. You know the kind – a bunch of thick, black leather straps that go around a bondage slave’s head, one under the chin, a couple criss-crossing over her head. They certainly held her head in position, but they didn’t obscure her face; and a cute light brown ponytail stuck out the back to rest between her shoulder blades.

Bonnie had put up pretty pictures of Brandy on all the tables in the room, so I could see what she looked like, and I could see from them how pretty Brandy was… a real sweet, next-door-girl type of face. But right now, that face was buried in Bill’s crotch. You see, the head harness had two other straps… long ones that buckled together. And right now those two straps were reaching around Bill’s waist and were buckled together behind him... locked, in fact, as I was soon told.

I squatted down to get a closer look. That’s when I saw what the Viagra had been about… for Bill’s rock hard, bone thick cock was totally filling Brandy’s mouth. And, because that strap around Bill’s waist had been pulled so tight, Brandy’s little nose was pushed hard into Bill’s belly fat and nearly hidden. I couldn’t believe it! This lucky bastard had his rigid wang all the way down Brandy’s throat!

As I was squatted down inches from Brandy, I saw a certain level of panic on her face. I then realized that her hand-cuffed hands were struggling to reach something that was hanging on a long dangling string secured to a hook on the ceiling (I’d missed seeing it earlier because it was so small). What she was struggling to reach was a key, but she could only just touch it, from time to time, with one finger. It was just out of reach.

“It’s the key to the lock securing the harness strap behind my back,” Bill explained, seeing me looking at it. Then he laughed.

Immediately, I saw the futility in the teen’s actions. What if she could reach it’… and grasp it? Her hands were locked behind her back. The lock she had to reach was behind Bill’s back, and he was lying on it. Later, Bonnie even told me that the real key to the harness, in fact, was hidden on the floor under the couch. They’d just hung that key there for some silly fun.

Anyway, poor Brandy would every so often struggle to raise her hands off her back to try to reach the key, attempt to grab it, fail, and then let her hands rest back down again. Her attempts could be best described as feeble and totally beyond hope, but certainly entertaining.

“Are you okay?” I asked the girl.

But all she could do was gurgle a bit.

“Blink twice if you’re having fun.”

I watched. She definitely hesitated for a bit. But then she slowly blinked twice.

“Are you sure?” I asked again.

Again she paused, but slowly blinked twice.

I nodded and smiled.

“Then it’s time for some pictures!” I exclaimed, happily pulling out my digital.

“Look into the camera, Sweetheart,” I said as I aimed it right into her face. Brandy turned her head as much as the hard cock several inches down her throat would allow, and opened her eyes wide. Man, she looked sweet! Her mouth was so stretched by Bill’s cock, she couldn’t have opened wider had she tried. And turning her head towards me caused her little nose to bend a bit against Bill’s belly. It was so CUTE!!! And then her eyes… they were big and brown and beautiful and sexy and, yes, there was a delightful sense of desperation mixed with total hopelessness in them.

“Say spaghetti!” I told her (since that is the word, apparently, that produces the best smile).

All she could do is gurgle a bit… but that DEFINITELY worked for me.

“Good girl!” I said, taking picture after picture. Finally, I said “Don’t go away! I’ll be right back.” And then I went off to get the rest of my equipment from the van. It took me several trips to bring in all my stuff.

“This is so great, Mark,” Bonnie told me once I’d brought in the final load and was sorting through things on the living room floor. “Isn’t it great, Honey?” she asked the struggling teen, putting her hand on Brandy’s ass and petting it for a bit.

Brandy wiggled her bum to show her excitement.

“Can you check on my cam too?” Bill asked me, as I started setting up my tripods.

Later, as I was setting up the last tripod and video-cam, Bonnie brought me a beer and started to tell me about the day’s plan.

“We wanted Brandy to get used to having cock down her throat before all the guys arrived at noon,” she explained, casting loving glances towards the girl she’d almost come to consider her daughter.

“The guys?” I asked.

“Bill invited ALL the guys from his and your factory to come on over. He wanted them all to meet me and our new boarder and we thought “what a fun way for us to get to meet everybody?”

“And Brandy will be giving out blowjobs?” I asked.

Bang Boat
“Uh huh!”

“To ALL the guys?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course,” Bonnie answered, proudly. “We wouldn’t want ANYONE to feel left out!”

I started to whisper, not wanting Brandy to hear what I was saying. “That’s more than 300 guys! Does Brandy know that all these guys have been invited to fuck her face?” I asked. “At least half of them are older and uglier than Bill and me.”

“You’re not ugly. Besides, Brandy doesn’t care!” Bonnie assured. “She’s a really sweet girl and is REALLY looking forward to this. I’m VERY, VERY proud of her.” And then she cast another glance towards Brandy, and I could tell that Bonnie truly DID have a fondness for this pretty teenager.

A thought came to me: “Do her parents know about all this.”
Bonnie laughed. “Whose idea do you think this is?”
My eyes bulged out.
“Brandy’s Mom and Dad told us, when they sent her to us, that their daughter was very shy, and they hoped we could find ways to coax her out of her shell. It was their idea that some big gangbang party would help, so long as she didn’t get pregnant. Bill suggested a blowbang party, and they were all over that like white on rice.”
Bonnie nodded. “I initially suggested just inviting 20-30 guys over an afternoon. It was Brandy’s mom who asked how many men Bill worked with and how many might come.”
“Wow!” I said.
I glanced back at the girl, whose little bum was wiggling helplessly again… she’d wiggle it for a little while… then stop… then wiggle it some more… then stop… then try to reach the key for about ten seconds or so… then give up and wiggle her bum some more. And every so often, you could hear another muffled gurgle or moan. It was all very sweet.

“How long has she been tied up like this?” I asked. It was now about 10:30.

“Since just after 8,” Bonnie answered.

“2½ hours?” I asked, again in disbelief.

“Uh huh!” Bonnie smiled pleasantly.

“How did you do it? Did she know! Did she struggle?”

Bonnie shook her head. “Of course not! She was very cooperative. But it WAS awkward. It was all like a little dance. We had to do it with Bill lying down first… and then we had to stand him up… and then we had to lie him back down again.”

“Why do all that?” I asked.

“Well… I had to use my full weight on Brandy’s head to push her all the way down onto Bill’s cock… he has a big one. It took over 5 minutes before it finally popped past her tonsils; but then it slid easily right down her throat.”

“Wow! How did she like that?” I asked.

“Oh… she started gagging right away and tried to pull back, but Bill and I were ready for that. We both held her head for awhile; and then she seemed to tire a bit, so I held her head firm with both my hands and Bill used one, while he used his other hand to push himself up off the couch. Meanwhile, Brandy kind of had to follow; so she naturally slid down to the floor on her knees. Once Bill was on his feet, the only tricky part was getting the harness belt around Bill’s waist, because I had to let go of Brandy’s head. But Bill is a lot stronger than she is, of course. So he just held her with both his hands and I rushed around to do up the buckle and pull the belt tight. Of course, once I got the belt in the buckle, it was pretty much a snap. I had all the leverage and Brandy had none, so I just had to pull and there was nothing she could do but follow. And the whole harness is REALLY well made, so there was no way anything would tear or break apart.”
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