Late Night Gym Session of Fucking

I consider myself in good shape. I lift four days a week and do cardio the other three; I won’t win any Mr. Universe titles but you can see each of my abs. I am strong and toned at about six feet tall. I weigh in at a lean 175 with short brown hair and 28 years of age. I have never had problems with the ladies either. I had a serious girlfriend of about two years at the time of that night.

I was on my second day of a long business trip in an unfamiliar city. On some trips, my girlfriend came along but not this time. I really needed to hit the gym after a long day. I arrived at the gym at about 11 PM which is the latest I have ever gone to a gym. I went to the front desk and signed in. Only two other people were there when I arrived. The two men were in their late twenties maybe early thirties and both in great shape. One looked like he was about to finish up judging by the large sweat stains filling his grey shirt and gym shorts. I headed to the locker room to change out of my dress clothes and into my gym clothes. The locker room had light brown walls and tiled floors of the same color. On the right was a large communal shower with seven shower heads. On the left was a wall of lockers and three benches. In the back was a collection of bathroom stalls and sinks. It was a very open locker room compared to what I was used to. I walked over to one of the lockers and started to strip out of my clothes and took off my shoes. As soon as my pants were off and I was in just my black boxers, one of the men walked in. He already had his shirt off. His locker was about eight feet away from the one I was using and he quickly pulled his shorts and boxers off and grabbed a towel. Once in a while I have quickly checked out what other guys had to offer but it was never more than a glance. This time though, I caught myself staring at his sweaty package. He had a thick penis with a fair amount of hair covering his balls. It hung about three inches but was clearly flaccid. He turned and walked toward the showers, his cock and balls swung as he walked. I don’t think he noticed me and I was glad he didn’t. I pulled my boxers down and noticed my own shaved penis was semi hard. I quickly pulled on my black spandex compression shorts and noticed how good my cock looked in the slightly shiny shorts. I put on my basketball shorts, pulled on a quick dry shirt and tied my shoes. I grabbed a towel, locked up my stuff and headed out to the gym.

I went through my normal routine which started off with some light cardio, sit ups, and then free weights that depend on the day and type of workout. It usually only takes me an hour for a really good workout. That night happened to be a chest day and I decided to finish up with bench. I put 205 on the bar and did a couple of warm up sets. Then I put 245 on and put the clips on.
“You need a spot?” I heard from my left side. I had forgotten the other guy was still there. He had short brown hair and clearly had a regular work out routine. He had good sized arms and was wearing a grey shirt missing the sleeves. He was wearing a pair of black shorts that ran mid thigh and were baggy, especially for shorts that short.
“Um, sure. I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” I said. I didn’t really need a spot but I was tired and figured it might be a good idea, especially if he was offering.

I lied down on the bench and placed my hands on the bar. I looked up to see if my spotter was ready. I couldn’t see his face because his shorts were over my forehead and blocked my view. Normally spotters aren’t that far over the person they are spotting and I couldn’t help but notice he didn’t have any boxers on. In fact, along his right leg I could see the head of his penis pointing straight down at me. I quickly looked away and started to lift. I didn’t want to say anything and make it awkward. I finished my first set and sat up.
“Wow, you made that look easy. How long have you been lifting?” He asked.
“Since high school I guess. I never really thought about it.” I was not one for small talk at the gym, but I wanted to be friendly.
After two more sets I said, “Thanks for the spot. I think I am done for the night.”

“It was my pleasure. I’ll see you in the locker room,” he said. At the time I didn’t pick up on what he was implying but it is clear looking back on it now that he had other intentions.

I took the clips off and put the weights back on the rack. When I got into the locker room, the other guy was in the center shower. He was naked and facing the other way; his tight butt was exposed and water ran off it. I walked over to my locker and took my shirt off then my basketball shorts. I was looked down at my tight spandex shorts and noticed my cock was not hard. I pulled off my shorts and was completely naked. The locker room is set up so you don’t need to take a towel with you to the showers. There isn’t really a place to put it anyways. So I walked to the showers with my penis swinging between my legs and soap in my hand. I took the end shower and turned the water on. It felt good after a long workout and I forgot where I was. Water was rolling off my body and down my cock and balls. A stream of water also ran down my back and along my crack. I started to soap up and was looking at the wall.

“I forgot my soap, do you mind if I borrow yours?” The man asked. He had moved closer to me to ask.
I turned my head and noticed him standing in front of me. For some reason, my eyes were immediately drawn from his eyes to his cock. It was wet and semi hard. It was about four inches and hairless and drops of water dripped from the tip. His balls dangled below his cock and were also clean shaven.
“Um, yeah,” I couldn’t hide the nervousness in my voice.

I grabbed the soap and reached to put it into his hand. He held his hand low so that I couldn’t avoid looking at his cock in order to hand him the soap. I put it in his hands and he let his hand linger for a second. So did I with my eyes locked on his smooth penis.
“Thanks,” he said. “You like what you see?” He turned the water on with his right hand while his left hand holding the soap didn’t move. He was at the shower head next to me and water started to run down his body and off his cock.
“Oh, I am sorry. Excuse me.” I could feel myself turning red and I broke my stare to look at the wall and not him.
“Don’t worry. You have a nice one, too,” He said and I could feel myself get even redder. I looked down to find my cock coming to life. It was pulsing as bl**d engorged it. I could not believe what was happening. I had always had curious thoughts involving what if’s but never thought it would actually occur.

“No one will walk in on us. I figured since you are here so late you might want it. I can tell you’re little friend does,” he said with a playful voice. He knew when I stared that he could push me into anything. “You know you want to just take hold of my fat cock, don’t you?”
“Um, I have never done anything like this. Don’t get the wrong idea here,” I said. My voice quivered with nervousness and a little excitement. I knew it was wrong and that made it so much more arousing.
“The first time is always the best. I don’t bite. I’ll go slowly.” He turned the water off from both shower heads.

He moved closer and I had, during the course of our conversation, turned towards him. We were standing face to face, cock to cock about two feet from each other.

“I’ll start.” He placed his hands on the outside of my thighs as he slowly dropped to his knees. He worked his hands to the back of my thighs and moved them up my legs to my ass. He squeezed both checks and my heart rate soared. He had his eyes locked on mine and had a playful smile on his face. He edged his head closer to my now rock hard cock. He stuck out his tongue and grazed the tip. My cock was pulsing hard. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. My body was frozen and I was under his complete control. He moved the tip of his tongue in circles on the underside of my tip. A drop of precum oozed out my slit and he licked it up and spread it on the top of my shaft as he worked his way to the base. The feeling of his tongue sliding down my shaft was electric and I let out a soft moan. He stopped at the base and rolled his tongue to the underside of my shaft and worked it down to my balls. He worked my balls and opened his mouth and took my nuts into his warm, wet mouth. He clasped his lips on my balls and pulled til they popped out his mouth. I moaned again a little louder. He refocused on my tip, this time with his lips. He started to take my shaft into his mouth and work my thick, rock-hard cock. My cock was now a good 7 inches. A few more drops of precum dripped out. Then he pulled off and looked at me.
“You like that don’t you?”
“Oh yes. Don’t stop now,” I said in a soft moan.
“Don’t worry about me. I’ll keep going but first you have to do something for me.” He got a playful look in his eyes as he squeezed my ass and stood up. Our cocks touched and mine jumped a little. “You like the feeling of my cock don’t you?” He wrapped his hand around both our cocks and started to stroke them. Then he stopped and let go of his but didn’t let go of mine.
“Come with me.” He pulled me by my penis out of the shower area and back to a bench.

He sat down and turned to face me again. His cock was standing at full attention and it had my full attention. “You want to touch it don’t you. Go ahead.” He grabbed my hand and guided it toward his tool. I continued to wrap my right hand around his warm, big, thick, veiny manhood. It felt so good in my hand and I could feel mine start to rise more than I thought it could. “Get down here big boy.”

I dropped to my knees and pushed his legs apart. I took my hand off his cock and moved it to his inner thigh. I moved my head in between his legs and leaned in. The slit of his head was starring me in the face begging for me to taste it. My heart was pounding with excitement and anticipation. I couldn’t have turned back now if I wanted to. I slipped my eager tongue out my wet lips and landed it on the underside of his tip. The warmth of his cock felt sssooo good and I felt his penis jump just a little. I started to trace circles on his tip then slowly traced his vein to the base. Now at his base, I moved my lips onto the side of his shaft. I sucked in a little and slide my lips around until they met on the other side of his shaft. My mouth was salivating. I worked my lips up his shaft. My mouth took in his tip when I reached it. I turned my head so I could take his cock head on. I planted my tongue on the underside of his shaft and slowly bobbed my head up and down his cock. I took my left hand and tantalizingly worked from his inner thigh to the base of his shaft. I started to jack his cock in unison with my mouth. I could hear him moaning and I could feel precum oozing out the tip of my own cock. Moment’s later, precum oozed out his tip. It was sweet as it flowed onto my taste buds. I pulled my mouth off his cock to look at the wet tool before me. It invited me back as it glistened in the locker room lights. I moved my mouth down to his balls and started to lick his low hanging sack. His hairless balls felt so good on my tongue. I worked the underside of his balls and up to his region between his balls and ass hole. I slid the tip of my tongue halfway down, then back up to his balls. Then I went back down just past halfway, and back up, then back down a little farther, then back up again. I heard him let out a loud, long moan. He was loving it. I went up and down a few more times, each time a little closer to his hole. Then I went back up to his balls and took them into my mouth. They were warm and his sack was loose. They fit perfectly into my mouth and I worked them with my tongue. His cock rested on my check and his tip was near my ear. I pulled my mouth off and let his balls pop out one at a time.
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excellent story