London Steam Room BJ

After our experience in Barcelona, Victor and I decided that we wouldn't make things awkward and decided not to talk about what had happened. A couple of days later we went up to London to meet up with a friend from college who was studying abroad. When we got there we soon discovered that our friend mixed up the week we were coming and was in Amsterdam for the weekend and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. "Not a big deal, we will find the good bars for ourself" I said. And again we went out drinking, drinking a little too much we staggered back to our hotel who messed up our reservation and gave us a room with only one bed. "Whatever" Victor said, "Its not like we haven't sucked each other off before" he said as he laughed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth clearly d***k because I had toothpaste all over the sink. As I climbed into bed I pulled back the sheets to find a naked Victor passed out beneath the covers. "Why not I thought" and I stripped down too and slid beneath the covers.

Curiosity got the best of me and began to fondle his cock and balls stroking it until hard. I looked up to see if he would awake , he was fast asl**p. I continued to stroke his thick cock beneath the covers. "I knew you would like it" Victor said who had a huge grin on his face. I pulled away embarrassed that i got caught. "It's ok, I have been wanting to mess around with you for a while. "So are you gay or something?" I asked. "If I was gay then I wouldnt enjoy sex with women so much, I am bi, I really dont care who i bring home at the end of the night, and judging by your erection on my leg you dont mind either."

He reached his hands down and cupped my balls before sliding his hand up my shaft. I was fully erect now and aching for a release. "We can mess around, its not like we would have to tell anyone, I am horny and you are too just think of it as helping each other out" Victor said. With that he pulled back the covers and turned into a 69, I wanted his cock in my mouth badly. We came not a minute apart from one another, this time I took a mouthful of his warm cum down my throat. "See, it is fun and it feels good, tomorrow I am going to take you to this place I heard about and we will see how much fun we can really have." Curious as to what he was talking about the alcohol began to take over and we both passed out.

The next morning I woke up to find Victor dressed and ready to go for the day. "Come on, he said, we have a long day ahead of us, lets hit the gym you dont want all of that work to go to waste do you?" Somewhat hungover I took two ibuprofen and got dressed for the gym. We hopped on the tube and got off about 10 minutes later before changing lines for another 5 minute ride. We exited the station and walked about 5 blocks before coming to a building with a small sign indicating that this was a gym. We entered the building and came to a desk with a door, "We are here for the gym and steam room" Victor said, "That will be 10 pounds" said the man behind the desk" we paid the man and were buzzed in. He followed us to the other side and handed us our towels, "lockers are around the corner and the showers and rooms are upstairs, have you been here before?" the man asked. "No first time" I said. "Ok well have fun then" he said before returning to the desk. "Come on lets hit the steam room before we work out" Victor said. "Before? I asked. Sure it is good for you he replied" we went into the locker room stripped down and wrapped ourselves in our towels before walking into the steam room.

The room was huge and difficult to see and made our way slowly over to the benches. Once we sat down Victor whips off his towel. "Its not like anyone can see in here anyways." He had a point and i did the same. Through the steam I cold make out that there were 4 other men across steam room. The door opened again as another man entered the room whipping off his towel showing off a nice 9" cock his opening the door let out much of the steam and I could see inside the room much better. The man sat down next to Victor and eyed his cock comparing sizes, I thought that that was odd considering you dont look at other men in the gym. The men across the way were all sitting close to each other and were naked as well. I look back over at Victor who said "relaxing isnt it?". "Yeah it is" I replied.

As i looked over at the other men across the room I was surprised at what I saw. Two of the men were making out and the other one was getting a blowjob from the other. "What is going on" I whispered to Victor. I didnt get a response so i tapped him on the shoulder and saw the man next to him stroking his cock. Weirded out I closed my eyes and tried to relax in the steam. Soon thereafter I felt a hand slide up my thigh and start to stroke my cock, it was Victor. I overheard one of the men across the way say "lets go upstairs" and with that the four of them left leaving me with victor and the unknown man now sucking victors cock! "Oh dont get weird on me now. This place is fun, look how friendly the clients are pointing to the man now bobbing on his cock. He began to stroke my cock much faster now and began to moan from the blowjob he was getting by this complete stranger.

"I'll be upstairs" The mystery man said as he got up and left the sauna. "What the hell is this place?" I asked somewhat angered. "Its an all male gym but guys also have some fun while they are here" he said laughing. "Dont freak out, have fun!" he said. "I was trying to i said. That caught me a bit off guard thanks for filling me in." I know what will make you feel better and with that we got down and began sucking my cock. It felt so good! I didnt want him to stop despite being somewhat nervous about where we were.

Come on lets go upstairs we dont have to go to the same place as that other guy he said. And with that he exited the steam room and headed up the stairs. There was a hallway with showers on one side and doors without windows on the other. This one's open lets go in. Once we were in there there was another larger bench, more like a bed and a t.v. playing some of the most hardcore bisexual porn I have ever seen. There was this small guy getting his cock sucked by this hot blonde chick with huge tits while getting pounded in the ass by this black guy with what had to be at least 12". "Wow that must hurt! I said letting out a laugh" "Its not as bad as you think" Victor said. "In fact it feels really good once you get going you should try it one day" "I dont know, i said, it sounds like it would hurt like hell." "Trust me he said, it feels great... you should try it?" Not with someone like that i said as I pointed to the screen as the black man was now pulling out his footlong cock out of the tiny guys now cum filled ass.

"What about with me, I will go easy I promise" Victor said smiling at me. Still hesitant I didnt answer. "I was right about suckin cock wasnt I? he said" He had a point. "Ok, but we stop if I say so ok!" Sure he said reaching in a jar and pulling out a condom. "Here?!" I said. "Sure why not your cock hasnt calmed down since we were in the steam room; just lay on your back and lift up your legs" he said as he opened the condom and began rolling it down his shaft. Nervous I did as he said. "You have to relax or it will hurt ok? he said. Ok i replied. Good now this is going to feel a little cold he said as he lubed up my ass preparing it for penetration.

The coldness of his lubed fingers was soon replaced by the head of his cock at my asshole. Remember, I said to relax. Ok I said taking a deep breath. Now this will hurt but it will be only last for about a minute. I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole followed by some of the most intense pain i have ever felt as he pushed his head into my ass. "Holy shit that hurts, I wanna stop" I said. "I told you just relax it will feel amazing and with that he pushed in further. The pain was too much, I screamed.

He kept pushing until i felt those blonde pubes brush up against my ass and he began thrusting faster and faster. It hurt so badly I begged him to stop. Trust me keep going it will feel amazing. His thrusts began to get faster and deeper. Suddenly it was an intense mixture of pain and pleasure. As he kept diving in and out of my asshole I began moaning in pleasure. It still hurt but it felt so fucking amazing. He fucked me for about 10 minuted before i lost control and shot my load all over our chests. He continued to plunge his thick cock into my aching hole "I'm almost there" he moaned and less than a minute later he exploded deep inside my ass hole. He collapsed onto me both of us panting from what we had just done. He grew soft and slowly pulled out of me and said. "See I told you you would like it. Now it is your turn to fuck me. And with that my cock grew back to full attention and I was ready to fuck his ass for all he was worth....

We both have girlfriends now and are now roommates and still fuck a few times a week. It is nice to come home after a long day of fucking my girlfriend and be greeted with the best blowjobs I have ever had.... More stories to cum.
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