Two New Firsts: FFM (Bi)

About a year after I married my wife things had begun to get a bit cold in the bedroom, this was my first marriage but she had been married for fifteen years prior to me. I wanted to spice things up a bit so one night while laying in bed I asked her if she had any fantasies anything she wanted to try. To my surprise she had always wanted to be with another woman. As we talked all sorts of wonderful thoughts filled my mind; then the conversation turned to bondage and pain. By the end of the night we had fucked like rabbits several times much like we used to.

Over the next few weeks I came up with a devious little plan. I stopped by the toy shop and grabbed a few things; we will get to those later. Before I was married I had got to know some girls that where openly bi. I never had the chance to really get to know them but I was certain this sexy little thing named Kat would be more than willing to help me out. Now Kat is right around 5’4” shoulder length blonde hair, she has a gorgeous body nice firm tits and an ass to die for. Which works out nice due to my wife Jenny having a similar build just less than 5’ tall with a tiny bit more padding but she is downright beautiful. I got in touch with Kat who was more than happy to come over after I explained my plan in great detail.

That night when I got home I brought up Jenny’s fantasy again and with little coaxing she decided she was going to start looking for a girl to play with. That night I opened the bag of goodies from the toy store while she was in the shower. I had bought wrist and leg cuffs, a ball gag, a whip, flog, some rope and a strap-on. I secured the cuffs to the bed post with the rope and some pulleys to make sure I could hold her good and tight. I placed the rest of the items on the bed and went to the din to wait for her to finish. She met me in the din wearing her oversized bath towel and a smile with the ball gag in her hand. “What is this?” she said giving it a spin. As I gave her a come fuck me grin I replied “that is what you will have in your mouth when I tie you to the bed and have my way with you. That is what you wanted?” with that she dropped her towel and said “if you want it you are going to have to take it!” I jumped to my feet without saying a word picked her up over my shoulder and carried her back to the bedroom kicking and screaming.

I tossed her on the bed face down and placed my knee on her ass some she couldn’t get away and proceeded to put the restraints on her wrists, tightening them nice and snug. Holding her by the ankle I remover the rest of the items from the bed, when I grabbed the strap-on she asked what the hell that was for. I told her when she found that girl she wanted to fuck she was going to use it or get it used on her either way it was going to get plenty of action. I continued restraining her legs. I retrieved the gag she had dropped on the way and returned to the bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers and climbed up beside Jenny. I started lightly flogging from her feet to her neck stopping occasionally to kiss and nibble. As she started to react to each blow I increased the intensity and the pace working up and down her body. With her legs spread wide I could see her pussy beginning to glisten as she got excited and was gyrating against the bed I reached down and began rubbing her wet pussy from front to back sticking my thumb deep inside then running my hand to her clit where I would massage the ever firming flesh between my thumb and finger as I continued her flogging. After she became accustomed to the rather wimpy flog I had been using I decided to increase the pleasure we both seemed to be getting from her lashing.

She has been wiggling and grinding her juices over my hand and my cock is harder than it has been in a while I was really enjoying the sounds the sharp crack followed by Jenny moaning with pleasure as her tight little pussy squeezed my thumb. The first crack of the whip sent her over the top her body began to tense as she started to erupt into orgasms. Instantly I dropped my whip and positioned myself between her spread legs and finger fucked that tight little pussy as she quivered and convulsed on my fingers. I continued to pump with two fingers as I bent down and started to lick from my fingers to her asshole savoring the sweet juices that where flowing. She was begging me to stop while moaning and screaming and begging for more. Not wanting her to get to exhausted just yet I slowed down and gently rubbed her clit with my thumb keeping one finger probing her pussy lips. I focused most of my attention at this point on that glorious asshole I have always wanted to fuck. Gently licking around and occasionally propping with my tongue.

As she relaxed I laid down beside her bringing my soaked fingers to her lips telling her to lick her juices. She did as she was told and cleaned them well not missing a drop. We kissed passionately for a few moments. I pulled back to look at her and asked how she would feel if a sexy little girl was to walk in and take advantage of her while she was tied to the bed totally helpless. With a look of lust she said she would be turned on but embarrassed. I bent down and whispered in her ear “what would you say if I could make that happen in less than five minutes?” She gave me a smile and said I bet you can’t. With that I got up grabbed the ball gag placed it in the mouth good and tight and left the room.

I returned a short time later with a smile and sat back on the bed rubbing Jenny’s back my hands wandering squeezing her ass while softly kissing her neck and shoulder. Gently biting as her back and licking my way to her ass and back up again. Jenny loosing herself in the moment forgot all about what she had thought was an idle threat with her eyes closed enjoying the sensations I positioned myself behind he where she couldn’t see me. I continued to kiss and massage until Kat arrived. I had left the backdoor open for her on the other side of the house so Jenny wouldn’t hear her come in. I told Kat to wear something sexy and that she did. I turned to take a look when she walked in, Kat is wearing a little schoolgirl outfit a short plaid squirt that leaves the bottom of her ass exposed in all it’s beauty. She is wearing a white corset that is rather snug creating an abundance of cleavage under her thin white button up blouse and her blonde locks are pulled up with a few strands curled and dangling at her cheeks. I gestured for her to come over to me with a nod. As she reached the bed she began to rub Jenny first together with the movements of my hands then she began to venture off rubbing a different area. Still positioned behind Jenny I bent down to kiss her neck, as I leaned forward my rock hard cock was clearly visible to Kat she look at my cock then at me and back to my cock. I continued forward to kiss Jenny I felt Kat’s hand brush my inner thigh then grab my cock as she bit my ass, it was driving me wild but I continued kissing my wife’s neck and rubbing her shoulders. Just then Kat bent down and kissed Jenny’s ass.

Jenny just realized we are not alone and began thrashing at her restraints, I pulled Kat forward into jenny’s view as I lay down on top of her to keep her from hurting herself her muffled screams from the gag where exciting. I whispered in her ear “This is Kat I hope she is what you are looking for” Kat bent down close to Jenny said hi and gently kissed the ball gag. As Jenny relaxed she nodded in agreement and looked long and hard at Kat. I asked Kat to spin so Jenny could take it all in. She obliged and spun slowly stopping with her ass facing us and bent slightly at the hip exposing her lacey white panties. I asked Jenny if she was going to be good if I let her go she nodded yes. I began to slowly remove her restraints. After she was free Jenny rolled over and sat up she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me close to her. She kissed me long and deep exploring my mouth with her tongue then hugging me she whispered in my ear thank you I thought you where joking she kissed me again and laid back on the bed. I gave Jenny and Kat a proper introduction and told Jenny to go put on something nice.

As Jenny was getting dolled up I asked the girls if they would like a drink, both said yes and Kat offered to help. As we walked to the bar in the den Kat reached around and grabbed my cock and spun me around. Kat wanted to know why I had never told her I had such an impressive dick. I explained I really don’t see the need to publicize the size of my cock Kat whispers if I had know you where packing this thing I would have hooked up with you a long time ago as she got down on her knees and pulled out my cock. Kat pumped my cock a couple times sizing it up before she tried to swallow the whole thing. Kat gagged loudly as I pulled her to her feet and said tonight is about Jenny we will see how things go how about that drink. It was easy to see Kat wasn’t very happy but she seemed to understand. We got to the bar and mixed a few drinks and I poured a couple double shots of whiskey. Kat still looking somewhat confused so I grabbed her pulled her close and gave her a long passionate kiss and said will see, she ground her crotch against my still rock hard cock smiled said okay and walked back to the bedroom swaying her ass the whole way when she got to the door she gave me a little pop of her ass as she turned and gave me a saucy smile.

We both sat on the bed waiting for Jenny to freshen up sipping on our drinks and eyeing each other. When Jenny came out she was stunning wearing black stockings with a guarder a skimpy black thong a black corset under a sheer see through teddy. I was in heaven two drop dead beautiful women scantily clad and extremely horny within arms reach. Jenny got up in bed with us as we sat and sipped our drinks we all looked at each other. I could tell Jenny was nervous and Kat was willing and horny they both knew my state as I sat wearing nothing but my boxers with the general at full salute.

As we finished our drinks I took the glasses to set them on the dresser Kat wasted no time she leaned over and began kissing Jenny. They kissed passionately as they rubbed and grabbed both started to moan. Jenny unbuttoned Kats blouse with one hand while she firmly held the back of her head with the other. Kat was rubbing Jenny’s thigh working ever closer to her pussy while grabbing and pinching at her breast with the other. As I watched these two beautiful women devour each other I laid back removed my raging cock from it’s thin prison and started to slowly stroke my cock. Jenny stopped momentarily and glanced at me pumping away causing Kat to turn and look they both giggled Jenny removed her teddy and they went back to kissing and nibbling on each other. As Jenny laid back Kat followed her lips but rolled off to the side Kat now had a much easier time rubbing Jenny’s swollen lips and clit while Jenny reached in the tight corset and pinched and pulled Kat’s firm nipples. As they continued I thought I would lend a hand starting with Jenny I slowly unhooked the tinny clasps on the corset releasing Jenny’s DD breasts and then the same for Kat. When I had finished I began to sit back at the end of the bed to enjoy the show. Jenny had different plans however she grabbed my arm and pulled me close then reached up grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to her nipple with no hesitation my agar lips wrapped around as I started to suck and bite at her nipple. Jenny took my arm and placed my hand on Kat’s perky nipple once again I with no hesitation pulled and squeezed Kat’s nipples one and then the other. As both began to moan again Jenny took Kat’s hand and placed in on my cock. Like a greedy slut she grabbed my bock and stated pumping occasionally reaching back to Jenny’s dripping pussy for more lube for my cock.

Kat pulled her head away and kissed her way down Jenny’s stomach stopping to gently bite she worked her way to Jenny dripping hole she pulled the little thong to the side and buried her face in the sweet sticky juices that had been flowing from her lips. I kissed mu way up her neck to her chin then her lips kissing her slowly and softly while she was being vigorously eaten and my cock jerked. With one hand I am squeeze Jens ass and with the other pulling Kat's face deeper. Kat spreads Jens lips and rubs her clit between her fingers occasionally flicking it repeatedly with the tip of her tongue. Jen starts to hold her breath and pump her hips as she is about to cum again this time she is almost silent until she explodes pushing my hands away grabbing Kat's head grinding her pussy all over Kat's face screaming and moaning causing Kat to release the hold she had on my cock grabbing Jens hips driving her tongue deep into Jen sucking and licking ever bit of cum she could. As Jen starts to relax Kat bring her lips back to Jens as they share Jens juice I start rubbing my throbbing cock.
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