1st Time Bi

In my younger days before girls even hit the radar, we used to camp out on summer nights...usually in somebody's backyard in a tent. It always turned into an all-night event. Card games, dares, and yes...usually talk about sex as we were exploring the new-found freedom. Inevitably, we would get into "dares" that required dropping our pants for a moment, or running to a remote point in the yard (and back) naked in the night, etc.. One particular evening is the most memorable, however. There were four of us staying in the backyard of our friend, Bob. Bob's parents and younger s****r were out of town for the night visiting relatives, so we had the place to ourselves. We enjoyed camping out in Bob's backyard because it was entirely fenced in and we didn't have to worry about getting caught with our antics. This particular night, Bob wanted to play naked hide and seek. This isn't the highlight of the story, however. What Bob and I did to each other after our two friends went to sl**p is what I remember the most.

Our two friends were sound asl**p when Bob whispered, "Let's go sit on the back porch...it's too hot in this tent." I had put my shorts back on after the naked hide and seek...but Bob had not. So here we are, Bob and I sitting in the patio chairs in the cool of the night. We were out of earshot from our two friends so we could talk a little louder...but still barely over a whisper.

I commented to Bob how his cock had changed from last summer. It seemed to be bigger and had more pubes. He said, "Yes, and I noticed the same thing with you." After a few moments of awkward pause, Bob said, "and it gets much bigger...so big it reaches my belly-button." I did not know how to respond with anything other than "uh-huh." Bob then said, "You want to see?", and before I could answer he was already playing with himself.

I watched as Bob's cock was getting larger and larger. Mine was doing the same but I did not have to do anything...it was growing on it's own. After a couple of minutes, Bob was at full erection and he commented about how hard it always gets...and he asked if I wanted to feel it. Without a word, I reached over and held his cock in my hand. As I was gently touching the shaft and slowly running my fingers around the rim of his mushroom, his pre-cum was flowing freely...providing plenty of lubrication. I could feel his heart beat through the veins on his shaft and if I let go for a moment, his cock would bounce to his heart beat.

While using one had to gently feel Bob's cock, I reached with the other hand to play with his balls. For the few minutes I was stroking Bob's shaft and spreading his pre-cum around his mushroom head, I could feel his sac starting to shrink and his balls climb into his body. Having jacked off enough myself, I knew what was going to happen next. Without a word, or even a subtle sound, Bob squirted heavy ropes of cum all over himself, my arms and on the porch floor. He grabbed my wrist to stop because of uncontrolled convulsions that occur after a heavy session. You've all been there, you know.

So Bob, fully relieved, decided to return the favor...except in a fashion that I never anticipated. Bob, after coming down from his climax, said...stand up and face me. He pulled down my shorts and started stroking me with one hand while using the other hand to play with my balls. Then Bob surprised me. Bob leaned forward and starting licking my balls, running his mouth over my shaft...eventually sinking my mushroom head into his mouth. This was my first blowjob and I'll never, ever forget it. Needless to say, on a cool night with Bob's warm lips around my cock, I exploded with a fury and all but collapsed on the porch floor. Years later, not surprisingly I was introduced to Bob's "life" partner as "one of his first cocks." I went on to marry...and I've always preferred females, but I must admit that I have hooked up with guys in bars, adult book stores and on-line services for cockplay. I can credit Bob for that. Every once in awhile, I enjoy having a cock in my hands or in my mouth.

Can you be bi and married? The answer is yes! In fact, during one of our love sessions, my wife revealed that she would like a threesome...and she would love to see me suck someone else's cock. At the time of this writing, I'm advertising for a bi-male who will join us. Watch for more stories on this subject. I look forward to the pending adventure with my wife and another bi-male!
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2 years ago
good atory
2 years ago
Sexy stuff!!
4 years ago
Great story. Hope to hear more
4 years ago
can't wait to hear how the 3some goes!
4 years ago
very nice.
4 years ago
Fantastic It was so hot and horny it make for some great jackoff time thanks
4 years ago
great story, cant wait for more.