What We Do Behind Closed Doors

Why is it that you really find out the real person you have been with after you marry them? I know a lot of partners keep secrets from each other. But they are only little white lies. Not this! Let me paint a picture for you. My wife and I have been together since high school. We have only been lovers with each other. There has never been anyone that has come between us. Well until now. Trust me it is not what you think. It wasn’t another man it was with another woman.

Susan has been hanging around Alex for the last several months. They met at the local gym. They hit it of straight away. You would think they have known each other since they were little. The good thing is I also got along well with Alex. Not like some of those bitches she has brought home in the past. Alex was different. She was sweet, had a nice smile, she was easy on the eyes and a fantastic laugh. Every time Susan would mention that she was coming over or that she was going out with Alex it never bothered me.

This particular night I was going out with the boys and the girls were having a night in. That’s the other reason I loved Alex. Because she was single every time I wanted to go out with the guys Susan would make plans with here. She didn’t mind me going out because she loved spending time with Alex. Susan was 5ft5inch with auburn hair and hazel eyes. Nice round ass and beautiful legs and her breasts are perfect. She would way around 105lbs perfect trust me. Now Alex was slightly different. She had the same features as my wife but Black shoulder length hair blues eyes but was almost 6ft.

So as I said before I said before I was going out with the guys this particular night. During the week I was looking forward to it. What started to make me changed my mind was my wife was a bit distant all week. I thought maybe Alex wasn’t coming over. I asked her if she was fine and about Alex coming over. She said that she was and she was ok. I knew she wasn’t. It was like she wanted to tell me something but didn’t know how.

The night came I got ready to go out and was half dressed when Alex walked in calling for Susan. I had my shirt on but no pants or briefs. She looked straight down at my cock and was embarrassed and quickly shut the door. When I was finally ready I walked down the stairs as I could hear Larry being inpatient honking his horn. I noticed Susan and Alex close together on the couch talking and looking in my direction. I walked over to my wife and kissed her. As I pulled away she looked and me and said “Doesn’t Alex get a kiss goodbye. I mean she has almost got to third base with you and she gets nothing in return.” I didn’t know what to say I was too embarrassed. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips but she pulled me to her and slowly stuck her tongue in my mouth then let me go.

I was quite the shade of red. Both of the girls were laughing as I walked out the front door. I had been out with the boys for a while. I just couldn’t get that kiss out of my head or the look of them both together on the couch. It wasn’t the night out I was hoping for. Larry and Steve were of in their own little world, picking up anything that would take them home and John was too scared to take a piss in public due to the fact that he has a small dick. I had enough I was going home.

As the taxi dropped me off at the front of my house, I noticed all the lights were out except for in the lounge room were you could see the light from the TV coming through the curtains. As I approached the front door I heard voice “Fuck that feels good. I cannot believe I keep letting you do this to me. I cannot believe how good you make me feel. Keep fucking me” I knew that voice it was my wife Susan. That bitch I was just about to kick the door down when I heard Alex “Do you think maybe one day you will let Jay fuck me like I am fucking you right now”

I stopped I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to go straight in there and yell and kick Alex out but the more I thought about it I needed to see this to believe it. I walked around the back and let myself in through the games room so no one would hear me. I heard nothing. I thought I missed my chance. Until I heard the laughter that I have grown to love. Alex “C’mon Susan. Please I want to fuck you in the same bed that you let Jay fuck you in. Within seconds my pants were down to my ankles as I was watching these two girls trying to get up the stairs and keep each other’s hands of each other.

I was now naked as they reached the top of the stairs. I couldn’t believe this feeling that was growing inside of me. This was my wife and I was letting her cheat on me. Some guys might think who cares and right now I was one of those guys. I ran upstairs and down the hall to our bedroom were the door was left open and the light shining out. This was it. I was going to see my wife fuck or being fucked by another woman.

I had my hand on my cock stroking it back and forward as I made my way to the door. I couldn’t hear anything. I slowly looked into the room and there was no one there. What the fuck I thought to myself. I was wanking my cock horny as hell and was about to have the best night of my life and they have gone. There was steam coming from under the door to our on suite bathroom. This was my opportunity. I was ready to walk in and have my way with them. I was just about to open the door when I heard the shower stop. Shit. I turned and open the wardrobe door and knelt down onto my knees hoping they would come back in here.

Within in minutes they both started walking back to the bed with robes on. I didn’t mind one bit that Alex was wearing mine. I just wanted her to take it off. I wanted to see that body. 6ft dark haired sex goddess. My wife pulled her down to her and started making out with her. Fuck me is all I could say. This was hot. My hand was working overtime, I had to stop myself. I might get the chance to fuck these girls tonight. Yeah like that thought was going to stop me. They were getting more passionate towards each other now.

Alex stepped back and slowly disrobed herself. I could almost cry. She was an Amazon woman. Her body was more perfect than you could possibly imagine. My wife walked forward to her with slight hesitation. Alex gave her a concerned look. “What’s the matter Suzy” She put her hand under Susan’s chin and lifted it up and kissed her again. “I know how you feel about Jay, if you don’t want to keep on doing this I understand.” What the fuck. I don’t care, don’t care. Is all I kept saying to myself. I want you to fuck her, rub whatever you need to rub, fucking stick your tongue wherever you need to just do it already”

My prayers were answered. She started to take her robe of herself and slipped her hands between her legs and started to rub her pussy. She moved to the bed and sat down and told Alex to go to the end of the bed. “I want to put on a little show for you.” “I like the sound of that” Alex replied. “I will only do it on the condition that you are not allowed to touch yourself while you wait. I want you to feel the anticipation of you wanting me to fuck you when I am done.”

Alex did what she was told and sat there and watched. Fuck I was dying in there. I had never seen two women fuck before, let alone naked in the same room (Only if you count the time I was pushed into the girl’s locker rooms when I was in high school). My wife licked her fingers and slowly started circling her nipples and pinching them at the same time. Then making her way to her inner thighs. She didn’t attack herself straight away. She was teasing herself taking her time to get there. This was too hot to handle. I wanted out, I still have no idea how I didn’t just jump out and fuck her right then and there.

Then it happened, she slide her index finger in first then the middle then the ring. She was using her thumb to rub the top of her clitoris while she was practically fist fucking herself. The moaning started and the screaming followed. She was bucking her hand faster and faster. “Yes, Yes, Yes” is all she could keep screaming. I looked over at Alex and she was in a trance. She wasn’t taking her eyes of my wife, I could tell she wanted to fuck her just as much as I did at that moment.

With my wife when she gets to the point of no return and very horny while you are fucking her she will sometimes squirt. Need I say anymore. She went off like a fountain that has had its pipes blocked but finally the build up is released. It reached Alex at the other side of the bed. Then what happened next was hard to believe. Alex jumped from one end of the bed to the other and placed her mouth over my wife’s exploded pussy and started lapping it up like a dog’s last drink before being put down. Seriously. She was power driving into her and I could see my wife loving every part of it.

She was holding Alex’s head down hard on her vagina making sure she didn’t miss any part of it. This was driving Susan to another mind blowing orgasm. This was unreal. Here I am barely supplying my wife every now and then with one and she has had two already. A little bit of jealousy came back but when she stopped and Susan flipped Alex over and started making out with her again. Those feelings were gone. I was in the closet working my cock over chanting for my wife to go down on Alex. Before too long my chanting paid off.

She ran her tongue down each inner thigh of Alex and worked her way up only to stop and hover above her and then go down the other side without touching her pussy. I could see that this was giving Alex so much pleasure but frustration at the same time. Then the amazing thing happened that I was waiting for. Susan took one of Alex’s legs and lifted it towards her head and had Alex hold it there. She moved her mouth over her opening and starting moving her tongue from top to bottom and back up again. When she was at the top she would spend a lot of time concentrating on that one spot us men cannot find unless told.

Alex rolled her eyes back into her head as my wife returned the favour. She now had two of her fingers penetrating her pussy and liking it at the same time. She was going faster and faster. This was amazing. Her mouth was buried so deep down sucking the sides of her lips and then releasing them. With her fingers moving faster and faster while she using her mouth in that way. I knew it wouldn’t take long again. I was right. The heavy breathing started as if it was on cue, the yelling and then the catching of the breath and smiling.

I was getting way to ambitious a practically had the door right open and was at the point of releasing myself and it couldn’t hold back any longer. I stopped looking at the girls and concentrated at the job at hand. Just as I was about to release I heard a voice “Enjoyed the show” I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to open my eyes. But I also couldn’t stop as I was at the point of no return. I started to cum and it felt awesome. I finally opened my eyes it wasn’t my wife in front of me it was Alex. My wife went in for a shower.

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She leaned into the wardrobe and placed her hand on my cock and squeezed a little bit of cum out of my cock and rubbed her lips with it. She leaned in and whispered. “I am going to fuck you so hard in front of your wife” and then kissed me. That was weird. Tasting my own cum on her lips. When she broke the kiss she looked me straight in the eye and said “Get use to that taste”. I had no idea what she meant by that but I was soon to find out.

She told me to go down stairs and she would explain everything to me. She leaned in again and kissed me but this time with more f***e and placed her hand on my cock and started pumping it harder and faster. There wasn’t much now from stopping me pushing her over and fucking her right there. Not even worrying about what my wife thought if she came out of the shower. But I already had just blown my load and new it would take at least a half an hour before I was ready to go again.

I made my way down to the games room and stayed there waiting for her to come down. It was almost an hour later when I hear a soft tap on the games door. I thought fuck I hope this isn’t Larry or Steve. I couldn’t handle it. I looked outside and saw Charlie it was Alex’s flat mate. I thought something was wrong. I opened the door and he walked straight in and kiss me. I pushed him back trying not to punch him. “What the fuck are you doing?” He looked at me confused “Alex told me that you wanted to see what it was like to be with another man. She told me as soon as you let me in don’t hesitate and kiss you”

What the fuck is going on I thought to myself. He moved over to me again “Look Charlie this isn’t going to happen no matter what” Charlie moved closer again. “If you want to fuck Alex you have to go through me first. “ Look buddy, Alex is hot as they come. But there is no way in hell that she is worth this” I heard a voice from behind “Is that right?” It was Alex and she was naked. She gestured for Charlie to go over to her. She knelt down in front of him pulled out his cock and swallowed it whole. Fuck I could tell from his expression that it must have felt fantastic.

She was going the full length of the shaft and then letting it pop out. She would then lick from the base of his cock all the way to the top again. She did this several times then would take one of his balls and suck it into her mouth while she was stroking his head. The feeling started to come back. This site was too bare. I wanted my turn. I took my cock out and placed it next to her. She kept pushing mine away. I was getting annoyed with her. Here she was sucking the head of Charlie while looking at me the whole time.
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Wow you are great thanks
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can not wait for part 2
4 years ago
good start good middle the end was not what I thought it would be! but still gave a 5
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