The Wife's "Cumming Out" Party

Coming into the party, I didn’t pay you too much attention. You were a bit late anyway, and I was already occupied with Cher, a favourite of mine. We were soon to make our way to the play room, wall to wall with mattresses on the floor. But I did notice how shy you looked, and how modestly you were dressed. At a gathering where most people’s sole purpose was to get fucked, hopefully by someone new, most girls dressed a bit on the slutty side. You wore a loose peasant blouse under corduroy bib overalls. With your tall slender body, you were more fitted as a flower c***d in 70's San Francisco. But appealing, all the same. Vulnerable always grabs the caring types like me.

Your husband was also new looking to the scene, but in the eager, candy-store way. To his credit he stayed my your side when he could have gone immediately with Nancy, the hot little tart who had met you at the door. (I saw him with her later) When Cher and I emerged from our little romp, the party was in full swing. Most people were naked throughout the house. You were watching porn on the big screen and also keeping an eye on what couples,(and triples) were doing almost everywhere. I noticed you watching me as Marge sucked my cock, and you gave me a nervous little smile when our eyes met. Marge noticed our exchange, and also saw you were still with your husband and still clothed. I nodded to her when she looked up enquiringly, and we walked over to you.

So here we are, face to face, My hands on your hips, you hands clasping each other inches from my hard-on. You tell me quietly how nervous you are. I tell you how important it is to be nervous. If you are not nervous, you are not putting enough importance on the step you are about to take. Hubby is delighted seeing you talking with a naked man, and equally delighted with the nice thing Marge is doing with him. We watch them move to the big sectional. Hubby has shed his last sock. Marge had been with a guy who didn’t do much for her, and she needed some cock soon, so we watched as they skipped preliminaries. Marge slid forward on her seat and he kneeled between her knees and you watch the cock that has only been in you in its whole life penetrate a woman whose name you don’t even know. But when you see the pleasure it gives Marge your breathing picks up and we are both surprised to find you holding my boner.

As the realization hits you, you look down at what your hands are doing, then up at my smiling face. I tell you to go slow, don’t miss a second of this magic event. We kiss and you quickly become voracious, revealing the real woman that only you and hubby knew was lurking there. You are still dressed, bu my hands are inside your overalls now, and under your panties, fondling your hard little cheeks. You won’t give up your hold on Mr. Happy, but I don’t want you to. At my prompting you turn your attention back to hubby. They are now on the floor and he is wildly pumping into a writhing Marge. It seems that their passion can’t last much longer, but it keeps growing. Now they are locked together, her heels clawing at his ass as she rocks up to meet his thrusts, their lips locked as well, wide open and completely devouring each other. We are mesmerized as they at last come to a quivering standstill.

Our eyes finally meet again, and your nerves have been replaced with eagerness. I comment on the nice show Hubby put on for you, and ask if you think he might like a show from you. You don’t know if he would or not, but think you would like to give him one anyway. So it is our turn on the sectional. Your overalls are discarded on top of hubby’s clothes on the floor. You make sure that we have at least his blurry attention as we kiss and then lift you blouse over your head. Standing like that gives full credit to your gorgeous, slender body. With your shaved pussy you could be barely pubescent, little tits hard as orange halves, sucked in tummy that makes the pubic bone protrude like a battering ram. I make a note not to bruise myself on it.

Now we are on the couch, in exactly the same position hubby and Marge had been fifteen minutes ago. A quick final check by you that he is watching and also approving. He is, as eagerly as he can be and still seem cool. I remembered when I had watched Bob work his cock into Karen for her first strange fuck after we had been married over five years. I hadn’t wanted to be intrusive, but I didn’t want to miss a thing either. Now your adoring husband is hovering at the periphery of our senses, watching this stranger marvelling at the lines and curves and indents of your body, caressing places previously known only to him. Like Karen, you came to him a virgin, and you are surprised to learn you are not the only woman who in this day and age has to admit that..Like Karen, also, I will see you become a sexual entity able to function and fuck without hubby, for your own pleasure and passion. The next time you fuck him, he will fuck a woman, not his wife.

.You know the moment is very close to when my cock will part your lips and you will feel a new man enter you, and the thought rekindles nerves and I can feel you tighten, as if expecting pain. But you relax when I don’t rush in. Now I lift your knees to my chest so that we both can look down at where my stallion is nuzzling your pouting lips and rubbing the little trigger just showing between them.

Now the moment is at hand. You know my hands are occupied with your knees, so your hands slip between your thighs and cradle my cock. You part your legs even further and your hips come up and with just a light pressure my head is swallowed by your sex. We hear a throaty “wow” from our gallery, but that is nothing to the ‘wow” we feel. You have me all now, and after a pause to revel in that, we are stroking slowly, long strokes that pause so that we can almost see my head, even see your lips bulging a bit as it presses the inside edge, then plunging full length in again. I try to lean forward to kiss you and feel you body against mine, and know why Marge and hubby had moved to the floor. I pick you up by your cheeks and easily swivel and lay you in the good old missionary. You giggle as you almost lose me in the move, and I help you lift your bum so our favourite fan can slip a cushion under. Then I take time to feel every inch of your body pressing against me, to claim your lips and tongue and finally to ask the cheeky question,”wanna fuck?”

And with the first stroke anything either of us had learned about technique was thrown away, as all that mattered now was a****l lust and the need to give the other the fuck of a lifetime and at the same time get every foot of altitude on our own sensations. Because of the voyeuristic build-up, the first few strokes brought on the first warning tickles of what was to cum. The first tickle brought on the sudden gasp and harder thrust that the other noted and added to his/her own store of lust. At one point our teeth are locked, you are lashing my tongue with yours, and through it all you are screaming into my mouth. Then you are laughing wildly into my ear as the first orgasm starts to subside but only very slowly. Then funny noises start escaping from me as I lose control and feeling me, you again explode yourself. I am bruising myself on your mound, but the awareness only spurs me higher.

.....After what seems like the worlds longest moment, maybe two hours, maybe thirty seconds, we have rolled over. Your still hold my somewhat shrunken cock in your pussy, but you have your legs together between mine. You press your nose to mine, then impishly bite it. Then you lift free, regretfully losing what left of my hard-on. Still straddling me, you reach out and grab hubby, yanking him into our arena and giving him the nicest thank you kiss. You sip a drink you are handed and have to let me up to offer me a sip. We are aware now of the crowd we have attracted. The whole party has left the mattress room and seems to be centered around us. Actually, most are either resting or beginning new pleasures of their own. I can see by admiring looks that you are going to be a popular girl.

And you are. I watch you fucking and sucking and see you have found a bi side. That’s my angel whose tits you are nibbling and who is fingering your pussy. Earlier you had a threeway that was a treat to watch. And I’ll find my way back to your soon. But I can always say,”I knew you when....”
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3 years ago
WOW, again. That was great. Thank you for posting.
3 years ago