Musical Tents: Swapping while Camping.

It all started when Brad shaved his beard off. He’d grown it about the time he was able to grow a full beard. This was not until he was almost twenty four, so he was justly proud of the growth. Carrie, his new bride, loved the look, and their two c***dren didn’t know him without it. His buddy Gord did, but Gord’s wife didn’t, so neither did their son. So when the day came when Brad looked in the mirror and saw somebody that wasn’t him anymore, the removal caused quite a stir. The youngest was Okay, the voice was still Daddy, the oldest took a bit more convincing.

Gord’s wife Sarah was the most flabbergasted of all. “My god, you look just like Gord. No wonder you grew it, so people could tell you apart. You’re not related, are you?”

They were in fact remarkably similar. They had played the same sports and worked at the same jobs all their lives, and similar frames now carried identical physiques. Oh, the eyes were a different colour, and so was the shade of blonde, but it was close.

They were going on the annual camping trip the following day. It was a vacation that young budgets would stand, and young bodies would endure. Not that it was rugged with air beds with built in pumps that recharged on the car’s lighter. But Brad remembered how his face felt after two weeks of cold water washing, and the memory took what romance was left in the beard.

Around the first campfire, when the k**s were quiet and the scene was perfect, the new camp chairs felt like lazy boys, Sarah again looked at Brad across the fire,, “My god, in this light you could be twins.”
Brad was getting just a bit tired of the theme, but f***ed a grin that he shared with Gord, “If we have to go to the can at the same time tonight, the girls won’t know for sure if they’re getting the right guy back.”
Sarah threatened him with fizzed beer, “But you would know.”
I jumped in, “Yeah, but would we tell you, before it was too late?”

Carrie was the only one who looked a bit worried, maybe because she had heard talk like this before when the guys were in a few beer, and she wasn’t sure about Sarah sometimes. She scolded herself sometimes that her fears were based on her being able to see the possibilities that the others could just laugh off. She felt at these times that it was her, not them, who had her mind in the gutter. She also felt she might be called on to protect the others from themselves in their innocence.

“They wouldn’t do that, would they?” Carrie asked Sarah, in a time when the guys had wandered into the shadows to pee.
“How would you tell?”, teased Sarah, “I mean, if a man you thought was your husband crawled in with you and he had a boner, how would you tell it was the right boner?”
Carrie thought stubbornly, “Whoever crawls in with me with a boner isn’t going to get fucked, that’s all.”
Sarah continued to goad her friend, “What if you heard me fucking in the next tent? Would that make it all right?”
“Sure, that would mean we have the right guys and it was safe.”
Sarah giggled, “But just suppose that I was fooled? It could happen with me as easy as with you.”

First Lesbian sex
The guys were back now, and wondering at the slightly annoyed air of Carrie. She stayed out of most of the banter, not all her normal self and Brad noticed it most. It got late, the fire was low, and it seemed wrong to put more wood on, so they turned in. In their bed, Carrie cuddled Brad and he relaxed. He had been worried by Carrie’s mood and didn’t know what had triggered it, so a warm hug felt doubly nice.

“Brad,” Carrie suddenly asked, “Would you guys really do that, switch beds, I mean”
Brad almost choked on the guffaw he tried to suppress. “ Is that what’s been on your mind, angel? That Gord and I would try to pull that on you? Why would we?”
Carrie snuffled into his neck that she just had to hear him say it, then gave him a kiss to say sorry, which turned into a fuck to say everything’s okay. She was still annoyed with herself for her misgivings, because they were still there, in the back of her mind.

In the other tent, Gord pulled Sarah’s pj’s down and slapped her with his boner, “Guess who.”
“Oh, Brad!, I’ve waited so long to fuck you. Give it to me now and give it to me hard.” Sarah managed to get it all out before collapsing into a giggle fit.
Gord got into it as he stripped her bare, “Gord has been wanting Carrie too. I hope they have as much fun as we’re going to have.”
Later, as the fires ebbed, Gord was a bit more sober, “We shouldn’t joke about it, maybe. I think Carrie is a bit uneasy.” A wicked thought crossed his mind, “You don’t think she thinks it could happen do you?”
“I think that Carrie thinks that you two could get up to anything you thought you could get away with.”

Gord was thoughtful, “Getting away with it includes having a f****y afterwards. The only way that would happen is if it was cool with you girls, then its not just us guys getting away with it.”
“If it was okay with me, you would fuck Carrie?” Sarah was thoughtful now
“Think,” insisted Gord, “It wouldn’t be okay with you unless you wanted to fuck Brad, and it wouldn’t be okay with you unless you knew it was okay with Carrie. With that many okay’s, who am I to say no?”
“Just the same, I can understand why Carrie might be a bit worried. She’s just thinking like a man. Now go to sl**p, you toad, don’t bother me with any more fantasies.” Sarah was smiling to herself as she turned over, as few fantasies in her own head, but no thought to bring them out.

It was a drizzly morning next day. Both families were congregated in the bigger tent, watching the sky lighten into the promise of a decent day again. Brad poked at Gord’s and Sarah’s air mattress. “I like it a bit firmer like this. It was really nice last night. How did you like our’s, Gord?” Brad kept a poker face, like he really wanted to know.
“I was only there for a couple hours, and I was more interested in Carrie than the mattress, but yeah, you might try jumping it up.” He knew Brad and Carrie had fucked, because he had run into Brad at a pit stop and been awake to hear them go at it. He had also heard Brad leave the tent later. He too kept a straight face, trying not to notice the look on Carrie’s face.

“You guys are going to get burned, you keep playing with fire,” Carrie was smiling. She wasn’t fooled, she knew who she had made love to. She looked at Sarah for confirmation, and her blank look sobered her. “You’re not sure?”
Sarah rounded on the two grinning guys, “You didn’t, did you?” Sarah knew the answer, but this was fun. The k**s were playing nicely, the older amusing both toddlers, the morning was dreary, and this was good diversion.

Gord leered, “I guess if you don’t know, no harm was done, and from all accounts, everybody had a good time. Sounds like a win-win.”

Carrie looked from face to face. She still thought she knew who had fucked her, but these two grinning goons were playing with her, and the way Sarah had reacted made her doubt just a little bit. She tried to piece together the sequence of events, and Brad had left the tent just when Gord said he had. She was only half awake for the second going, but ....hadn’t Brad pulled on his shorts to go, and when he came back didn’t he have boxers on that he left on? Now she wasn’t sure, either of her recollection or who had fucked her. The sex itself was it bit different anyway, the way it had to be in a tent with two little k**s. Hard as she thought, there was nothing in the lovemaking that pinned it for sure on Brad. And now as she looked at Gord, she had to wonder if she had harboured his cock just hours before. Still, she wasn’t about to admit it. Whoever it was, it was a nice cock.

Brad knew who had fucked who, and saw the wheels spinning in Carrie’s mind. He pointed silently to himself and to her, trying to reassure her, and she smiled gratefully back, but her last thought, that it was a nice cock no matter who’s it was, nagged at her. Was some inner self telling her it was Okay if it wasn’t Brad? Or worse, would it be okay some other time? And was Brad just trying to protect her with his signal? Or protect himself?
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3 years ago
What a dirty trick, but great story
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very interesting