Mrs. Smith Cums to Washington...State. LOL.

When Rob started his new job, it was really the start of a new life. He had made the break from a life in the logging industry, not following every male member of his f****y for generations. In so doing , he had to leave the town, and in his case, the State. Back home, logging was virtually the only way to make a living unless you were willing to work for half the money and clean hands. Rob was the only one of his brood to finish school, and had a notion to someday go a bit further.

Loneliness wasn’t a problem with him. He didn’t have much to do with the guys back home anyway. But he did have a lot to learn, he was aware of his lack of experience, and he was keen to make up the deficit. So it was natural for him to seek the wing of a coworker who seemed to be respected by the staff and supervision, and who also took an interest in him. Lars was only a couple years older, but had a degree, a young wife, and an attitude toward life that Rob thought suited himself. It was only weeks before Rob, while not a fixture, was a regular at the Nelson’s. He watched Mary swell with the first baby, and held the son on his first day home, and felt he was at home himself.

More than a year later, Rob was at the bus depot, waiting a late bus from the direction of home. He was in a bigger place now, and he had asked for some of personal stuff to be sent along. Stuff like hockey gear he had thought he would never use again, high school year books, junk. Now he was doing well in his new life, he felt less aversion to the old. Perhaps less fear of failing and having to return, as had been predicted by his b*****r. The bus rolled in, and a few minutes later Rob was packing his truck with all his junk. A girl with a large suitcase was reading the community notice board and now he took notice of her, trying to remember where he had seen her. Home seemed obvious, since she had come by the same bus as he had, then he put the face to a basketball player from the next town who had come to play his school in a local tournament.

It was a face worth remembering, and he seemed to remember legs to match, although the shorts they wore nowadays meant you had to imagine a lot. He searched for a name, came up empty. He wanted to talk to her, but thought she must have someone coming for her and didn’t need another rube seeming to hit on her. She caught him looking, and hesitantly smiled, then looked away. He bit the bullet.
“Ride late coming? Can I take you anywhere?” He tried to sound cool, but she was a knockout, and his voice cracked a bit.

Jenny fidgeted , “Do you know town? Is there a Y a person can go to? I left in a bit of a hurry and I thought it would be easy just to go to a hotel until I found a place, but now it doesn’t seem so easy, especially with all this stuff to haul.”
“Jenny! Sorry, I just remembered your name.” Rob’s face was one big smile,” I used to drool over you when you came to play in Eckville. So you’ve left home too?”

Jenny lit up. She didn’t remember anyone drooling, but if he knew where Eckville was, he was hometown. It wasn’t on many maps. He wasn’t hard to look at either. He wasn’t dressed like a logger, and he didn’t look like he had been to the bar. Nothing like home. She watched with a warm flood or relief as he hoisted her bag into his truck and held the door for her. She wasn’t all alone!

An hour later she wasn’t all that sure. There were hotels, and cheap motels, but a quick scan of apartments had sobered her, especially the deposit needed to even pay the first rent. She had no furniture and as yet no job. She had come cold. The attentions of Tim at home had become too heavy. Tim drank with her father who thought he was a fine match for Jenny, and the pressure was growing. Jenny in fact had never even gone out with Tim, and that was just fine with her. So she left one morning, leaving only a note saying she was headed in to opposite direction.

Now it was dusk. They were at Rob’s. There seemed nowhere else to take her. Rob had hauled his huge duffel bag in and showed her his new digs, then had gone back to the truck and brought in her big suitcase. She hadn’t objected. She had no idea what else she could do. She hadn’t had the luxury of thinking out her future, she just had to shake what looked like might be her future. Rob remembered his first day in the city. At least he had a job and a contact to get a bed to start with. Jenny had none of that, and the hide a bed he had scored at the warehouse now looked like a winning investment. His apartment was a one bedroom, but up to a month ago he had been sl**ping on the hide a bed himself..

For the first time in a month, since she had first realized she was going to have to leave, Jenny was relaxed and limp, sprawled on the couch. Rob and her were eating microwave popcorn, the TV didn’t have hockey on it, and he wasn’t drinking beer, or trying to get her to have one. She had started to talk of a job search, but Rob had forbid it until morning. It was Saturday night, he could spend tomorrow with her, and it was time to get to know each other. The talk studiously avoided any mention of what was new at home. Jenny noted that Rob had already laid out blankets for the pull-out, and knew no demands were being made for services rendered. Sometimes while she talked, she was aware that he was devouring her with his eyes, but he had done nothing to frighten her, and his look was one of awe more than any hunger.

Rob, for his part, couldn’t get over this vision that had become part of his life, at least for one night. She was pink and flushed from a hot bath, and wrapped in a huge terry robe that the Nelsons had given for a house warming present only a couple weeks ago. He imagined her skin touching fabric that had cuddled him only last night, then chided himself for thinking that about this girl who needed his help, not his lust. But then he thought it again.

They talked well into the night, then Rob pulled out the bed which Jenny made herself. It was strange hearing the sounds of another person in the house, having to put something on to go to the bathroom, trying to be a bit quiet when peeing, having another glass with another toothbrush on the vanity. He liked it. So he was distressed to hear the sobbing only a hour after he had dozed. He listened helplessly for as long as he could. He remembered hearing his mother sobbing into the night when his dad hadn’t come home, preferring the hockey on the big screen at the bar. But that was angry sounding. This was helpless, like a kitten looking for her mother, still not having eyes open to see it was alone.

Rob took the twists out of the pajamas he had found among his underwear, and which he hated, and sat on Jenny’s bedside. He knew he had to touch her, hoped it wouldn’t be misconstrued. She quieted at his touch, and as he rubbed her shoulder, managed a week smile up at him. Her shoulder poked through the neck of the big tee shirt he had found for her to use as a nighty.
“Sorry. I was crying, wasn’t I? I had to leave there, but I had no idea what it was like being alone” Her perfect face looked up at Rob and now seemed so fragile. But still beautiful.
“Okay now?” He still felt awkward sitting on this angel’s bed, and strove to keep any unclean thoughts from defiling the moment.

Jenny rolled and caught his hand in two of hers, pressing it to her cheek, “You’ve done so much, but could I have a hug too? I really need a hug.”
Rob let himself be pulled down to lay beside this vision, felt the arms around his neck, made his arms respond, and felt a tiny waist writhe as she snuggled in closer. His cock had a mind of its own, and he hoped against hope that she wouldn’t hug him so close that she might feel it. A willing Mary had been offered to him by Lars only a couple months ago. They were concerned that he didn’t seem interested in girls, when there were a couple in the office who made no secret of his attractiveness. He had been tempted. Mary was a sexy lady, and he remembered how she could kiss on birthdays and New Years Eve, and most of the time around her he watched how she moved. So he shouldn’t have been surprised to find himself roused now.

“I’ve never really hugged a man before” she whispered into his ear, making goose bumps on his arms, “I mean to hug and really hope he likes it. It feels good. I don’t want you to go. I wish you could stay with me.” Jenny studied his face in the dim light, then pulled him to her and kissed him, a shy, light kiss that was still warm and clinging. “Will you stay a little while?” The smile was still shy, but the next kiss was more intense, and the next was more loving, and the next......When Rob went to his bed, Jenny went with him. He didn’t really ask her, both knew it would happen. She had thrown her blankets over him and he knew she could feel his boner and he knew she was pressing back.

It wasn’t classic lovemaking. It was two rookies whose only knowledge was the need they both felt. In later days they both would laugh at the attempts at foreplay that pinched more than tickled in their intensity. But Rob was wonderfully wet and slippery even if she was not, and the pain of her virginity going was slight compared with having her knight in her possession. She didn’t cum herself, but she felt Rob’s juices pumping in, and reveled at his throaty laughter, and she knew it was good, and it would get better.

She came the next day, around noon, when she felt Rob was looking hungrily at her, and she had stopped feeling so sore. He felt a bit guilty, like he was making a selfish demand, and he was very gentle and slow, exploring her perfect body, his mouth following his hands. He was new to this, but he had seen some things on TV and coffee room walls back home, so he knew it was okay to kiss her pussy, and was surprised to find it so pleasant in taste and smell. What really blew him away was the wild gyrations it threw her into and the abandon she took on as she coaxed and coached him onward. When she couldn’t take more, she practically ****d him, throwing him down and sitting on his cock, ramming him home, then cumming wildly, rocking her pelvis against his pube, pressing his hands to her tits. He could feel himself butting the end of her cunt..and he hoped he wasn’t hurting her, or he wasn’t bruising those gorgeous breasts. He felt like a hero for giving her a orgasm, but she was still a goddess to be worshipped, not defiled. The he was cumming, and she knew it, and her tongue was in his mouth as she held still for him to pump into her from the bottom, and they were both laughing the laugh of new love and arrival. No wedding ceremony had ever been so binding.
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