Online hookup: a gift from the hubby!

Just a normal week night at home, that’s how it started. I had been upstairs and came down to get a drink. My husband was on his lap top typing away. I leaned over and noticed he was chatting. Kissing him on the forehead I asked who he was talking to. “Some guy” he replied. I went back up stairs and got back to what I was doing. Awhile later I returned down stairs and hubby was still typing away. Being nosey I looked over his shoulder to find a picture of my ass and on the screen. I asked my husband what was going on. He replied “this guy thinks you are hot”, nice but he wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t showed me off I thought to myself. I asked hubby to request a pic of the strangers cock. A couple minuets later it showed up and I was impressed. I felt myself get a little flushed and decided to fain a lack of interest and went to the living room. After some time hubby came in the room and dropped some shoes at my feet. “Robert is outside come out and meet him”. Looking up I asked who the hell Robert was. “The guy I was chatting with” he responded. A little pissed I slipped on my shoes and followed hubby outside.

We all shook hands and the boys joked and talked. I was feeling kind of shy; I don’t know why he had already saw pictures of my body naked. As we talked my mind wondered off, this guy did have a great looking cock. What the hell I am a little cutie, maybe a threesome tonight would be fun, I thought to myself. Then it hit me, the only clothes I had on was a light shirt and a denim skirt, glancing down at my rock hard nipples poking against my shirt. Looking up to Robert I caught him looking at my chest. I felt self conscious and looked away quickly. I should have been paying more attention to the conversation, I heard hubby say “you two have fun see ya later”. With that I was standing alone with Robert in front of our house. Our conversation turned very flirty. Robert made it clear that my husband had offered me to him. My hart thumped in my chest as I wondered what I was going to do. I decided I would check with hubby before I did anything. I found him in the house; it didn’t take much to get his blessing. I took my cell and ID and headed back out side. Robert leaning against his car greeted me with a warm smile. I asked him what he had in mind. “I don’t know your husband said I couldn’t get you off”. I swallowed hard and replied “I guess we should go find out”

It wasn’t long before we pulled into a motel. Robert parked and left me to pay for the room. I called hubby and told him where we were and waited for Roberts return.

Soon we were stepping into a room I kicked off my shoes then sat on the bed, scooting towards the middle. Robert used the bathroom, and then stepped out wearing only boxer shorts. His body was nice and I thought to myself, I have come this far there was no way I could stop now. He sat on the bed behind me, shivers ran through me as I felt my long hair pulled away and his lips found my neck. His breath was hot in my ear and I heard a moan escape me. Robert unbuttoned my shirt and his fingers found my nipples, gently rubbing circles around them. I could feel his hard cock rub my back as his hands traveled down my body. I turned my head and we kissed. I broke our embrace long enough to get my skirt off. I watched as his boxers came off, I wanted him. I lowered my head and took him into my mouth. His cock pulsed as my lips slid up and down on him. Before long my nose was against the smooth skin at the base of his dick. He must have been told I dislike pubic hair, as he was freshly shaved. He had a salty taste as pre cum leaked into my mouth.

Pulling me away he moved us into a sixty-nine with me on my back. His tongue licked my clit back and forth; already I felt an orgasm building. With my hand I guided his cock to my mouth. I grasped his hips pulling him into me. His moaning vibrated my clit; I pulled my knees up giving him total access to me. Roberts tongue darted around my sphincter, I love my ass licked. His tongue found its way back to my clit and I came hard, forcing me to grunt and moan around the cock in my mouth. I begged Robert to fuck me, he flipped on to his back and I got on top of him. I took hold of his dick and aimed it at my pussy. It stretched me open as I lowered myself on him. My heavy breathing and moaning really got Robert going. “You are so sexy”, Roberts voice deep and low. I urged him on I love being talked dirty to. “Call me names, please treat me like your fucking slut”, I cupped my tits and began pulling my nipples. Roberts hand reached for my clit and sent a shock through my body. “Ride my cock bitch make me fuckin cum”, I suspected hubby had given Robert that advice to during the chat session.

Leaning forward bracing myself on the bed I slammed myself down on his cock. Roberts lips found my right nipple, I pleaded for him to bite it. His teeth closed on it and the sensation gave me my seconded orgasm of the night. Robert pushed me off him and got behind me. His cock thrust back it to me hard and deep. I was now screaming as he grabbed my hips and his pace picked up. Robert used me, and I loved it. “Pull my hair”, my head ripped back. I began begging to be fucked harder. Robert steady grunting was driving me crazy. He let go of my hair and I dropped my head to the bed. Robert smacked my ass. I put a finger in my mouth, getting it nice and wet. I reached back and found my own tight little asshole.

I pushed a finger in and I could feel Roberts cock moving in my pussy, separated only by the thin skin. He loved the show of me being so dirty. “Fuck yes you whore”, I pushed the finger deeper in to my ass. I began to time the thrusting of Roberts cock. As my third orgasm hit I screamed “fuck my cunt”, god I came hard. Robert slammed into me. I rocked my hips meeting him. “I’m gonna cum”, he bellowed. He started to pull out and I f***ed back keeping him inside me. His cum flooded my pussy. I fell flat, feeling his cum leak out of me. Out of breath and dizzy I thanked him. He was wonderful.
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