Good Friends and Lovers

My wife, Jean, is a smart, successful business woman at work and a sexual slut in private life. At home she always wears sexy, revealing clothes and enjoys showing herself off to me. I have always been turned-on by this behaviour and encouraged it. When purchasing birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts for her I always include something sexy; stockings, stilettos, erotic lingerie or revealing clothing and her collection is extensive

After thirty-three years of marriage I can look back on a very interesting sex life that is still going strong. Until we met Don and Carol we had never had sex outside of our marriage. They were the same age as Jean and I, late twenties, and lived directly across the street from the first home we purchased. Jean and Carol went shopping together; Don and I helped each other with home projects etc. and during the course of the first year the four of us became close friends. They seemed an odd-matched couple at first, Don is about 5’ 6” while Carol is 5’ 11” and towers over him, especially when wearing heels, but they compliment each other very well and we have had lots of fun with them over the years.

During the course of our guy talk, I discovered that Carol liked to dress up in sexy lingerie and erotic clothing and Don, like me, become highly aroused when she did so. During one of our chats Don mentioned that he had a secret desire to watch Carol get fucked by another man and I confessed to the same fantasy about my wife and I had spoken to her about it during sex. I was surprised when she never rejected the idea and commented that it sounded interesting. Don thought that perhaps he should discuss it with Carol, maybe she would be up for it also. I mentioned our discussion to Jean and she said all men probably had the same feelings and Don might get his wish one day….maybe I would too!

Two weeks later we had just finished dinner at Don and Carol’s when Jean said she had something to show Carol at our place and they would be back shortly. The girls left and Don and I cleared the table and went to the kitchen for a beer. Our wives came back and went directly upstairs; we didn’t pay much attention and carried on talking sports.

Fifteen minutes later they came into the kitchen wearing just stockings, heels, garter belts and half-cup bras and stood in front of us with their legs spread apart and hands on hips. Carol looked great; she was all in red, her large tits bulging out over the top of her bra and I saw a neat patch of dark brown hair above her pussy. Jean’s outfit was black contrasting her light skin; her slim, athletic body, lovely tits, long shapely legs and blonde pubic hair exposed for Don to see. They smiled at each other then knelt in front of us, unzipped our pants and began to suck our cocks. I looked across at Carol and was surprised to see that Don’s cock was huge. We know now that although Don may be small in stature, his cock is thick and a full 9½”, Jean looked over and her eyes widened as she saw Carol mouthing and jerking this huge shaft and my cock stiffened at the thought of my wife being fucked by it.

After a few minutes Carol said to Jean, ‘Let’s change.’

Carol knew what to do with my cock and balls; she licked, mouthed and played with them while never letting me get close to ejaculation. Jean was also enjoying Don; she seemed intrigued by the size of his cock and would jerk it while holding it in front of her face before devouring it again and again. Don helped Jean to her feet, his huge cock rock hard and twitching up and down, and sat her back on the kitchen table. I was standing beside the table and as she lay back and opened her legs wide I played with her gaping pussy. Don stroked his large erection a few times before pushing it past her pussy lips as I watched and tweaked her clit. This was so erotic for me that I shot my load down Carol’s throat almost immediately. Don fucked my wife on the table while I watched and fondled Carol until he sent a load of sperm all over Jean’s tummy and tits.

In bed that night Jean told me that she had discussed Don’s desires with Carol, explaining that I felt the same. Carol was excited by this and told Jean that she had fantasies about having sex with me and that’s when they devised their plan to seduce us. She found the evening extremely arousing, Don’s big dick filling and stretching her pussy as never before. I told Jean how horny I felt when I saw her with another man and that I would like to just watch next time and masturbate. She said that was so erotic and grabbed my hard cock. I rolled on top of her and slipped into her very wet pussy.
The next morning we invited Don and Carol over for coffee and a chat. It was agreed that everyone had fun and we should do it again. Jean mentioned my wish to watch her and masturbate and our friends seemed excited by the idea and plans were made for Friday night at our place.

Jean was dressed in a little blue cincher with nylons and stiletto heels over which she put on a short, tight blue dress, she looked spectacular and I became hard thinking that in a few minutes I would be watching her with Don. Our friends arrived; Carol removed her coat and was wearing only stockings and heels. She came and kissed me, rubbed my crotch, winked and said it felt like I was ready for the show. I could see the bulge in Don’s pants as Jean took him by the hand and headed for the stairs. I followed Carol to the bedroom and enjoyed the view of her legs, ass and cunt as she climbed the stairs. Jean and Don embraced at the foot of the bed, kissed and Don’s hands mauled my wife’s ass. I stripped off and stood beside the bed while Carol lay back in a chair to take in the show. Don lifted the little blue dress and fondled Jean’s bare behind as they continued to kiss passionately. Jean unzipped Don’s pants and they fell to the floor, he wasn’t wearing underwear and his big cock bounced into view, he removed his shirt while Jean wanked him and then he took off her dress exposing her tits, pussy and ass. They lay on the bed and fondled each other as I as I stood beside them masturbating and Carol lay back in the chair, spread her legs wide over the arms and did the same. They moved into a sixty-nine and I got in close to see Don’s tongue in Jean’s pussy then moved to watch her suck his dick. He positioned my wife at the edge of the bed on her back, she opened her legs and I saw her pussy lips were slightly apart and begging to be fucked by Don’s thick, long erection. He rubbed his cock over her crotch before ramming it into Jean and I wanted a closer look. I lay on the floor with my head between Don’s feet and watched him fuck my wife who was obviously enjoying every second judging by the noises she was making from her mouth and pussy. I began to encourage Don by saying, ‘Fuck her Don, give her that big dick, slam it into her, she loves it.’

Carol also gave encouragement as she hand-fucked herself ever more vigourously as she breathed, ‘Oh yes, fuck her Don, fuck the slut with your big hard cock, stretch that pussy, she wants more, give it to her, give it to her.’ She came out of the chair on all fours and put her face a few inches above my cock and said, ‘Give me your cum Evan, splash it all over my face, look at your wife being fucked, she’s a slut who can’t get enough of a big, thick dick.’

The sheer horniness of what was going on; my wife taking Don’s huge cock and Carol’s words were too much and I splashed a massive load of cum all over Carol’s face. Jean was moaning as Don’s pace quickened and he ejaculated powerfully and collapsed beside her. I looked up and saw Jean’s pussy, wet and wide open with cum dribbling out and I couldn’t resist getting up and tonguing her to another climax, finding the mixture of pussy juice and sperm, interesting.

About six weeks later, an evening stays in my mind for a special reason. Carol had been attending to a f****y emergency in Edmonton for three weeks and was expected to be away for another three. Although Don and I were spending more time together during Carol’s absence, it was usually at his place or the local watering hole and Jean said we should invited him for a home-cooked meal. He arrived on time with a bottle of wine in hand and we enjoyed an excellent dinner together. Jean said she needed to finish a report and would join us in the den if she could finish in a reasonable time. Don and I decamped to the den and I turned on the game. As we watched with not much interest Don said how much he missed Carol and how horny he was. He had been watching Jean as she moved between the kitchen and dining room and I guessed he was hoping to fuck her tonight so I commented that Jean had a lot work to do and may not be able to join us. I was wrong, she came into the den wearing one of those schoolgirl outfits that are now so popular, I had no idea that she had it and she certainly looked sexy. She said she wanted to surprise us and asked that we strip off. Sitting naked on the couch, our erections twitching skyward, she turned on the stereo and began a striptease. Don and I masturbated slowly while watching her as she danced in front of us, bending over and playing with herself then putting a finger in her mouth as a naughty c***d would do. She said she had been a naughty girl and needed to be punished before being fucked. Now standing naked before us she turned around, bent over slightly and caressing her ass and announced, ‘Spank me.’

I took her by the hand and led her back to the couch and put her across my lap, my erection throbbing against her. I began to spank my wife and Don grabbed her hair, lifted her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Between spanks I fondled her pussy and watched as her behind began to redden. We changed positions and Don spanked our naughty schoolgirl while she sucked my cock. Her ass was glowing red as she stood, crossed the room and sat in a chair. We were about to join her thinking that was where she wanted to be screwed but she held up a hand and said firmly, ‘No, stay where you are!’

What she said next was totally unexpected; she asked us to masturbate each other. We reluctantly did as she bid and I discovered that I liked playing with Don’s big cock and he admitted later that he enjoyed playing with me. Jean said that we should know what to do with another man’s cock since we play with our own so much. She watched us and masturbated and then asked me to suck Don’s dick. I was so aroused that I just did it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jean was very turned on and asked Don to suck my cock and what a thrill that was. We don’t consider ourselves bi-sexual but still enjoy this limited male-to-male interaction and have never done it with any other man.

Jean and I were in a sixty-nine and I could see Don’s huge shaft just inches away from my wife’s pussy as I played with her clit. I spread her lips and watched as his cock disappeared inside her. I continued to tease Jean’s clit as Don rocked slowly in and out and I tickled the underside of his cock with my tongue. Don picked up speed and was soon pounding into my wife, I could see her pussy lips spreading apart each time the thick dick, glistening with Jean’s juices, rammed in. My sperm shot down Jean’s throat and Don filled her pussy, his seed flooded out and onto my face.

Don came over a couple more times for dinner before Carol arrived back home and we celebrated her homecoming by tag-teaming her for over two hours.

During the time we had been intimate with our friends I realized that Jean was becoming ever more adventurous and needed sex every day even if it was limited to me eating her pussy for an hour. Her birthday was two months away and I had decided to arrange a gangbang for her….but that’s another story.
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