A Marines Homecoming Part 01


Miriam was lying on her side with her daughter's boyfriend Aaron lying on his side behind her. They were both naked in Miriam's bed. Aaron had his left arm underneath Miriam as he fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples with his left hand. Aaron's right hand covered Miriam's pussy and he had three fingers buried in her cunt. Miriam's ass was stuffed with Aaron's big thick cock as he sawed in and out of her shapely ass. This had become Miriam's favorite position since she and Aaron began their affair almost two weeks ago. Miriam had given up her anal virginity to Aaron a week ago and now she had become addicted to his cock in her ass. They had been having sex for hours that day and now Aaron was about to cum in Miriam's ass a second time. He had already filled her mouth and pussy with his volcanic like ejaculations. Miriam groaned loudly as she experienced yet another orgasm as her rectum was filled with semen.


Aaron Jennings had arrived home on two week military leave. He had been in the Marine Corps over a year and he had just recently been assigned to the Security Guard Detachment in Marine Barracks in Naples, Italy. Aaron had joined the Marine Corps right after high school in 1961 and now a year later he was on his way to Italy for two years. Aaron was a strapping handsome young man who stood tall at 6'3" and weighed a chiseled 190 pounds. He was a picture of health and fitness at 19 years of age. He was an outstanding Marine and had worked hard in his first year of service.

Aaron's high school girlfriend Jane was thrilled that Aaron was home and she looked forward to spending time with him. Jane had just turned 18 years old and she was a senior in the local high school. She and Aaron had dated when she was a junior and he was a senior in high school. Jane also dated Aaron when ever he was home on leave. They had never had sex together in high school although their petting was very intense. Many a night after a date Jane would arrive at her home with her panties soaking wet. Now that she had turned 18 Jane thought that she might be ready to give up her virginity to Aaron. Jane was a pretty 5' 6" blonde with a cute 34-22-34 figure. She had nice firm medium size breasts, shapely legs and a curvy ass. Jane knew her ass was appealing as she was always getting pinched at parties.

Jane had come home from school that Wednesday afternoon all excited that Aaron was coming over that evening. She immediately tackled her homework so that she would have some time to spend with him that evening. Miriam and her husband Peter were not so enthused about Aaron coming over to the house. Miriam and Peter Connors were strict parents and they did not relish their daughter going out with a Marine home on leave. As far as they were concerned, Aaron would have one thing on his mind and that would be getting laid. Jane's parents had kept a watchful eye over her and they had always imposed strict curfews when she dated. Miriam and Peter discussed the situation and expressed their mutual feelings to one another.

"Miriam, I know what military guys want when they come home on leave and that is to get laid. I just don't approve of Jane going out with Aaron while he is home," Peter told his wife.

"I understand how you feel Peter but we must give Jane some credit and trust her as well. After all she and Aaron dated for a year in high school and nothing ever happened between them. We know that Jane is still a virgin," Miriam responded.

"I know all that but that was a year ago. Aaron is more mature now and I'm sure that he is more advanced in his sexual experience. I'm just not comfortable with it," Peter stated firmly.

"Well he is only home for two weeks and he will only be able to see Jane on the weekends. It will break her heart if she is not allowed to go out with Aaron while he is home. I will speak to her and tell her our concerns and she will still have a strict curfew," Miriam replied.

There was another reason that Peter did not trust Aaron and that was that Peter himself could not be trusted. Peter had decided that most men could not be trusted after all a stiff prick has no conscience. Later that evening Aaron arrived after dinner and he looked impressive in his Marine uniform. Jane was all giggly and goo-goo eyed all evening and that is when Miriam decided to take matters into her own hands. Miriam sensed that Jane would definitely let her guard down when she was with the impressive confident Aaron. Miriam decided that she would call Aaron the next day and arrange a meeting with him. Miriam decided to take on the situation head on before something happened.

That night Miriam lay awake wondering how she would deal with Aaron. She could understand how her daughter would easily be overwhelmed by Aaron's charm and submit to his advances. This was a time when Jane could not be counted on to do the right thing. Miriam kept thinking about the handsome Aaron and she found herself thinking about what he would be like in bed. Miriam got more and more excited as she thought about making love with Aaron. It had been almost a year since she and Peter had sex together and Miriam had resorted to masturbation for her own sexual satisfaction. She had even been bold enough to purchase a vibrator which she used to stimulate her clit. Miriam then figured out what she would say to Aaron and if it worked out it would benefit her as well.

The next morning, after Peter left for work and Jane left for school, Miriam called Aaron at his home. Aaron was home alone since both his parents worked. Aaron was surprised to get a phone call from Jane's mother and he was further surprised when she asked to meet with Aaron at her home. Aaron agreed to meet with Miriam and he headed over to the Connors' house as soon as he hung up the phone.


Aaron arrived at the Connors' home and rang the front doorbell. Miriam answered the door, smiled and invited Aaron into the house. Aaron walked in and followed Miriam into the kitchen. For the first time he paid attention to her figure. She was a woman old enough to be his mother but she looked really good. That day Miriam had decided to wear tight fitting slacks and a snug blouse that showed off her 35-24-36 figure. Aaron liked the way her buttocks rolled under the tight slacks.

"Would you like a cup of coffee Aaron?"

"Sure Mrs. C that would be great," Miriam accepted him calling her Mrs. C as he had always addressed the Connors. Miriam was Mrs. C and Peter was Mr. C.

"I assume that you take it black."

"Yes I do. I got used to that in the Corps."

Miriam poured the coffee and brought it over to the kitchen table and sat down across from Aaron. "I guess you're wondering why I asked to speak to you today," Miriam began.

"Yes, I am."

"Well it's about you and Jane. She is infatuated with you and my husband and I believe that she will do anything you ask, even have sex with you. I am asking you not to push the sex issue with her. She is still a virgin and I would like her to stay that way," Miriam said with a big sigh, relieved to get it off her chest.

Aaron smiled and thought a minute before he responded. "You know Mrs. C; I never pushed myself on Jane in the past. But she is 18 years old now, suppose she wants to do it. We like each other a lot and it might just happen at the right moment."

"That's exactly what I am talking about. I have already spoken to Jane and she understands the situation but I am concerned that both of your emotions can get the best of you. Heavy petting and kissing can lead to the next step and I am asking you not to take that step with my daughter," Miriam stressed urgently.

Aaron paused as he thought about what Jane's mother was asking and then Miriam went on. "Aaron I have a proposition for you. I will agree to have sex with you if you promise to not have intercourse with Jane," Miriam offered after getting up the nerve to do so.

"Did I hear you right Mrs. C? You are willing to have sex with me to save your daughter's virginity," Aaron asked in disbelief.

Miriam just nodded in the affirmative as if she did not want to repeat the offer. "I need to know this instant before I change my mind," Miriam said nervously.

Aaron thought long and hard about Miriam's offer and then he thought about the way she looked walking in front of him earlier. Aaron thought to himself, "Sure she was older but she was hot. She had a great figure and he assumed that she would be good in bed." Aaron decided to accept her offer.

"Okay Mrs. C it's a deal. Now let's get started," Aaron said confidently anxious now to see her naked.

"Now, you want to do it now," Miriam asked in shock.

"Sure, we're here alone. Let's go to your bedroom," Aaron directed as he stood up from the table.

Aaron took Miriam by the hand and she stood up. "Lead the way to your bedroom."

Miriam turned beet red as she had not expected things to move so quickly and now she was being challenged to go through with it. Miriam walked ahead of Aaron and as she ascended the stairs Aaron watched her marvelous ass undulate in her tight slacks. Miriam walked into her bedroom with Aaron right behind her and then she turned to face him. She was about to speak and tell him she changed her mind when he stepped up to her and kissed her driving his tongue into her mouth. She had not been kissed that passionately in a very long time.

Aaron began to undress Miriam as she stood still and trembled as her clothing was removed. Aaron first removed her blouse, then her shoes and her slacks. Miriam stood wearing only her bra and panties and Aaron like what he saw. Aaron stepped up behind Miriam and unhooked her bra. Then he slowly pushed it down her arms and Miriam instinctively covered her breasts with her hands. Aaron massaged Miriam's neck and shoulders gently as if he was trying to remove her tension. Then his hands encircled her waist and he kissed her neck. Miriam trembled and goose bumps covered her skin. Aaron's hands moved upwards and he cupped her breasts. He fondled them gently and toyed with her erect nipples. Miriam could feel her body heating up and she felt like she was a teenager once again.

Aaron then dropped to his knees behind Miriam and began to pull her panties down. First he uncovered her buttocks and he kneaded them gently in his hands. Then he lovingly placed kisses on each of Miriam's ass cheeks and let his tongue tickle her crack. Miriam gasped aloud when the tongue slid over her crack and Miriam sensed that Aaron was experienced beyond his years. Miriam realized then that Jane would have been no match for Aaron's seductive powers. Miriam then felt her panties pulled all the way down her legs and she stepped out of them. Now completely naked Aaron turned Miriam around so that she faced her kneeling lover. Aaron touched Miriam all her around her vulva and probed her vagina gently with his fingers.

Miriam's pussy was sopping wet by now and Miriam was shocked when Aaron moved in closer to lick her pussy. Miriam groaned and shivered as the tongue danced over her labia and then she almost collapsed when the tongue found her clit. Aaron pushed two fingers into her pussy and quickly located her g-spot. Then he massaged her g-spot and nibbled on her clit simultaneously. Miriam lost it and she grasped Aaron's head and held him tightly as her juices poured into his mouth. Miriam almost lost her balance, her orgasm was so intense and she seemed to cum for minutes. Then Aaron stood up and Miriam saw his face coated with her love juice. Aaron kissed her again and for the first time in her life she tasted herself.

"Now it it's your turn," Aaron said with all the confidence in the world.

Miriam then realized that Aaron expected her to undress him. She hesitated for a moment since she had never undressed a man in her life. Then Miriam stepped up to Aaron and pulled the tight t-shirt out of his pants and lifted it up over his body. Miriam marveled at the chiseled physique of the young man. Then she unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. Aaron then put his arms around her and hugged her tightly crushing her breasts against his hairy chest.

"You have great tits, Mrs. C," Aaron whispered to her.

He had said great tits and not beautiful breasts. Welcome to the 1960's Miriam thought. Then she stepped away and kneeling down in the process, she pulled Aaron's pants down to his ankles. Aaron kicked off his shoes and then stepped out of his pants. Now he was just wearing his underwear briefs but his package was prominently outlined. Miriam's hands were shaking as she hooked her fingers in the waistband of Aaron's briefs and slowly pulled them down.

Aaron's impressive cock got caught in the waistband momentarily and then it sprung out like a coiled snake. Miriam gasped when she saw the big cock bob in front of her face. Aaron's cock was big but it was not huge. However at 8" long and a little more than 5" around it was the biggest cock that Miriam had ever seen and it looked menacing to her. She briefly recalled her husband's cock which was more the average size of 6" and not as thick. Miriam just stared at the cock in front of her as Aaron kicked off his underwear.

Aaron reached for Miriam's head and held it gently as he guided her face toward his cock. Miriam knew that she was expected to take Aaron's cock in her mouth but she was reluctant. Miriam had only performed oral sex on her husband and that was in an effort to get him hard or to get him interested in sex. No one had ever cum in her mouth in her life. Miriam let Aaron guide her face to his cock and she opened her mouth wide to receive the impressive organ. The big fleshy mushroom head filled her mouth and she knew that she would never be able to take all of him in her mouth. Miriam was inexperienced in oral sex but she tried to hide that from Aaron. She bobbed her head up and down on the stiff shaft taking about half of it in her mouth.

Miriam actually liked the soft feel of the mushroom head rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she sucked the thick cock. Aaron then held her head gently and caressed her hair as Miriam sucked him. Aaron was very turned on and he knew that he would not last long since it had been a while since he had sex. Aaron had purposely not masturbated for over a week in anticipation of having sex while he was home. Aaron's felt his ball sac tighten and the pressure build in his scrotum. He opted not to tell Miriam that he was close to cumming but instead held her head more firmly. Then Aaron felt it and he ejaculated into Miriam's mouth with such f***e that it startled her.

Miriam tried to pull her head off of Aaron's cock but he held her head tightly as jets of cum shot into her mouth. Miriam felt the first jolt hit the back of her throat and before she could react, a second round shot in her mouth. Miriam tried to expel the semen as quickly as she could without swallowing any and it ran out of her mouth covering Aaron's shaft and flowing over his testicles. Aaron kept shooting cum into Miriam's mouth and she quickly learned to use her tongue to block the discharging cock. Six f***eful jets were shot into her mouth and then the cock just oozed its remaining discharge. In spite of her efforts, Miriam ended up swallowing some of Aaron's semen. She at first was repulsed by the act but then she thought that the semen hadn't tasted that bad.

Aaron's cock and balls were cum covered when Miriam finally removed his cock from her mouth. She stared at the imposing weapon that had just ejaculated in her mouth and it was still as hard as steel. Miriam felt Aaron's hands on her pulling her to her feet and then he kissed her deeply. Miriam was surprised that Aaron would kiss her after she sucked his cock but he seemed unconcerned about the traces of semen in her mouth. Aaron guided Miriam over to her bed and had her lie on her back. Aaron raised himself up and knelt between her legs. His huge cock looked menacing as it hovered above her hips. Aaron held his cock and lined up the swollen head with the entrance to her sex. He pushed forward slightly allowing her tight cunt lips to open up for his impressive cock. He was about half way in when he pulled out and then slowly eased back into her causing her to moan in pleasure. Aaron would push in a little and then pull out a little slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. Finally his entire cock was buried in her and Miriam sighed feeling completely full almost afraid to move. This was still a new sensation for her to be this full as his cock touched areas within her for the first time.

Aaron held himself inside her waiting for Miriam to start fucking him. He looked down at her and smiled as he knew he had her and she would be his for the next two weeks. Miriam was ready to be fucked and she needed his big dick to slide in and out of her and rub her clit. She began to move and then Aaron fucked her using long slow hard strokes. Miriam locked her legs around Aaron's ass and pulled him into her. He began to fuck her harder and faster and she felt another orgasm on its way. She was at the mercy of his impressive organ as it pounded her pussy.

If Aaron hadn't just cum in her mouth he would not have been able to hold on as long. Miriam was so hot and she squeezed him with her tight pussy. Aaron fucked her through one orgasm after another before he filled her pussy with cum. His orgasm was as intense as hers as their bodies ground together and they moaned and groaned loudly. Miriam felt the warm liquid fill her womb as Aaron fired round after round into her. Miriam could still taste his cum in her mouth and now he had cum in her pussy too.

Miriam could feel his cock softening but even then it still filled her cunt. Aaron slowly lifted himself off of her body and in so doing his thick cock slipped from her pussy. Miriam felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her body and she gasped as the coolness of the air touched her vacant pussy. Aaron rolled Miriam over on her stomach and looked at Miriam's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so round and so shapely that he felt his loins stir with desire. Aaron got to his knees behind Miriam and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks.

Miriam thought back to earlier when Aaron had kissed her buttocks and tongued her crack. She secretly hoped that he would do that again and she got her wish. He then began to kiss her ass cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of her ass. Miriam wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed her. No one had ever done that to her and the feeling was incredibly naughty. Miriam felt that she was made love to for the first time in her life.

"Would like a massage Mrs. C? I give great massages," Aaron whispered.

Miriam just nodded her head accepting the offer. Aaron then began to work on her shoulders and neck. Miriam cooed as Aaron massaged her body. He worked his way down from her neck and shoulders to her lower back. Then he purposely bypassed her buttocks and moved to her calves. He massaged her calves and then moved to her thighs where he spent a long time. Miriam could feel her body heating up again even though she didn't think that she was capable of another orgasm. Aaron then moved his hands to Miriam's shapely fleshy ass and molded the soft globes in his hands.

Aaron liked the look and feel of Miriam's ass and he thought about fucking her in her ass but then decided against it. He would have plenty of time over the next two weeks to take her ass. He was sure that she had never been butt fucked and he didn't want to scare her away on their first day together. Aaron had never had anal sex when he was in high school but then he met Cindy at Myrtle Beach. He and two of his Marine buddies had gone to Myrtle Beach for the weekend and he had hooked up with Cindy. She was a flat chested curly hair blonde with a big round ass.

Cindy taught him about anal sex that weekend as she loved to butt fuck. In fact Aaron felt that she preferred to be fucked in the ass rather than anywhere else. Cindy had a way of moving her big ass around that really turned him on. Before the weekend was over Aaron had fucked Cindy's ass at least eight times and filled it with his seed. He loved the way she had massaged his cock with her anal muscles and milked it dry. Now as Aaron looked at Miriam's ass he was tempted to plow it with his big dick.

Instead Aaron lifted Miriam to her knees and slipped his cock back in her pussy and fucked her doggy style. Miriam turned her head to the side and groaned when the big cock filled her again. Aaron fucked her in the doggy style position and he caressed Miriam's curvy ass. He sensed that Miriam was getting hot again so he pulled out of her pussy and turned her over on her back. Then he positioned himself between her legs and fed his cock into her pussy again.

It had been so long until today since Miriam had a real cock in her and Aaron filled her completely. Every fiber of her vagina tingled as the big dick made its way in. Miriam knew this was wrong but she tried to convince herself that she was doing it for her daughter. Then Miriam admitted to herself that she was doing it to scratch her own itch as well. At that moment her own satisfaction seemed more important than saving her daughter's virginity.

"Oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck", Miriam cried as she was close to another orgasm.

Miriam couldn't remember the last time she ever orgasmed three times in one day or if she ever did. Aaron slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing Miriam to adjust once more to his size and he continued to go deeper with each thrust until he was buried balls deep in her pussy. He was surprised and pleased when he heard the sophisticated Miriam use the fuck word.

"Oh my I have never been so full, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever", Miriam cried out not caring that she was fucking her daughter's boyfriend.

Aaron pounded her pussy making sure that his cock was in constant contact with her clit. Miriam had multiple orgasms as he fucked her. Miriam had pretty firm tits with rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. Aaron twirled the nipples in his fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in his mouth. Aaron couldn't believe how things had worked out and how well it was going with Jane's mother naked and he savored every moment. Miriam was one hot lady.

Miriam went wild telling him. "Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!"

Aaron could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew it wouldn't be long before he filled her pussy with his cum for a second time. Miriam stiffened and then had another violent orgasm. She thought to herself that Aaron was incredibly experienced for his age as he fucked her and sucked her tits.

Miriam yelled, "Hold me, please hold me, I'm cummmming!"

Aaron reached around behind her back and pulled Miriam toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did Aaron and he fired another barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover Aaron laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as his cock softened. Aaron's cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much cum in there mingling with her own juices.

"Miriam I am really happy that you made that proposition. I am going to like this arrangement," he asked her in a whisper.

She looked at his muscular body next to her and thought to herself, "My God, I have never cum like that in my life, nor have I ever had anyone cum that much in me before."

Miriam ran her hands over Aaron's muscular arms; pecs and washboard abs. Then Miriam looked down at Aaron's soft cock and took it in her hand for the first time. Even soft it was bigger than Peter's cock. She felt his cock harden in her hand and at first she couldn't believe that he was ready to go again. Even in her exhaustion, she held her arms open to him welcoming him between her legs again. Aaron crawled between her legs and slipped his hard cock back in her pussy. Aaron never wanted this to end and he wanted to fuck Jane's mother all day. Miriam knew she had crossed the line but right now it felt so good to have a real cock in her. Aaron fucked her as long as he could before Miriam pleaded with him to let her rest.

Miriam collapsed and cried out. "Please stop, I have to rest. I have never been fucked so thoroughly in my life. I am not sure I can cum any more."

However Aaron ignored her pleas and he began to pick up the pace. Soon he was pounding her pussy and fucking her into submission. Miriam moaned and groaned as Aaron relentlessly fucked her. Aaron just kept at her with his hard-on until she screamed and pleaded with him to stop. Finally Aaron came for a fourth time that day and collapsed on top of Miriam. After a few minutes Aaron pushed his body up and he eased his cock out of Miriam's well fucked pussy. He was thrilled with the encounter with Jane's mother and he was proud about how many times she had orgasmed at his hands. Aaron looked forward to many more sessions with Miriam and more than Miriam would have ever imagined.

Miriam rolled over and looked at the clock and saw that they had been having sex for almost five hours. They had fucked right through the lunch hour and it was almost 2:00 PM. Miriam remained in bed while the self assured Aaron took a shower in her bathroom. Aaron came out of the bathroom naked and calmly went about getting dressed. Once he was dressed he came over to the bed and kissed Miriam.

"Mrs. C you were wonderful and I look forward to seeing a lot over the next two weeks. I'll be here about the same time tomorrow," Aaron said confidently and then he left a naked Miriam in her own bed.

Miriam remained in bed for another 30 minutes before she summoned up enough energy to make it to her bathroom. She ran a hot bath for herself and while the tub was filling up she straightened up her bedroom. Then she eased her achy body into the hot bath, closed her eyes and tilted her head back on the tub. As she soaked in the tub she thought about what had happened. She never had better sex in her life but now she was worried about how far things might go with Aaron. She would have to be very discreet and not even mention his name to anyone. Miriam didn't have anything planned for Friday so she had no excuse to use to keep Aaron away, not that she really wanted to keep him away. Miriam soaked in the tub for an hour and then dried off and got dressed before Jane got home from school.
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Rather long read. Read all 4 parts. Got a little repetitious however. But got me aroused several times.