My wife wanted screwed

This started over a year ago. One day my wife wanted me to make love to her and I tried everything to get hard enough to slide inside her including Viagra. I told you I am a diabetic and the diabetes has killed my ability to get “rock hard” to penetrate but still gets hard enough to jack off ok. I told the wife I would look for someone to have sex with her for me, and I would be there the entire time holding her hand. Well, we found a guy here in Vegas that said he really wanted to fuck her bad, even called her on the phone and ask her point blank if she would have sex with him. He was also married and cheats on his wife a lot, so he said. We met a couple of times and things did not go as planned. He kept looking over his shoulder for his wife or her friends. Well finally, we set it up and she was looking forwarded to getting laid. Well, long story short, and 2 months passing with nothing, he backed out. Boy was my wife mad about it. She said she didn’t know if she wanted it or not but she wanted to try to see if she did. That would require him fucking her at the time. Well, I started looking again and came up with 2 other guys but they wanted oral on her and her them bad. She doesn’t do oral at all, although I think she might have let the first guy eat her if he tried, but not the others. Both guys found another girl in Vegas to fuck and cancel my wife out. Her comment was it is not meant to be so forget it. She doesn’t want it anymore.

I asked her this morning if she was still interested in a massage since that came up one time before too but couldn’t make it happen, and she perked up and said maybe. She asked if nude or not, I said no nude unless she wants you to give her a massage in every part of her body. She is thinking about it but I also told her she would not have to do anything to you unless she wanted. I also said you are willing to give us both a massage at the same time. She liked that Idea. I even told her she could fuck you if she wanted too but she said you were married and she did not feel comfortable about that with a married man, so don’t look for her to fuck you. So the most I can *wishful thinking* for you is to massage every part of her body including her tits and pussy, but stop if you start finger fucking her and she doesn’t want it. I will try to convince her to jack you off at least for your trouble. No promises.

I talked to Trude today again to be sure this is what she wants. She said that she does want this, to get screwed maybe one last time. But she is concerned that Carol be completely aware of what is happening as she doesn’t want to do anything behind her back. She missed out once before because the guys wife didn’t know what her husband was doing, he wanted Trude but secretly. Trude was concerned that the wife would find out some how and come after her, so it never happened. As I said, she is willing provided Carol is on board and aware. I guess if Carol doesn’t want to do anything with me, that’s probably ok but she *must* be in the room while you are screwing Trude to satisfaction. We would like to do this Monday afternoon, we can meet in the coffee shop, or somewhere, have a coke or coffee, talk a little and if all is ok, then we will go to your room and have some fun. Tell Carol she is not getting laid, but it would be nice if I can feel her up and kiss her while I play with myself after you are finished with Trude. If interested, let me know, call me Sunday night or Monday morning to set the entire thing up. Just make sure Carol is in the loop because we will talk about it when we meet for coffee. Tell Carol she doesn’t have to do anything except watch with me. I attached a nice recent picture of Trude for you jacking pleasure.

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3 years ago
to bad i live in the bible belt
3 years ago
That is one of the surprises when my wife was looking for a lover. There are so many guys who are all talk. We even met a few guys in person, who said they wanted to have sex with her, but then back out when it gets real.