scenario 2

As the door closes beind you, you know that there will be no diturbances till room service knocks sometime the next morning.. Gazing down the hallway your eyes lock with mine, eager with anticipation, a slight glare glazes over your face. As you take a step towards you, you reach for your collar pulling down the zipper to your jacket. As the sides of your jacket begin to spread apart, the shirt you have chosen to wear becomes exposed. A larger fishnet shirt that shows the definition of your breasts. The holes in the shirt both support your breasts yet at the same time show through to your finer detils. Your niples already hard whether it is from nervousness or excitement. Another step forward and the jacket falls to the floor.

Reaching the end of the hallway, you reach out to me and grab my shirt, pulling me towards you. As my hand wraps around your waist, i pull you towards me. Leaning in to kiss you, you purposely avoid locking lips with me pushing your face off to the side exposing your neck. With both my hands on your hips, I gently glide you to the wall of the room, moving my hands from your hips to your shoulders, I start to move towars your wrists. Spreading your arms away from your body against the wall, I begin to kiss your neck, every so often a little nibble. As I begin to move through the numerous holes of your shirt, my leg moves between yours seemingly spreading them ever so slightly. As my knee begins to push further up between your thighs, I can feel you begin to try and move your arms.

As I move to your breasts, your nipples pocking through the holes of your shirt, hard and firm with anticiption. I softly lick each nipple, sensing the erotic passion of your body, licking with the tip of my tongue, you sharly inhale. Letting go of your wrists, your hands immediately go for your waist, grabbing your shirt, you pull it over your head. I reach with my hands for your breast. You craddle my head, digging your nails into my skin. Your breathing has gotten much deeper and sweat has begin to form on your skin. Clawing at my back, you begin to pull up my shirt, exposing my skin. Placing both hands on my chest you push me away from the wall to the bed.

Knocking me over onto my back, you straddle me on the bed. Pinning me down, you begin to kiss me. Moving from my lips to my neck, from my shoulders to my chest, Licking my nipples you can sense my breathing getting heavier. Mocing further up my body, I find the leaverage I needed to flip you over and give me control. As your hair fans out accross the bed, I pin you buy your shoulders. Once again I start to kiss your neck, I take my tongue ever so gently accross the top of your chest, slowly moving to your breast When I reach your nipple, I slowly begin to suck, with a quick flicker of my tongue I begin to suck on your breast.. As I feel your body egin to relax, I take on ehand from your shoulder and begin to move my way down your body....

As I reach your waist, I glide my fingerr along the waist of your pants, slightly dipping my finger below your waist line. Feeling your panties, the smooth sensation of your skin. As I come to the button of your jeans, with one smooth motion I pop the button, lowly pushing my finger down your zipper. Exposing your panties, I slide my entire hand down your pants, grabbing the top of your thigh, slowly ribbing the inside of your leg. Pulling down on your jeans, I begin to expose your soft smooth legs. With your jeans on the floor, you are laying o your back, breats exposed, lace panties, hair flowing.

Sliding down to the end of the bed, i kneel down on the floor, grabbing you buy your hips I pull you to the end of the bed, spreading your legs, I begin kissing the inside of your thigh. Teasing as I move along moving closer and closer to your panties., Your hands are on my head, scratching and moving through my hair. I can sense you want to give me direction, but I resist, holding back the temptation, continuing to tease you. Ever so gently I work my way closer and closer.

As I kiss your panties, you arch your back. The anticipation you feel when I finally begin to touch your panties sends impulses through your body. Your breasts pull back, goosebumps form on your skin, and your stomach sinks as you deeply inhale. As I pull your panties aside, exposing your sweet, wet pussy, I begin to lick your lips. Spreading your pussy with my fingers, I slowly lick up and down, tickling your clit ever so gently with my tongue. Your pussy starts getting wetter, as I continue to lick and play with your pussy, your leg starts to quiver. With my other hand, I place it on the bottom of your stomach as if to hold you down. I can feel your body begin to shake.

Stripping you of your panties, you lay completely naked on the bed. Sitting up, you reach out towards me and grasp my belt. Unbuckling it, you move towards my shorts, unclasping the button and then pulling to the side, the zipper moves as if on its own accord. As slight pull on my shorts drops them to the floor, resettling your self you move forward ever so slightly and start playing with the line of my boxers.. Turning the tides on teasing, your hands glide around the front and back of my boxers. Squeezing my ass to caressing my cock through my boxers. My hands run through your hair. You begin to kiss my boxers and take your hands to the waist of my boxers. Pulling down ever so slowly, you kiss me again and again, each time as you move my boxers down is followed by another sensual kiss. With a final pull my boxers dropped to the floor....

With soft smooth hands, you grab my cock, with smooth and firm strokes you begin to tease. Licking the tip of my head. Feeling me get harder and harder, you look up to me with angel blue eyes. Beginning to suck on my cock, you begin to make it nice and wet, slolwy moving back and forth, you reach back with both hands grabbing my ass. My hands on your head, pulsing back and forth, moving in sync you continue to suck my cock. You can feel me begin to tremble, my hand smove through your silky hair. I begin to pull you up, rising to yourfeet we begin to kiss. Your body pulled tightly against mine.

You slowly pull me towards the bed, sitting yourself down first, beginning to lay on the bed, placing your head on the pillow. I lay down next to you, skin to skin. My hand slowly moves up your puter thigh, pushing against your hip, I kiss your neck. Locking lips with you my knee spreads your legs apart. You reach down with your hand, grabbing my cock, stroking it to ensure the sexual tension. Pulling me forward you whisper in my ear, " I want you inside me!"

As you spread your legs further, you tilt your hips, as I mov my knees under yours, I take my cock, slowly rubbing your clit, feeling how wet your are. Making my cock wet with your cum, I slowly push the tip of my cock into your pussy. Seeing your body tighten, your breats become firm, and you bite your lip. As I pushing deeper, you pull me towards you, placing your hands on y lower back, your nails begin to scratch my skin. As I thrust deeper and harder, you pull me towards you and bein to hold me in place, your legs wrap around my back, keeping me close to you, the thrusts become shorter yet stay deep. Our bodies begin to sweat, making us slippery to the touch.

still working on an end, more t come later
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good start