scenario 1

As the sliding door closes, all that I can see is the sunlight shinning ff your legs. Walking forwards, you can see the rippling sunlight from the water reflect on your body. Shimmering with oil you soak up the suns rays. As I stand next ti you, you pull down your glasses and say, " You're blocking my sun." I respond with, " My apologize don't want to create any unnecessary tan lines."

Your glimpse shows signs of consideration, then you flip over to expose your back. Pulling the string to your bikini, you fully expose your back. Reaching over with one hand, you pop the top of the sun screen and push it towards me. "don't want those tan lines now do I?"

I pull a chair forward and make myself comfortable. You shuffle your stance to get ready for your sun screen application. As I place the lotion on your back, you give a little sigh with the cold sensation hitting your skin. Rubbing the lotion into your back, I slowly move my hands up and down your back in a circular pattern, kind of mixing in the application of your sun screen with a bit of a massage. Making sure that I am covering your entire back, my hand slowly slides down your lower back, slowly rubbing in any left over lotion.

"now for the front." As you turn over and look me straight in the eyes. "time to reapply, I don't want to burn my sensitive skin now do I?" Without any disagreement, I once again reach for the bottle and place some lotion into the palm of my hand. Reaching across your stomach, I place my hand just above your naval, as the lotion makes contact with your warm skin, you breathe in deeply taking in the coldness of the lotion. As I lather your lower stomach, I reach around your sides making sure that I have them covered.

As you begin to shift, you turn your head to look past the sun and say, " You're missing a whole lot of area here, there is more to me then just my stomach, might want to move around hun." SO I take my place at the bottom of the deck chair and take your left leg in my hand, with the sun screen I start at the top of your foot and stream a line up your leg, to the top of your thigh. Extending your leg, I slowly massage the lotion into your skin. Every now and again I look up to you and see your breathing get a little deeper. Moving from your left legs to your right, I do the same again, lotion from the top on your foot top your through, right below your bikini line. Once again I start to massage the lotion into your skin, I can sense more relaxation in your muscles as I move further up your leg and into your thigh. As I massage the last of the lotion into your thigh, your hand reaches and grabs mine, " Now for the most important area."

You peel off your rundown bikini top expressing your breasts. Glimmering in the sunlight, the heat from the sun and the moisture of your body as made your nipples hard. Glimmering beads of sweat appear all round your upper chest and breasts, glistening in the sunlight. "what's taking so long?" I shake my head removing the haze from my mind. Kneeling own at your side I place the lotion below your breast ever so slightly, wrapping it around the sides, finishing with a line going right down the center of your chest. Placing the bottle on the ground, I turn back to you to see that you have arched your back, pushing your breast forward in the process. With both hands, I place my hands just below and to the sides of your breast, in circular motions I start applying pressure to massage the lotion into you're glistening skin. As I cup each breast, you begin to bit your lip, seemingly holding back some urge. As I caress each breast, I can feel you hard nipples rubbing against my fingers and palms. Noticing that each time I come into contact with your nipples, you bite down harder on your lip. Removing one hand, I continue to rub the rest of the lotion onto you upper chest and around your neck and shoulders. Catching glimpse of goosebumps I can sense your level of stimulation.

As I stand up, I turn to the side and calmly ask, " Satisfactory enough for you? Think I have covered everything for you?"

Without hesitation, " no, that you haven't, not just yet"

"Pardon me? And just what have I missed?" Knowing full right in the back of my mind that she still has one article of clothing still on

"Do I need to spell it out for you? Plus, once again you're blocking my sunlight! You're not very good at this are you? Some times I think you men need step by step instructions for the simplest of tasks. Can't just expect you to know what to do and how to do it now can I?"

"No, I get it, I'm fine with that. I can do grunt work all you want, I just didn't and don't know the extent of what you'd like. Not a mind reader here."

Once again taking my place at the end of the chair, I reach up your legs and gently grasp each side of your bikini. As I begin to pull down, you place your hands for leverage in the chair and push your self forward lifting yourself off the chair. As your bikini bottom comes off, you straighten your right leg out on the chair and drop your left one on the ground exposing your pussy. Cleanly shaved and as smooth as can be, you then turn yourself to the side placing both legs on the ground, standing up, you walk over to me as I am sitting on my chair..

Placing the lotion in my hands, I start off by reaching around your body and grabbing your as. Squeezing both cheeks and I rub the lotion into your skin, I begin to squeeze and pull them apart. You prop one leg up on my chair. As my hand reaches under your ass, I purposefully miss your pussy, but feel your muscles tighten as I get close. Rubbing the sides of your hips where your bikini bottoms once were, I continue to rub more lotion into your skin. Rapping my hands around your left leg that is propped up on my chair, I reach around your inner thigh. As I look straight up, I see your firm breasts glimmering in the sunlight, with beads of sweat rippling across your skin. My hands continue to rub lotion around your inner thighs and ass. When I finally start to come close to the top of your pussy, you take a step back.

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