A Medical Fantasy Story

He woke and was startled to find himself in what appeared to be a hospital bed, his arms and ankles firmly bound so that he could not move … He wondered what could have happened? Was he in an auto accident? Did he have a heart attack?

And then he recalled his last memory before he awakened was sitting in his Doctor’s examination room … Doctor Renee … and her telling him that the shot she was giving him might make him a little sl**py. A little sl**py? He felt groggy and weak and struggled against his bonds with no effect.

He felt himself naked beneath a green linen bedsheet. He noticed with shock that his genitals were fully exposed through a hole in the sheet! What is going on here? He thought with anxiety.

Then an acrid taste from something dripping into his mouth made aware that a clear tube was taped to the side of his cheek and was keeping the tube pressed into his mouth … the taste, it was like piss! Urine? What the hell?

He followed the tube down the bedsheet and discovered with alarm that the tube went right into his cock! A catheter! A catheter set up to drain right into his own mouth …
As more pee dripped over his teeth he was f***ed to swallow and nearly gagged on the foul taste of his pee which he could see was a deep yellow flowing up the tube.

He tried again to break free of the tight clamps that held his arms and ankles but it was useless. He broke out in a sweat at his predicament. Could a madman have taken over Doctor Renee’s office? What was going to happen to him?

Just then, the door opened and with relief, he recognized Doctor Renee who was dress in a green surgical gown.

“Dr. Renee,” he said aloud although his speech was garbled by the catheter tube jammed into his mouth “Thank god … I thought maybe some mad person had k**napped me. Please, let me loose so I can get dressed!”

Dr. Renee held the door open and with shock and amazement, he saw several young girls enter the room … all dressed in the same green surgical outfits. What the hell is happening? He thought with terror and embarrassment as he noted his cock getting erect at the site of such pretty girls.

There were six of them each lovelier than the next and all nervously grasping clipboards and each had stethoscopes around their necks.

“Now students,” Dr. Renee said with an authoritative voice, “If this patient cooperates better then the one we just saw, we will allow him to stay awake during our examination.”

And the girls all tittered with laughter apparently at something that had just happened with the previous ‘patient.’

“Now, we have here a middle-aged male, in good health, who is an excellent specimen in terms of our continuing studies of the male reproductive organs.” Dr. Renee explained to her ‘students.’

“Today, I will show you how to examine a male for testicular and prostate disease,” Dr. Renee continued., “Now gather around and get close. And in a moment I will need assistant in turning the patient over.”

And the girls dutifully all press together up against the ‘patient’s’ bed … he could smell their sweet perfumes and looked with awe at their lovely young and eager faces all focused on his now very erect penis.

“As you can see, males never seem to be able to control their sexual urges,” Dr. Renee said with distaste, and the girls all tittered again in laughter. “But a professional just ignores such things, understand?” and the girls all nodded and one said, “Can I touch it?”

Dr. Renee looked a bit annoyed, but then said, “Okay, lets get it over with, you can all touch it.”

And with that permission, the girls one after another reached out gingerly and touched his stiff cock … their soft hands pressing against and rubbing his cock make it grow even larger until he thought it was going to burst! Slowly and gently they brushed his skin and pushed against him.

“Its so soft,” one girl said, “and so hard,” said another and they all broke out laughing.

"I wish it were bigger" said one girl and they all laughed again.

“Okay, that’s enough of that, now you’ve touched one,” Dr. Renee said. “Now lets be professional ladies. Doctors must learn that this is all just part of the male anatomy and ignore such gross displays of poor self control.”

The Doctor then positioned herself at the end of the table and the girls lined either side of the bed again with their focus at his crotch.

“Now I am going to show you how to perform a testicular exam,” Dr. Renee said, and with that the patient groaned: “Please Doctor, no, not all these girls … I may … well not be able to stop myself from, well, you know.”

“Nonsense,” responded Dr. Renee, “How else can these young students learn? Now behave and control yourself and be quiet or we will have to gag you!”

“Now girls, we will not use latex gloves today because we have cleaned and disinfected this patient thoroughly. But normally when touching something as vile as a man’s genitals during an exam, you would wear latex examination gloves for protection.”

All the girls nodded in unison.

“Now, notice as I grab the testicle and roll it around with my fingers,” Dr Renee said reaching forward and roughly grabbing at his testicle.

“Owww.” He exclaimed,

“Shhhh,” Dr. Renee scolded him, “Be a man and take it!”

“Now you see, we roll the testicle between our thumb and fingers to see if there are any bumps or dimples,” Dr. Renee explained, “A smooth testicle is a healthy testicle. A bumpy lumpy testicle, well … Usually has to be removed.”

"Awwwww," said the girls, "Can we try that?"

Oh no! Thought the ‘patient.’

“No. Luckily for our boy here, his testicle fells as smooth as can be. Here, each of you feel one to see what it is like,” Dr. Renee directed and with that, several hands reached out and grabbed his testicles and with varying degrees of strength starting to pulling and squeeze.

“Owwww Doctor, Please!” he begged.

“Now girls, we do have to be somewhat gentle as we want the patient to survive the exam with his manhood intact,” Dr. Renee said in a cautionary tone. And the girls reduced the pressure on his testicles but that only meant that now he was being incredibly teased and aroused by what seemed like dozens of soft gentle fingers …

“God, Dr. Renee, if they keep that up, I may ….” He begged.

“May what? Let me tell you if you dare have an orgasm in front of these innocent c***dren it may well be your last!” Dr. Renee said coldly and with that slapped his stiff cock HARD with the palm of her hand … “Ouch,” he exclaimed as he grimaced with pain. ‘Now behave or we will anesthetize you!”

“Now girls, that is enough of that, lets turn him over,” Dr. Renee instructed and with many hands assisting the patient was, unstrapped, ‘rolled’ over on his stomach, and tightened down again with velcro binders.

“Now let’s raise this up into the air,” and the ‘patient’ could feel his legs being drawn up so that his ass was stick up … the green bed sheet was adjusted so that his ass was completely exposed.

God, how humiliating, he thought, my ass waving around in front of all these pretty girls!

“Now, we are going to perform a prostate exam which again, we because of the nature of the exam, we DO have to wear latex exam gloves,” Dr. Renee stated and with that he heard snap after snap of gloves being pulled onto to hands and fingers.

“First, we take some Vaseline and massage it here,” Dr. Renee said grunting slightly, and he felt the cold clammy lubricant being rubbed onto his anus, “And then we smooth some into here,” she said, and he felt her fingers pushed hard against his anus and then slip into him …

“Ohhhhh” he said aloud.

“Shhhhhh,” Dr. Renee responded.

“Now girls, the prostate is right inside the anus almost directly behind the genitals,” Dr. Renee explained, “It is about the size of a walnut but feels more like a squishing plum. We press our fingers deep inside the anus, find the prostate and feel it to make sure it is smooth and lumpfree,” Dr. Renee explained and he could feel her fingers pressing deep inside him and then a tremendous pressure against his scrotum.

“Ahhhhh!” he said aloud involuntarily as she ‘hit the mark.’

“There see? I have found it and am pressing all around and find it to be fit as a fiddle!” Dr Renee said with satisfaction, “Now, each of you are to do the same.”

The girls moaned a bit with disgust at the thought of pressing their thin tender fingers inside the patient’s filthy anus but with resignation one started and then the next until at least 8 hands had been in and out of his asshole.

Each girl who found the prostate tittered with laughter and exclaimed “I got it!”

When they each had a turn invading his anus with their fingers he could hear the snap of the latex glove as they took them off one by one.

"Ewwwwwww, my finger's brown!" one girl said and all echoed "Ewwwwwwww."

“Now help me roll him over. We will now do an internal exam of the urethra,” Dr. Renee said and set out 8 metal rods, all the same length but varying in thickness, “These are medical 'sounds' designed to insert into the penis to remove any blockages caused by infection. We will start with the thinnest one, inserting it into our patient's penis and work our way up to this large one which is about ¾ of an inch.”

And with that the patient passed out ….
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